30 Special Wedding Anniversary gifts for parents

30 Special Wedding Anniversary gifts for parents

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A wedding anniversary is a special occasion, a reminder of the day that marked the beginning of a couple’s beautiful journey.

And when it is your parents’ wedding anniversary, it becomes all the more special. You have seen them love each other for years, and share that love unconditionally with you. And you wonder how they do it without complaining at all!

When you see your parents, you see a team. You love the way they take care of each other and want them to know how grateful and happy you are for their love. So why not let them know about it with the perfect anniversary gift for them?

In this MomJunction post, we list down 30 anniversary gifts you can pick from for your parents. 

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents 

Here are some special wedding anniversary gift ideas you can consider for your parents.

  1. Customized cushions: This is an excellent anniversary gift for your parents that you can even customize with your parent’s names and anniversary date. You could also write a small poem telling how proud you of their undying love and get it printed on the cushion.
  1. Personalized name coasters: This gift is an excellent way to celebrate your parents’ togetherness. Gift them a customized coaster set with their initials or names and also add their wedding date. They will be thrilled to use these unique coasters when they serve drinks to their guests. 
  1. Family tree picture frame: This picture frame can be used to hold ten pictures together. Pick up the best pictures that will remind your parents of their beautiful journey together. This is one gift they can proudly display in their living room!
  1. Kissing mugs set: Want to give your parents something cute and adorable for their anniversary? Then these kissing mugs could be what you need to buy. When kept together, the mugs take the shape of two people (faces) kissing each other.
  1. Family scrapbook photo album: This is a cute scrapbook resembling the adventure book of Carl and Ellie from the movie Up. If your parents have rarely traveled, and have always put your needs and desires before theirs, then give them this scrapbook with pictures of the places they want to go and the things they need to try. This scrapbook can be an excellent way to tell them that it is time to go on their own adventure.
  1. Blu-ray copy of their favorite movie: It could be a rom-com like Mamma Mia, or a gangster movie like The Godfather. There would be that one movie that connects your parents emotionally. Gift them a limited edition Blu-ray copy of that movie as their anniversary gift.
  1. Personalized wall clock: There are many ways in which you can personalize a wall clock: with the initials and wedding date of your parents or their wedding photograph as the clock’s background. This will be a beautiful addition to their bedroom or the living room.
  1. Hand molding kit: Hand molds stay as a remembrance of a day or a milestone. To commemorate your parent’s wedding anniversary, gift them a hand molding kit. You can also join in the mold or just help them get their hand’s molded.
  1. Lock-and-key bracelet: This adorable product makes a unique anniversary gift for your parents. It comes with a bracelet that has a lock, and a pendant that has a key for that lock. This is a symbol suggesting that your parents are made for each other.
  1. King beer and queen wine glass set: This glass set is an elegant anniversary gift for your parents. The crown printed on the glasses is apt for the king and queen in your life.
  1. Romantic novels: If your parents are avid book readers, then gift them a collection of classic romantic novels, science fiction, or any other genre they enjoy reading.
  1. Personalized rustic canvas: This is a fantastic anniversary gift idea for your parents. You can get their wedding song lyrics printed on canvas along with their names and wedding date.
  1. Couple watches: This classic idea never goes wrong. Gift your parents their favorite brand of couple watches to celebrate their special milestone together.
  1. 3D pop-up greeting card: A greeting card can bring back sweet memories that could make them smile. Choose a greeting card and include a bouquet of roses to congratulate them on achieving such a big milestone.
  1. Mr and Mrs kitchen apron set: This is a perfect anniversary gift a couple that loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. They could also flaunt their love for each other by using them during the family banquets and barbecues.
  1. Personalized cutting board: Another personalized anniversary gift can be a cutting board with your parent’s names, as well as their wedding date, engraved.
  1. Moscow mule cocktail gift set: This cocktail set comes with two copper mugs, a jigger, two stainless steel straws, a bottle opener, a cleaning cloth, and a recipe book. This is a thoughtful anniversary gift idea for your parents to try out new cocktail recipes.
  1. King and Queen matching t-shirts: These t-shirts are adorable and make an excellent gift for your mom and dad on their wedding anniversary.

25th Anniversary Gifts For Parents 

Are your folks about to cross the 25th-anniversary milestone? Do you want to make it memorable for them? You can do that by gifting them something unique, something they will treasure forever. 

  1. Milestone photo frame: 25 years of togetherness might have brought many changes in your parents. But if the love and passion between them are still the same, nothing seems different to them. An ideal would be to get them a 25th-anniversary milestone photo frame, with their wedding photograph in it.
  1. 25thanniversary champagne flutes: Special occasions call for some bubbly. Gift your parents a set of champagne flutes to help them remember this important milestone forever. You can either get the words ‘25 years of togetherness’, or their initials and wedding dates engraved on the glasses, also add a bottle of their favorite champagne.
  1. Mr. and Mrs. 25th key chain: This is a unique 25th-anniversary wedding gift for parents. This comes in a set of two key chains for the wife and husband. You can also club these with any other gift. These will remind your parents of each other and their beautiful journey together.
  1. His and hers bathrobes: You can also choose to gift these smooth cotton bathrobes for their 25th anniversary. These can be personalized, and also come in beautiful packaging.
  1. Moon bed light: This bed lamp gives the illusion of sitting under a full moon. Gift this amazing decorative light for your parent’s 25th anniversary. You can customize it with themes like: ‘we still do,’ ‘Mr & Mrs,’ and ‘Love never fails.’ You can also write your own caption printed on the moon light.
  1. Anniversary figurines: These cute and adorable figurines make a good anniversary gift for parents. You can also choose one that says 25 years, to add beauty to the mantel or bedside table in your parent’s house.
  1. Custom bobbleheads: This gift is whimsical as well as personalized. You can gift your parents custom bobbleheads that will lighten the mood on a rainy-blue day. You can get them customized to reflect the 25 years milestone.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents 

If you are lucky to see your parents celebrate their golden anniversary, then it is difficult not to make a big deal of it. Here are some anniversary gift ideas to congratulate them on 50 years of love and togetherness.

  1. Birdfeeders: This will be the perfect 50th-anniversary gift for your parents. They can hang this in their backyard or porch and start each day with the chirping of the birds.
  1. 50th-anniversary ball hanging ornament: This porcelain china hanging ornament is perfect for your parent’s 50th-anniversary. The design suits any room and can bring a Victorian-era feel to the room.
  1. 50th-anniversary collage photo frame: This is the perfect gift for your parents who are about to cross their golden anniversary. This photo frame comes with a beautiful poem on 50 years of togetherness. Around the poem, there are slots to place pictures of many milestones such as the wedding, first home, parenthood, raising kids, new generation, and finally 50th-anniversary photo.
  1. 50th-anniversary porcelain plate: Celebrate your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary with this decorative porcelain plate with gold foil and classic designs. This has a beautiful quote on 50 years of togetherness and is perfect for displaying in the cabinet, shelf, or side table.
  1. Customized street sign art: This 50th-anniversary gift for your parents can be customized with your parent’s names and their wedding date. The artwork comes in a black wood framed canvas.

These are some of the many things you can give your parents on their anniversary. Pick one that best suits the occasion, their age, their interests, as well as your budget. The best ones are custom gifts that remind them how blessed they are to be celebrating another year of togetherness with someone they love.

Do you have any more gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments section below.