42 Unique Anniversary Ideas To Make The Day Memorable

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The best thing to hold onto in life is each other – Audrey Hepburn

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion for every couple. It’s a time to relive all the good moments you have spent together and renew the vows once again. If you are looking for some cool ideas for wedding anniversary, we have got you covered. Be it the first anniversary or the 50th, a wedding anniversary is an occasion to celebrate another year of love and togetherness. So acknowledge and appreciate your partner for sticking with you in happiness, sorrow, hard times, and good times. Here we bring you some amazing wedding anniversary ideas to help you make your big day extra special.

Indoor Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary ideas for couples who want to stay at home and still have a kickass celebration. These ideas are for the lazy ones but crazily in love with each other.

  1. Take a couples quiz: It is the best way to learn something new about your partner. Celebrate your anniversary by playing a quiz and know things that are beyond likes, dislikes, tastes, and preferences.
  1. Make wine: Couples who enjoy drinking together can try making wine on their anniversary. To add fun to it, make your initials as a monogram, customize the packaging and call it your own. Cheers to your love.
  1. Write romantic letters: Handwritten love letters may be old school but will never go out of style. Write romantic letters for your partner and hide them in spots which they often see, for instance, in his shirt pocket, inside the car, in the oven or her handbag.
  1. Digital detox: Switch off all the devices and spend the entire day with your special someone. Cuddles, snuggles and long conversations over drinks would make for an anniversary celebration beyond compare.

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  1. Short story: Write a short story where you and your partner are the main characters. You may choose a theme that interests your partner. If he/she is an action movie fan then your partner is the superhero in your story and likewise. You may also base it on your love story.
  1. Revisit the wedding memories: Cozy up with your partner and relive your big wedding day by looking at the photos and watching videos of your wedding ceremonies.
  1. Prepare a gourmet lunch: Buy the ingredients and cook your own star lunch at home. The romance just brews as you both work in the kitchen. Do not forget to set the table beautifully before relishing your food. And if it is the dinner, you may have a candle-lit dinner.
  1. Playstation / Video game night: If you and your partner love video games, then organize a marathon video game night. Don’t forget to keep a score of who’s winning the most.

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  1. Watch the sunset together: Sunsets are calm, relaxing and beautiful. On your anniversary, lie down in the garden or maybe your terrace and just watch the sunset together. If you are a morning person, then you are lucky as watching the sunrise together is also a great anniversary idea. Sunrise shows a wonderful transition in the sky, the passage of darkness to light.
Quick tip
A personalized pendant with a picture of a sunset you watched together etched on them would make a thoughtful anniversary gift.
  1. Movie screening: Set up your own mini theater at home in the living room or the garden. Put some bedsheets, decorate with cute, fuzzy cushions and some string lights. Set up a projector and binge watch your favorite movies or TV shows together.
  1. Bake an anniversary cake together: Whether or not you are fond of sweets and desserts, getting messy with flour and spending intimate moments with your partner is a very cute way of celebrating your anniversary.
  1. Start a fitness regime together: Start (or restart) your exercise program together with your spouse. An anniversary is an apt occasion to resolve to stay fit and healthy together. Also, you can spend a couple of extra hours with each other every day.

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  1. Write a love journal: Start writing a love journal and mention all the important dates, facts, details about your love story, etc. Add stickers and labels to make it more exciting. This can also be called your personal life movie script.
  1. Salsa night: If you are a couple who loves dancing, then take a salsa lesson together. Also, dancing is a fun way to get intimate with your partner and groove on eclectic musical beats.
  1. Take a cooking class together: This is ideal for couples who are foodies and love trying new cuisines. On your anniversary, spend time together cooking yummy dishes for each other.

Outdoor Anniversary Ideas

If you want to get away and do something special on your anniversary, then these ideas are just right for you.

  1. Go camping: Surprise your partner by booking a tent or building one yourself at a nearby mountaintop or forest. Moonlight and stars make the perfect backdrop to have a romantic candlelight dinner at the camping site. Go an extra mile and arrange a bonfire too.

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  1. Plan a surprise road trip: This is for a couple who loves hitting the road and exploring new places together. A road trip is an excellent idea for an anniversary bash.
  1. Have fun at an amusement park: The rides in an amusement park are funny, scary and full of thrill and adventure. On your anniversary, leave all the stress behind and head to an amusement park with your loving partner.
  1. Show off your love: You are filled with joy on celebrating your years of togetherness and you want the world to know about it. Buy all the billboards in your neighbourhood and announce your love for the special someone.
  1. Attend a concert: Buy concert tickets of your partner’s favorite artist, and give them a surprise. Go the extra mile by trying to get a personalized autograph for your sweetheart.

