27 Fascinating Animal Shows For Kids To Learn About Them

Kids are fascinated when they are around animals, such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. Their display of affection and empathy towards them is a beautiful sight. Here are some fantastic animal shows for kids that can help them learn more facts and details about the life of land, arboreal, and sea animals.

A bond with animals also instills various life lessons, such as caring for and co-existing with them.

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27 Animal Shows For Kids

1. Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan

The canines in the reality television series named Dog Whisperer teach children many incredible lessons about animal education. It portrays the stages of life of a dog and the intricacies and emotions that go along with them. Renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan talks about dogs, behavioral aspects of canines, and the problem dogs. The show also throws light on the tricks of handling pets and achieving a balanced relationship with them.

2. Go, Diego, Go

Go, Diego, Go

Image: IMDb

The children’s animated educational series involves adventures and improves the motivation and learning of animals. The animal encounters are supportive in enriching children’s invaluable animal experience. The rescue operations carried by the eight-year-old boy Diego (popular character Dora’s cousin) help kids learn about compassion and empathy.

3. Unlikely Animal Friends

Unlikely Animal Friends

Image: IMDb

The show on the national geographic channel focuses on the bond formed between animals of different species. The television show allows children opportunities to observe and experience a wide range of phases, stages, and natural processes going on in the lives of wild animals.

4. Dino Dan

Dino Dan

Image: IMDb

Dino Dan is a Canadian television series that was created and directed by J. J. Johnson. If your kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, the show is just perfect for enhancing their visual and imagination skills. This show can be a fun experience for kids, especially if they are curious about dinosaurs.

5. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

Image: IMDb

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is an action-adventure series with 4 seasons and real-looking and pretty scary dinosaurs. Close-ups of gnashing teeth and furious dino faces make the show exciting and packed with loads of action and thrill for the young viewers.

6. Are there Animals in Heaven?

Are there Animals in Heaven

Image: IMDb

Children and adults can’t help but smile when they see the two boys Quinn Doak and Anthony A.J. Moore talk about the different types of animals in a fun and quirky way. Their conversation and comments around the animals make it an interesting show.

7. Dogs 101

Dogs 101

Image: IMDb

A show for kids and dog lovers, Dogs 101 talks about dogs and various canine specialties. Learn about dog care, management, behavior, breed characteristics, diseases and more through this show.

8. 72 Cutest animals

72 Cutest animals

Image: IMDb

As the name suggests, it’s a cute TV series with lovely animal sounds, animal interactions, and adventures that young fans can’t stop adoring. The close-up images and the fun facts about various animals offer great insight into their lives.

9. Wild Kratts Alaska: Hero’s Journey

Wild Kratts Alaska: Hero’s Journey

Image: IMDb

The show appeals to both toddlers and young kids. The wild chase of the ‘Salmon Run’ is endearing and entertaining. They get to witness the odds of a journey and how the Wild Kratts Team makes it all smooth for Grizzly bears to reach their goals through animal trainings. This show offers some fun screen-time for the curious minds.

10. Absurd Planet

Absurd Planet

Image: IMDb

This Netflix series is suitable for all age groups, but at times the intriguing animals might seem scary for the very young ones. The voices, animal sounds, their habitat, and fights are not only interesting to watch but also educational.

protip_icon Trivia
In this hilarious science series, some cute animals and mother nature herself narrate the stories of the most intriguing animals on planet Earth, making it a visual treat for children.

11. America’s Cutest

America’s Cutest

Image: IMDb

You would be surprised but there is a lot to learn from ‘America’s Cutest’. The show offers lessons on animal care and animal welfare, including the stages of life like, birth, illnesses, naughtiness, and more.

12. Meet the Chimps

Meet the Chimps

Image: IMDb

Chimp Haven in the heart of deep forest is a home to more than 200 to 300 types of chimpanzees. Kids can enjoy watching the widest range of great apes, monkeys, and chimps. This show produced by Nat Geo is quite educational and fun to watch.

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Astroblast is a captivating preschool series where five fun-loving animals live with their alien friend in the Astroblast Space Station. The show conveys messages about camaraderie and accepting differences.

13. Tiny Creatures

Tiny Creatures

Image: IMDb

Advertised as a documentary by Netflix; the Tiny Creatures explores the hidden world of various wild animals. This show is designed in a manner that kids of any age can relate to.

14. Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Image: IMDb

The show helps children develop an affinity with the animals. It also helps them understand the basics of animal handling that are small and vulnerable. Disney fans are sure to get inspired and may want to keep learning more about the animal kingdom.

15. Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs

Image: IMDb

‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ is an epic video series based on the lives of dinosaurs and their prehistoric times. Loaded with fun facts about dinosaurs makes this an incredible show for kids and adults too.

16. Dodo Heroes

Dodo Heroes

Image: IMDb

The Dodo Heroes has become a favorite worldwide. It features people who go great lengths to help neglected cows, rescue dogs, take care of dehydrated koalas and so much more. They also work for animal protection and animal conservation. This show is not just uplifting but inspiring as well.

