20 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos For Kids

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Dandruff is not only embarrassing or annoying but also extremely common. Most of us have to deal with these flakes at some point in our lives. But, the condition becomes more challenging when it happens to your kids.

The flaking that accompanies dandruff is called seborrheic dermatitis. It can lead to white or yellowish skin or patches on the head and other parts of the body. Although researchers are yet to find a specific cause for this condition, it is believed that an overproduction of oil and yeast called Malassezia are behind it.

Home remedies are the best solution for getting rid of dandruff, but they can take some time to show results. If you want a quick fix, anti dandruff shampoo is the way to go.

And, we know how irritating is to look for the best anti dandruff shampoo. So, MomJunction has put together a list of the top and best anti dandruff shampoo for kids. Check them out below.

20 Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos For Your Kid:

1. Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Jason Dandruff Relief ShampooBuy-Now

If your child has dandruff and you are vigorously looking for a solution, then you can try the Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo. Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo, with its medicated formula, will cleanse and condition your child’s scalp and hair while controlling dermatitis and psoriasis. With ingredients like jojoba oil, Zinc pyrithione and wheat protein, Jason Dandruff Relief is a handy shampoo, which will eliminate the flakes and add softness to your child’s hair.

Jason Dandruff Relief Shampoo includes healing and moisturizing natural agents with a tinge of essential oils like neem, rosemary, colloidal sulfur and tea tree. You just have to take a small-sized dollop and massage on your child’s wet scalp. Leave the foam for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

2. Sulfur 8 Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Sulfur 8 Medicated Anti-Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Sulfur8 Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a gentle and effective choice for treating your child’s dandruff. It not only controls and eliminates dandruff, but also relieves the symptoms of dandruff through its anti-flaking and anti-itching action. It thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes to keep the hair soft and manageable.

The formula of Sulfur8 Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo is safe enough for kids to use twice a week. Unlike most shampoos of its kind, Sulfur8 Medicated Anti Dandruff Shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals like sulfate.

3. California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Lavender Shampoo & Body WashBuy-Now

Treat your child’s senses with the California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash. California Baby Tea Tree and Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash is made primarily with natural ingredients, including tea tree oil and lavender, ingredients that fiercely fight dandruff.

Another amazing thing about this shampoo is that its ingredients are derived directly from plants and animal products. And the shampoo doubles as a body wash too. So you’ll get to save some bucks too!

4. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Christina Moss Naturals Organic ShampooBuy-Now

Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo is not a kid’s shampoo in the strictest sense, but since it’s organic and contains a hypoallergenic formula, you can safely use it for your child. It addresses the underlying causes of dandruff while nourishing the health of your kid’s hair. It aims to remove all the possible sources of irritation to the well-being of the sensitive scalp. It also helps balance the moisture levels by minimizing the product buildup. It thoroughly, yet gently, cleanses the hair white moisturizing the scalp with essential oils. What we liked the most of this shampoo is that it is free of Paraben, dyes, fragrances and sulfate.

5. TruKid Silly Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - TruKid Silly ShampooBuy-Now

Keep your child’s hair shiny, clean and dandruff free with TruKid Silly Shampoo. The brand was developed by Jennifer Adams Bunkers, a woman dedicated to making kids products free of unhealthy chemicals.

Gentle on the eyes, scalp and hair, TruKid Silly Shampoo removes all the oil and dandruff from the surface while moisturizing it with coconut and aloe vera, keeping your child’s hair beautiful and shiny. It’s free of Paraben, gluten, phthalates and is even certified as animal-cruelty free by PETA. The yummy citrus scent is a plus point.

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6. Puriya Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Puriya Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Puriya Dandruff shampoo, containing a blend of arnica, sage, tea tree oil and anti-fungal properties, aims at treating the flaking and itching of the scalp. The clarifying treatment adds nutrients and moisture to the scalp while increasing the blood circulation. You’ll notice an improvement in the condition within just a few applications.

Besides treating dandruff, this shampoo removes all the possibility of its recurrence by eliminating all the build-up and residue completely from the hair. Puriya Dandruff Shampoo is ideal for men, women, kids and even pets. And it comes with a money back guarantee as well!

7. Sulfur 8 Kids Anti Dandruff Medicated Shampoo & Hair & Scalp Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Anti-Dandruff Medicated Shampoo & Hair & Scalp ConditionerBuy-Now

Here’s another excellent product from the brand Sulfur8. Just like most of its shampoos, even Sulfur 8 Kids Anti Dandruff Medicated Shampoo contains all the ingredients required for clearing dandruff and getting rid of itchy scalp. The shampoo also comes with a pudding that’ll make your child’s hair soft and smooth. And it smells great too! But do not use too much of the pudding as it can make the hair gunky.

8. Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner – Surf’s Up:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner - Surf's UpBuy-Now

Freshen up your child’s morning with concentrated ocean fragrance Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner cleans and eliminates the toughest tangles, leaving soft hair and fragrant. And a clean hair means no dandruff. The formula of the shampoo is ophthalmologists approved and dye free. So no more teary eyes.

9. Vosene Frequent Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Vosene Frequent Anti Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Vosene range of hair care products is designed to address hair and scalp problems in people of all ages. From head lice to anti dandruff shampoo, Vosene has everything in its kitty. Vosene Anti Dandruff Shampoo has all the ingredients to keep your child’s hair and scalp healthy. It contains salicylic acid; a highly effective anti dandruff ingredient treats dandruff easily and quickly. It also maintains the natural protection of the scalp, leaving your child’s hair smooth and shining.

