17 Best Animal Movies For Kids To Enjoy Watching In 2024

When you were a child, you might have been fascinated by animals. Similarly, children tend to have an obsession with nature and animals. So, nurture this curiosity about animals in them and teach them about co-existence by introducing them to the best animal movies for kids.

Movies are one of the best ways to teach your little ones about animals. They are visually appealing, fun to watch, and are guaranteed to keep them entertained. We have listed some of the best options that the little ones can watch to immerse themselves in the rich world of animals. So, pop your popcorn and watch these enchanting movies while you cuddle on the couch.

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Best Animal Movies For Kids

Nothing could be more exciting than watching an animal movie with the children. Here are a few animal movies that will keep the kids entertained.

1. Best Human-Animal Friendship: Dolphin Tale

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If your child loves dolphins, then they will surely love the Dolphin Tale.

If your child loves dolphins, then they will surely love the Dolphin Tale. It is a heartwarming story of 11-year-old Sawyer Nelson, who wants to free a dolphin named Winter, which gets entangled in a crab trap. The dolphin’s tail is broken and needs to be replaced by a prosthetic one, which it gets with the help of a doctor at a nearby aquarium. They attach the tail, but Winter rejects it the first few times. After a few tweaks, the tail is finally set, and the dolphin is able to swim normally again. Check out this detailed review video to learn more about this captivating movie.

Dolphin’s Tale is one of the greatest animal films that spread a positive message on human-animal friendship.

protip_icon Trivia
Dolphin tale is based on a true story. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Florida, found a dolphin stuck in a crab trap line in December 2006. She was then rescued and transported back to the facility.

2. Best Oscar-Winning: Babe

Babe is set in an astonishing world where the animals talk like humans, something that will keep the little ones hooked till the end of the movie.

Babe, the animal protagonist of this movie, is a little pig who a farmer named Hoggett wins in a prize raffle. At Hoggett’s farm, Babe is taken care of by a kindhearted king sheepdog named Fly alongside other farm animals. However, another sheepdog named Rex is not very happy with the way Babe is welcomed as he believes that pigs do not belong with the sheepdog herd. The rest of the movie is about how Babe proves his worth and wins the hearts of the sheepdogs and the farmer. Here’s a review video that will help you select the right movie to watch with your kids.

Audio languages: English | Subtitles: English | Directors: Rob Minkoff

protip_icon Did you know?
USA pork sales dropped by 20% after the movie came out in 1995.

3. Best Adventure: Stuart Little

This is a fascinating movie that combines adventure and comedy in the right amounts to keep the kids engrossed until the end.

Stuart is a charming mouse who is adopted by the ‘Little’ family. A civilized mouse who is not welcomed by the Little kid named George and Snowbell, the cat. However, Stuart faces them with resilience and courage that helps him gain George’s attention and love. But, Snowbell is bent on troubling the mouse. Stuart goes through a chain of adventurous events before finally making it back home safely.

Content advisory:Violence, foul language

protip_icon Quick fact
Stuart Little is a story based on a dream that E. B. White had of a little boy who behaved like a mouse.

4. Best With Plot Twists: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Homeward Bound is a pet adventure story of three pets named Chance, a bulldog pup, Sassy, a Himalayan cat, and Shadow, a wise golden retriever who are left behind at home as their family goes on a vacation. Feeling abandoned, they embark on a journey from California to San Francisco to find the family. Their journey is full of surprises and plot twists. This review video will help you understand whether this is the right film for your child.


5. Best Creative: Puss In Boots

It is an action-adventure cat movie with interesting animal characters and can be enjoyed equally by both kids and adults.

The story is about an outlaw cat who wants to clear the false charges that make him a wanted fugitive. He teams up with his friends to steal the magic beans from Jack and Jill, the infamous criminals. The exciting adventure begins as they set off on a journey to find the magic beans and land at the giant’s castle, where valuable eggs of the golden goose are held. The chain of events makes him emerge as a hero.

Audio languages: English, English [Audio Description], English Dialogue Boost: High, English Dialogue Boost: Medium | Subtitles: English | Directors: Chris Miller

6. Best Movie About Strong Bond: The Secret Life Of Pets

The colorful background, elements of animal bonding, and diverse animal characters of this animal movie make it a great pick for kids as well as adults.

Max’s life is turned upside down when his master brings another dog named Duke home. Max, a pet dog, dislikes Duke, but somehow they get into trouble together. They find themselves in the animal kingdom of Snowbell, a magician’s bunny who hates humans for abandoning him. Max and Duke are forced to get along with each other to come out of the danger they land themselves in. Giving an important life lesson, the movie teaches kids about sticking together as friends and family, even though we don’t always get along well.