17. Bears


Image: IMDb

Check out funny bears, their cute actions, grizzly bears, cuddly polar bears and more in this show. The amazing documentary about bears and their families is educational and super fun too.

18. Turtle: The Incredible Journey

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

Image: IMDb

This documentary on turtles is the best to teach children about these incredible creatures. The show on the turtles will help your child develop a deep connection and reverence for the natural world of sea creatures. Sure to intrigue their young minds!

19. The secret life of Birds

The secret life of Birds

Image: IMDb

This documentary is a treasure for little bird enthusiasts. The show promises more excitement than your child could ever have imagined. Kids can learn about the origin, history, migration and so much more about a bird’s life through this show. The show may motivate kids to start caring for birds around them.

20. Blue Planet 2

Blue Planet 2

Image: IMDb

The show streaming on Netflix is staggering and a visually delight. It focuses on the majesty of the oceans and underwater creatures and can also be a fun expedition for children.

21. Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral

Image: IMDb

You can virtually dive into the ocean and chase coral reefs with this show. Flowers, waves of the sea, underwater bed, wildlife of the sea, stone-grey fossils, and rock formations down there are sure to up the excitement level of any child.

22. Birders


Image: IMDb

Vivid bird species in multiple colors makes this show a must-watch. The film talks about migrant birds and how birders (biologist of birds) contribute to keeping the migratory birds like hawkers, songbirds, owls, and waders safe and sound.

23. Growing Up Wild

Growing Up Wild

Image: IMDb

Chimpanzee, bears, monkeys, and cats; Growing Up Wild deals talks about the challenges these animals face in raising their young ones. It allows children to connect with nature and have an emotional impact and empathy towards animals. The stories are inspiring and recommended for kids of all age groups.

24. Dancing with the Birds

Dancing with the Birds

Image: IMDb

The documentary has some truly astonishing imagery of various bird species. It’s surely a candy for bird and nature lovers. Streaming on Netflix, Dancing with the Birds focuses on entertainment as well as education.

25. Extreme Animal Weapons

Extreme Animal Weapons

Image: IMDb

The documentary is all about the fierce animal battle, magnificent horns, sharp and large teeth, and claws. Learn about animals, their defense mechanisms, extensive battles and so much more that kids would enjoy watching. This show is recommended for kids who are aged eight and above.

26. 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

Image: IMDb

The TV series features fierce animals such as golden eagle, crabs, spiders, venomous snakes, and sharks. Interesting animal attacks and fights make it a unique streaming experience for all animal lovers.

27. Untamed Romania

Untamed Romania

Image: IMDb

Pelicans, eagles, bears and horses; these wild Romanian citizens offer nothing but complete entertainment to curious kids. Untamed Romania shows nature, diversity, fauna, flora, and takes you to the wild.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find animal shows suitable for my child?

You can find age-appropriate animal shows by researching. Many websites offer details about child-friendly animal shows. You can also ask other friends, family, or the children’s teachers for educational and interesting animal shows.

2. What age range is best for watching animal shows?

Children of all ages can enjoy animal shows. Younger children may prefer more visual and interactive shows, while older children may enjoy shows that offer more in-depth information about animals and their behaviors.

3. What topics are typically covered in animal shows for children?

The animal shows mostly cover topics such as animals’ habitats, behavior, habits, and characteristics. They also include details about their reproduction, parenting, and survival strategies.

4. How do animal shows for children help children learn about wildlife and conservation?

Seeing animals in their natural habitats and observing their behaviors can help children better understand wildlife and the need for conservation. Children can develop empathy towards animals by watching these shows, leading to a greater appreciation for nature and the environment.

5. How do animal shows for children typically differ from those for adults?

Animal shows for children may feature more interactive elements, such as songs and games, to keep children engaged. They contain simplified explanations of animal behavior and characteristics. In contrast, animal shows for adults may include more complex information, scientific research and conservation efforts, and graphic content.

These animal shows will help kids learn about various types of wild, domestic, land, and marine animals. Learning about animals is beneficial for children. It helps them become aware of nature, how to co-exist with other living beings, and the importance of these animals in nature. All the family members can also enjoy these shows with the children for an enjoyable time together. However, ensure that these shows are only watched during their allotted screen time and that they also engage in other activities.

Infographic: Fascinating Animal Shows For Children

From wild to domesticated, children are intrigued to know all the historical and fun facts about animals. So, whether your child is curious about the vast animal kingdom or loves to watch them on television, this infographic can help you choose an appropriate show to entertain and educate your child.

fun animal shows for your kid (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Watching animal shows can be entertaining and educational for children.
  • These shows can teach young minds to be empathetic and caring toward animals and how to co-exist with them.
  • Dino Dan, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, and Dogs 101 are among the interesting animal shows for children listed below.

Introduce your child to the fascinating sounds of different animals. Hear the moo of the cow, the oink of the pig, and the cluck of the chicken!

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