Interesting Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs For Kids

Egyptian Pharaohs For Kids

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So, your little historian at home is fascinated by ancient Egypt and typically pings you with more than several questions about the Pharaohs to satisfy her curiosity. While you should consider browsing the internet to look for some information about ancient Egypt, you could consider reading our post below. As always, Momjunction is here to help you with all important and interesting facts about Egyptian pharaohs for kids. Scroll down to tell your kids more about the Pharaohs.

Who Are Pharaohs?

Pharaohs were popular as supreme leaders of ancient Egypt who ruled the lower and upper Egypt for about 3000 years. Egyptians perceived Pharaohs as ancient deities who were popular for acting as an intermediary between common Egyptians and Gods (1).

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6 Famous Pharaohs Of Ancient Egypt For Kids:

Historians identify timeline of Ancient Egypt considering the dynasties of Pharaohs. Here are some popular ancient Egypt pharaohs for kids.

1. Akhenaten:

Akhenaten was a popular pharaoh for considering the sun as the only God, and he was the father of King Tut. The pharaoh and his wife Nefertiti closed temples of rest of the Gods (2).

2. Tutankhamun:

Tutankhamun, also widely popular as King Tut, is famous for his intact tomb and lots of Egyptian treasures that we discovered from this dynasty. King Tut became Pharaoh when he was nine years old, and he let people worship all the gods that his father banned (3).

3. Hatshepsut:

Hatshepsut, a popular lady Egyptian ruler, was regent for her son but eventually she gained the power of the Pharaoh and dressed in a similar way to a typical Pharaoh (4).

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4. Amenhotep III:

Amenhotep III was Pharaoh for about 39 years and made Egypt powerful. During Amenhotep III’s rule, Egypt constructed many temples, expanded several cities, and established peace (5).

5. Ramses II:

Ramses II is popular for ruling the Egypt for about 67 years, and he is popular even today for constructing several monuments and statues than any other ruler in the ancient Egypt (6).

6. Cleopatra VII:

Cleopatra VII, another famous lady Pharaoh, is popular as the last Pharaoh of the ancient Egypt; and she is popular for befriending Romans to maintain the power (7).

6 Fun Facts About Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs For Kids:

Pharaohs and pyramids may instigate the curiosity of your kids. So, here are some interesting ancient Egypt pharaohs facts for kids.

Fun Fact 1:

There were about 225 Pharaohs who ruled the ancient Egypt.

Fun Fact 2:

Pharaohs spent a lot of time preparing for their burial. The construction of their pyramid used to begin as soon as they took the throne. In the Old and the Medium Kingdom in the history of Egypt, the Pharaohs were buried in pyramids. In the New Kingdom, the rulers were buried after the death in the Valley of the Kings in the secret tombs (8).

Fun Fact 3:

Polygamy was allowed for Pharaohs. Chief wife was popular as ‘The King’s Principal Wife’ and other wives were popular as ‘King’s wife’. Wives, children, administrators, guards, tutors, and scribes used to reside in the Royal Harem (9).

Fun Fact 4:

The Palermo Stone is popular for comprising lots of ancient Kings of Egypt, mythical God-Kings, and Pharaohs for initial five dynasties (10).

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Fun Fact 5:

Both male and female Pharaohs were popular for wearing eye make-up and wigs as their hair were maintained short to prevent lice (11).

Fun Fact 6:

Pharaohs wore the unique crown that had an appearance of cobra goddess. The crown was meant only for Pharaohs since Egyptians believed that the cobra goddess would split flames at their enemies and safeguard them if the pharaoh would wear a crown with an image of the cobra goddess (12).

Did you narrate your kids any interesting facts about Pharaohs in the ancient Egypt? Which facts your kids loved to listen? Share your knowledge with fellow moms. So, leave a comment in the section below.

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