Audio languages: English, English [Audio Description]| Subtitles: English | Directors: Chris Renaud

7. Best Disney Pictures Animals Movie: Dinosaur

Dinosaurs ruled the earth much before the human race came into existence. Set in the backdrop of the dinosaur age, this spectacular animation movie is definitely a visual treat for kids.

An orphan dinosaur, from a pack of Iguanodon, gets separated from its family and is raised by a group of lemurs. When a meteor hits the earth, the young dinosaur has to flee from the island with his existing family and encounters other dinosaurs on the way. Their journey is not an easy one as they are amid dangerous carnivores. A thrilling journey of a dinosaur that is different from the other dinosaurs will keep the kids entertained throughout.

Audio languages: English | Subtitles: English | Directors: Ralph Zondag, Eric Leighton

8. Best Dog Story: 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is not just about humans’ love for dogs, but their greed which can put the lives of these innocent animals at peril.

Pongo and Perdita are two dalmatians, who get to know each other through their masters. Perdita gets pregnant and delivers 15 dalmatian puppies. The puppies fall prey to the plans of the evil fashion designer called Cruella De Vil, who gets fascinated by their fur and decides to make a coat out of it. She kidnaps them but Pongo and Perdita, with the help of other dogs, rescue their babies and all other Dalmatian puppies that Cruella kidnaps.

Audio languages: English, Español (Latinoamérica) | Subtitles: English [CC], Español (Latinoamérica), Español (Latinoamérica) [CC]| Directors: Stephen Herek

9. Best Movie About Conflicts: Cats and Dogs

Keeping their humans in the dark, the cats and the dogs secretly wage a war to become the dominant species and the favorite of the humans.

Professor Broody is busy creating a vaccine that can cure dog allergies in humans, which means the canines will come into power. This makes the cats unhappy, and they have to come up with a new plan to become the more dominant ones. What will be the outcome of this fierce battle? The kids will be hooked to this till the end.

Audio languages: English| Subtitles: English [CC]| Directors: Lawrence Guterman

Funny Animal Movies For Kids

What good is a children’s movie if it does not make them laugh? In this section, we list down some fun-filled movies that can bring out the giggles in your kids.

10. Best For Kids And Adults: Zootopia

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It is one of the greatest animated films that combine the elements of humor and imagination. An excellent watch for kids, Zootopia is a story for adults as well.

The city of Zootopia is a metropolis inhabited by various animals. Judy Hopps is the first bunny cop to join the city police force. In an attempt to prove herself as a good cop, she takes up a mysterious case. She partners with a fox named Nick Wilde to put together all the clues to solve the case, by finding a predator animal that goes missing.

11. Best Humorous: Ice Age

A lot of humor and sarcasm make it one of the best animated cartoon movies for kids. The movie has sequels, and each part conveys a powerful message, making it popular among animal lovers.

Released in 2002, the first part of the movie is set 20,000 years ago, in the ice age. With the earth being covered by the glaciers, the animals are in a rush to migrate and save themselves from the impending freezing weather. That is when Sid (a sloth), Manny (a woolly mammoth), and Diego (a saber-toothed tiger) find a human baby, and emerge as heroes when they come together to return the child to its father. Their journey showcases the details of the harsh ice age, with a little bit of humor on the side. All in all, it is a fun family-friendly movie to sit back and watch together.

Audio languages: English Dialogue Boost: High, English, English Dialogue Boost: Medium | Subtitles|Directors: Chris Wedge, Alex Proyas, Carlos Saldanha

12. Best Action:Kung Fu Panda

The engaging movie combines the elements of adventure, action, and comedy that make it popular among kids. It is a classic kung fu cartoon movie that the kids would want to watch over and over again.

The story is about a lazy anthropomorphic panda named Po, who is fond of kung fu but works in his father’s noodle shop. One day, Po’s dream of learning kung fu becomes a reality when he is chosen as the Dragon Warrior. He must join the team comprising Monkey, Tigress, Mantis, Viper, and Crane to protect their hometown from the revengeful snow-leopard, Tai Lung.

Will Po be able to save the ancient hometown as a dragon warrior? The transition of the round and cuddly Panda into a skilled dragon warrior is not only humorous but can also be inspiring for the kids.

Audio languages: English Dialogue Boost: High, English, English [Audio Description], English Dialogue Boost: Medium| Subtitles|Directors: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson

13. Best Animated Antics:A Bug’s Life

It is another adventure comedy movie with spectacular animation. It is a fantasy tale that is surely going to keep the kids amused through and through.

