5 Antibiotics Declared Safe At All Stages of Pregnancy

list of antibiotics safe in pregnancy

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As a mother, you have a special bond with your baby that no one else can possibly understand and share. You feel much more responsible and are much more cautious in your day to day activities to ensure that you do the best for your baby and yourself.

The best part about this bond is that it starts to grow from the moment you know that you have conceived.

One big question that you may have during pregnancy is whether antibiotics are safe for you and baby or not?

Is Antibiotics Safe During Pregnancy?

It is only natural for you to feel sick once in a while. The doctor would recommend you some medicines to ensure you recover soon and that your baby’s health is not impacted.

  • Only When Prescribed:

It is important to take only the medication or antibiotics that are prescribed by the doctor. There are few antibiotics that are not considered safe in the first trimester, while there are others that are safe in the second and third trimester.

  • Which Ones Are Safe?

There is a list of antibiotics safe in pregnancy released by various health authorities across the globe. These are based on study of samples of pregnant women and past experience to ensure that doctors and medical practitioners are well aware. Few antibiotics are safe for any stage of pregnancy, while others are categorized.

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When To Use Antibiotics?

While it is recommended to avoid the use of antibiotics, there can be situations when you will be put on antibiotics to cure a problem or illness:

  • When no other way to treat or no other medication works for you
  • Ensure that you stick to a good doctor and have an antibiotic only if it is declared safe for use
  • Dosage should be kept to a minimum. Avoid self -medication of any kind

List Of Antibiotics Safe In Pregnancy

It is prudent that during pregnancy you only stick to medicines that are safe to both you and the baby. Any negligence in consuming drugs can also lead to deformities in the baby.

What antibiotics are safe during pregnancy? Well, the antibiotics listed below are considered safe at all stages of pregnancy and can be taken on the recommendation of the doctor. These are drugs that help combat myriad health conditions without many side effects.

  1. Penicillin
  2. Ampicillin
  3. Clindamycin
  4. Erythromycin
  5. Amoxicillin

Though the above drugs are certainly safe for you to consume during your pregnancy, we suggest you consult both your general physician as well as your gynecologist before taking any prescription medicines.

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Antibiotics To Avoid During Pregnancy

Some antibiotics can create birth defects and lead to medical problems with your baby, so it is best to avoid these. If your doctor is well informed and aware, he or she will not give you these medicines until and unless they are pretty sure about the medicines.

Avoid: Any antibiotics that are salts or compounds of:

  • Doxycycline
  • Minocycline
  • Tetracyclines[i]

Effects: These can cause many health problems for your liver, affect your baby’s teeth and leave them discoloured when they appear.

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Must Be Avoided Antibiotics

While some antibiotics should be avoided, there are two classes of antibiotics that are known to cause severe irreparable damage to your baby.

These are:

  • Nitrofuran derivatives
  • Sulfonamides

Use: These classes of antibiotics are generally used to treat urinary and tract related infections during pregnancy.

Effects: When ingested in high dosages and without a prescription from a gynaecologist, these antibiotics can cause rare and irreversible birth defects.

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  • Avoid antibiotics that are made of compounds or contain sulfonamides and nitrofuran.
  • As a pregnant woman you need to take care of your health and ensure that you do not fall sick.
  • Avoid contact or mingling with people who are exposed to health problems that are communicable.
  • Avoid any self-medication or experiments with antibiotics when you are pregnant as it could have a far reaching impact on the health of your baby.
  • While in some cases you may be put on antibiotics, your doctor will give you the most appropriate medicines.
  • Be at your own guard and take your health as a paramount importance.

Do share you or your partner’s stories regarding taking antibiotics during pregnancy with other readers in the comment section below.

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