10. Boots Expert Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Boots Expert Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
Here’s another mild anti dandruff shampoo for your little one. Boots Expert Anti Dandruff Shampoo is formulated to keep your child’s scalp flake free while giving the hair a natural and healthy shine. You’ll see the result after the very first use.

The shampoo is dermatologically tested and is gentle enough for everyday use. But we’d suggest you to use this shampoo on your kid just twice or thrice a week.

11. Khadi Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Khadi Anti-Dandruff Hair CleanserBuy-Now

If you are looking for an all-natural and Ayurvedic cleanser for your child, then Khadi Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser could be the pick. The shampoo is enriched with rosemary and neem oil, tea tree oil and lemon for effective dandruff removal. It leaves the scalp healthy and alleviates dryness. Aloe vera in the shampoo soothes the scalp and conditions the hair. You can use it daily, or even thrice a week for optimum result.

12. Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Sebamed Anti-Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo is a mild shampoo with a formula that nourishes, softens and improves the texture of the hair. It protects and supports the acid mantle of the scalp and stabilizes the hair structure with its pH value of 5.5. Piroctone Olamine, its active ingredient, will ensure gentle removal of dandruff and hibiscus and chickpea will keep the scalp healthy.

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13. Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Conquer your child’s dandruff with Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Shampoo. The shampoo is formulated with citrus essence and mango to deliver a 100% flake-free hair. It controls oil production of the scalp to give a clean and fresh feel. Besides controlling dandruff, Head & Shoulders Instant Oil Control Shampoo also calms the itchy scalp, reduces redness and relieves irritation. The light conditioning locks the dandruff-fighting power and makes the hair smooth and soft. And above all, it smells great!

14. Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Nizoral Anti-Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo is another shampoo for fighting your child’s dandruff. This powerful shampoo controls scaling, flaking, and itching caused due to dandruff. Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo combines the effectiveness of ketoconazole, one of the most potent anti dandruff ingredients with the salon-tested gentleness. Moreover, the rich lather will cleanse his hair thoroughly, leaving it smelling fresh.

15. Equate Everyday Clean 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Equate Everyday Clean 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo & ConditionerBuy-Now

Equate Everyday Clean 2 in 1 Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner helps relieve the scalp itching, dryness and light flaking. It also conditions the hair, leaving it soft, clean and healthy looking. The shampoo also contains conditioning and moisturizing ingredients that revitalize the hair by stabilizing oily scalp. You can use this shampoo for your child twice a week in between his regular shampoos to control his dandruff.

16. Biotique Bio Margosa Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Biotique Bio Margosa Anti Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Biotique Bio Margosa Shampoo is an anti dandruff shampoo containing the goodness of Margosa, reetha, bhringraj, neem and sandalwood extracts. This all-natural shampoo will gently cleanse your child’s hair, removing dandruff. A regular application of this shampoo will prevent the occurrence of dandruff too! Your child can safely use this product daily.

17. HealthAid Tea Tree Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - HealthAid Tea Tree Shampoo

HealthAid Tea Tree Shampoo is an eco-friendly anti dandruff shampoo with anti-fungal properties. The potent Australian Tea Tree oil in the shampoo will stimulate your child’s scalp without drying it out. A regular use of this shampoo will protect your child’s hair from dandruff, air pollution, and lice. And since it’s mild, you can use it daily on your child’s scalp. What more? This shampoo is free of Paraben, glycols, propylene, and artificial color and fragrance as well.

18. Fabindia Lemon Mint Shampoo For Hair:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Fabindia Lemon Mint Shampoo For Hair

As mentioned earlier, excess oil secretion is one of the principal causes of dandruff in children. So thwart this condition by using Fabindia Lemon Mint Shampoo. Infused with mint and lemon, this shampoo will remove excess oil gently from the scalp. Lemon will control dandruff and mint, acting as a cooling agent, will prevent hair fall. The anti-bacterial properties of both the ingredients will also prevent scalp infection.

19. Just Herbs Dandruff Control Ayurvedic Soya Protein Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Just Herbs Dandruff Control Ayurvedic Soya Protein ShampooBuy-Now

Just Herbs Dandruff Control Ayurvedic Soya Protein Shampoo is a mild, herbal shampoo for dandruff-prone hair. Herbs like neem, shikakai, wheat germ oil, khus-khus and Indian gooseberry in the shampoo gently removes dandruff, ensuring a healthy scalp. It also cures the fungal infection and alleviates itching. Free from parabens, petrochemicals and SLS, the shampoo will make your kid’s hair lush, soft and visibly conditioned.

20. Bergamot Anti Dandruff Shampoo:

Anti Dandruff Shampoo For Kids - Bergamot Anti Dandruff ShampooBuy-Now

Bergamot Anti Dandruff Shampoo will provide an effective treatment for dandruff and scalp itchiness. This shampoo comes with pure and beneficial ingredients like bergamot oil extract, aloe vera, horsetail extract, linden extract, birch leaf extract and so on. The pH value of 6 will be very gentle on your child’s scalp. Since the shampoo contains only natural ingredients, your kid can use it as many times a week as he wants. Bergamot Anti Dandruff Shampoo also removes all the pollutants and limits the growth of dandruff causing bacteria on the scalp.

Kids anti dandruff shampoo can be purchased at any store with or without a prescription. Always follow the instructions exactly as stated on the bottle. And if you have any further question, please contact your child’s pediatrician.

So these were the most effective and gentle anti dandruff shampoo for children. Did your child ever suffer from dandruff? Which shampoo worked best for him? Tell us by commenting below!

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