A misfit ant named Flik is on a quest to find warriors who can save his island from the menace of a group of grasshoppers. Though his friends do not believe or support his intention, Flik must emerge as a hero before the grasshoppers take over their island. On a mission to find warrior bugs, he ends up finding a group of talented circus performers. Will Flik be able to save the island with his group of warriors and how? That’s what makes the movie an interesting watch for the kids.

Audio languages: English, English [Audio Description]| Subtitles : English |Directors: John Lasseter

14. Best Chronicle:Paddington

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It is a great comic tale about the adventures of a bear in London. Its pitch-perfect humor surrounding the bear’s nostalgic feelings makes it a perfect entertainer for kids and adults.

The story is about a young Peruvian bear that travels to London in search of a home after a deadly earthquake destroys his house. He sets off on a journey to London but gets lost at the Paddington station. He realizes that life in the city is completely different from what he has imagined until he meets the Brown family. The story takes a turn when the bear is noticed by a museum taxidermist who plans to add him to her collection.

15. Best Spectacle:Penguins of Madagascar

It is a riveting adventure comedy featuring a group of funny penguins. It is an amazing cartoon movie for kids and will deliver big laughs!

The movie is about the adventures of the four penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. They are on a mission to stop Dr. Octavius Brine who wants to destroy the world. They join forces with an undercover organization called The North Wind, led by Agent Classified, to stop the villain from executing his plans.

Audio languages: English Dialogue Boost: High, English, English [Audio Description], English Dialogue Boost: Medium| Subtitles : English |Directors: Eric Darnell, Simon Smith

16. Best Legacy:Madagascar

A delightful animation movie full of adventure, Madagascar is a great entertainer for kids.

The story is about a group of four zoo animals, Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman who have spent a good time of their life in the New York Zoo. But, Marty, the zebra, feels that the Zoo is like a prison and yearns to live a free life in their natural habitat, Jungle. As Marty successfully escapes the zoo to reach his dream destination, his friends’ attempt to rescue him lands all of them at the wildlife preserve in Madagascar. Their journey is one big surprise after another, and eventually, they adapt to their new home in the lap of nature.

Audio languages: English Dialogue Boost: High, English, English [Audio Description], English Dialogue Boost: Medium| Subtitles : English |Directors: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

17. Best Hoop:Air Bud

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Air bud is one of the best 90’s kids’ classic animal movies that depicts an unusual friendship between a human and an animal.

Watching a real animal playing basketball is something that kids will definitely enjoy. The story is about 12-year-old Josh Framm, who is rebounding from his father’s death, and a runaway golden retriever named Buddy. They have great talent in basketball and become instant friends. Their sporty adventures soon draw media attention. Its comical element, combined with the charm and innocence of the characters makes the movie lovable.

Audio languages: English, English [Audio Description]| Subtitles : English |Directors: Charles Martin Smith

How To Choose The Right Animal Movie For Kids?

Here are a few points you should consider when choosing an animal movie for your kid:

  1. Age: Check age recommendations, ratings, and reviews before choosing an animal movie for your child. Age-appropriate movies will help your child understand the story and enjoy it.
  2. Content: Look up the synopsis before your child watches the movie to ensure it is suitable and matches their interests. Choose a movie about their favorite animal or educational animal movies to enrich their knowledge. Animal movies can be emotionally stimulating, so consider the content and storyline.
  3. Animation: You can choose from classics such as 101 Dalmatians, Old Yeller, The Lion King, or The Jungle Book, and newer films with advanced animation such as Finding Nemo or Madagascar. So, choose one according to your child’s interests. Ensure that the animation and sound effects are vibrant and realistic, complemented with colorful characters.

Why Trust MomJunction?

Priti Bose writes and reviews children’s products, including games, toys, and gifts. She is passionate about producing well-researched content and prioritizes children’s safety and comfort. Her list of the best animal movies for kids includes funny and interesting options suitable for all ages. The list includes detailed information about some popular kids’ movies to help you choose the right one for the next family movie night.

The Bottom Line

Animal movies fascinate children and adults as they are fun to watch and come with a good message that your little ones can comprehend. The exciting plots and brilliant voiceovers make them a great watch. Whether live-action or animated, these movies cover different genres and feature various fun animals. Our top recommendations from this list include “The Secret Life of Pets,” showcasing the importance of friendship and cooperation between animals, “Zootopia,” which can captivate children with humor and imagination, and “Ice Age,” which blends humor and adventure in a prehistoric world. These movies provide something for everyone, so grab some popcorn and start watching the best animal movies with your children right away!

Infographic: What To Consider When Selecting An Animal Movie For Your Child?

Animal movies can develop an awareness in your child of how to treat animals. Some may even inspire them to bring a pet home. Here are some tips mentioned in the infographic below that can help you pick the right animal movie for your little one.

Tips For Picking The Right Animal Movie For Children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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