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  1. Get matching tattoos: Tattoos are symbolic of love and commitment. Getting a tattoo on your partner’s name is a very sweet way to express your love and gratitude to them.
  1. Get a photoshoot done: Don’t opt for plain vanilla photoshoots. Hire an expert photographer and go wild and crazy to capture the best of memories which you can cherish for a lifetime.
  1. Watch a comedy show: Book tickets for a show at your local comedy club. Spend an entire evening just laughing. Watching comedy shows is a great stress buster, so laugh till your stomach hurts.
  1. Take a boat ride: If you are fortunate to live in a city or town which has scenic canals and beautiful lakes, then rent a boat and stock it up with your favorite food and wine. Spend an evening cruising in the boat, singing and talking your hearts out.

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Thoughtful Anniversary Ideas

Is your partner a warm and thoughtful person? These anniversary ideas prove how deep your thoughts are on making the day memorable for your partner.

  1. Wishlist in the shopping app: Check your partner’s shopping app and order all the items in their wishlist. Surprise them with these gifts on the anniversary and click pictures while they unwrap the presents.
  1. Make a dream come true: Your partner must have talked to you about their dreams several times. Work out a way to make at least one of their dreams come true and you are sure to leave them in tears of joy.
  1. Revamp your bedroom: Go shopping, buy new bedding. Revamp your bedroom and decorate it with your partner. Add a personal touch to suit your personality.
  1. Head to the spot where you first met: What better way to celebrate your anniversary than spending it at a place where you two first met? Reminiscing old memories while comparing it to your present will make you realize how strong your relationship has grown.
Quick tip
If possible, wear the same or similar clothes as on your first date. Also, order the same meal or sit at the same table. It will surely make the anniversary special.

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  1. Bucket list activities: Make your anniversary special by ticking off some bucket list items from your list.
  1. Plan a picnic: Snacks, wine, music, and some cozy blankets are all you need for an amazing picnic date. You can also carry your favorite games to have a fun time.
  1. Write sweet notes: Write sweet notes for your partner and fill them up in balloons. Pile all the balloons in your bedroom and start popping them together. Read the messages together and have a laugh.
  1. Get home a furry friend: If you both have been longing to get a furry friend then visit the nearest animal foster home or shelter and bring home a new family member.

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  1. Kidnap your partner: Yes, you read it right. Spend the anniversary handcuffed with each other. Do things together, even the simplest of them.

Adventurous Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Not for the faint-hearted. These wedding anniversary ideas are an absolute best for an adventurous couple.

  1. Hot air balloon or helicopter ride: Take your partner on a hot air balloon or helicopter ride covering the city. The visuals from the top will be thrilling to watch and the intimate moments will fill you up with happiness.
  1. Play hide-and-seek at Ikea or a mall: This anniversary idea is for the crazy couples. Play the game with your partner at the biggest mall or Ikea store in your city. Add a fun twist or tweak the game as per your choice.
  1. Adventure sports: Perfect for couples who get bored easily. Adventure sports are an exciting means to celebrate your anniversary in an unconventional way. Gear up for a fun experience and try something totally new. Paragliding, surfing, paddle boat surfing or scuba diving are some of the best ideas to make your anniversary adventurous.

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  1. Bathe in a waterfall: Getting soaked in love under a waterfall in the lap of nature… dreamy, isn’t it? Let this dreamy experience come true for you and your partner on this anniversary.

Relaxing Anniversary Ideas

If you have been having a hectic schedule for a long time, all you need for your anniversary is some time to relax and spend time with your partner. Take a break and opt for a relaxing anniversary celebration.

  1. Get pampered in a spa: Book a couple’s massage at a fancy spa in your city. Soothe, calm and relax your mind by shutting off from the outside world.
  1. Plan for your future: Anniversaries are not for brainstorming but talking and planning simple things about your future will show your commitment and a sense of responsibility towards your darling companion. It is also a way to dream together.
  1. Get on to gardening: Plant your favorite fruits, flowers or veggies plants in your garden, play calming music in the background and make your anniversary special by growing and nurturing the plants and your relationship at the same time.

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  1. Take a walk on the beach: Take a stroll holding hands and listening to the whispers of the wind. Surrender to nature and witness the mighty power of waves by spending a relaxed time on the beach.
  1. Go on vacation: Book a romantic holiday and surprise your partner. Head to a romantic destination and turn the vacay mode on! This is a clichéd anniversary idea but never fails to impress.

Wedding anniversaries are occasions to celebrate your togetherness. You may take a break from digital devices to spend the whole day with your beloved in the most romantic ways. Make a delicious meal, play video games, relax at a spa, or plan an adventurous outing. Whatever you do, do it together. Use this day to tick off items from your bucket list of activities or watch the sunset. This list of unique wedding anniversary ideas will surely help you create memories with your better half.

Infographic: Ideas To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Memorable

Anniversaries give you a chance to look back at the good and bad times you overcame together and appreciate each other for sticking throughout all of it. In order to make this special day even more special and memorable, we have prepared a list of ideas for you on what you can do on this day with your partner. Do give it a read and save it to your board as well.

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