21 Apology Letters To Boyfriend For Hurting His Feelings

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A relationship is built on trust and respect but has its fair share of ups and downs. In these cases, you must find ways to communicate and resolve the problem with an apology letter to a boyfriend. Nurturing a relationship requires time and effort, but there can be instances of fights and arguments between the boy and girl. It is here that a sincere apology letter can resolve the issues.

A heartfelt loving apology can get rid of the bitterness in the relationship. Make sure you add a personal touch to the letter and make your boyfriend forgive you. Below are a few sample apology letters you can write to your boyfriend.

21 Sample Sorry/Apology Letters To Your Boyfriend

Here are some sample apology letters to address different situations, such as making up after a fight, apologizing for being too mean to him, or saying sorry for being rude to him.

Apology Letter To Boyfriend After Fight

Sometimes, when angry, we use sharp words that could hurt a person more than a sword. If you want your significant other to forget a fight and make up with you, we have a few sincere letters expressing regret over your actions and words.

1. Sweetheart,

I hope you open this message and read it before tearing it up. I know you are angry after what happened, and rightfully so. I admit I shouldn’t have done something so inconsiderate, knowing how much my decision could hurt you.

I have been repenting it every single moment. I am sorry, baby, for doing what I did. You mean the world to me, and not talking to you makes me feel helpless and lonely. Please forgive me for acting selfishly. Trust me, I never intended to hurt you. I still love you the way I always did.

Forever yours,
(Your Name)

2. Dear [Name],

It’s been a week since our fight, and you still didn’t talk to me or looked at me. You have no idea how your coldness is ripping my heart apart. I know things have been tough lately. Our jobs leave us both stressed and tired. And the way that we have been arguing shows how the tension has been taking a toll on our relationship.

But I love you too much to let a fight come in between us. I am sorry for arguing with you on the smallest of things. I’ll try to be more patient henceforth. Let’s make this work together.

(Your Name)

3. My Love [Name],

We both know how our arguments are getting more heated and hurtful than ever before. The other day, what started with a simple ‘can you please get rid of the trash’ ended up with us cursing destiny for bringing us together. It has been happening every other day, and I don’t think I can take it anymore.

To end this negative habit that we have been getting into unintentionally, I wish to say sorry for every hurtful word I have ever spoken to you. Baby, I love you more than my life. I am sorry I succumb to rage so quickly but trust me, I am working on it and hopefully will conquer it. Please let’s talk and sort it out.

Love You,
(Your Name)

4. Dearest [Name],

Apology letter to boyfriend

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I think it’s time one of us budges and brings an end to this extended cold war. Let’s face it that we both are at fault. I should not have acted so impulsively, and you shouldn’t have rebuked me in those harsh words.

I realized there should be no room for anger and resentment where there is love. And we both care about each other too much to go on like this. So, let’s leave this war behind, and let’s make love like always.

I’m waiting for you.
(Your Name)

Apology Letter To Boyfriend For Being Mean

If you have been unreasonably mean to your boyfriend, you owe him an apology. Here are some sample letters to let him know you regret your mean behavior.

5. My Dear [Name],

This letter may come as a surprise to you, especially after my ‘not so good behavior’ over the last few months. I know I have been snapping at you unnecessarily, and I can see how you have been putting up with my mean comments. I now realize how much you love me and how lucky I am to have someone like you in my life.

I am sorry, my dear, for being such a mean girl to you. I have never tried to hurt you intentionally, but sometimes life feels so tough that my thinking gets clouded by frustration. But I promise to change my behavior. And love you the way a wonderful person like you deserves to be loved.

Yours lovingly,

6. My sweet [Name],

You must be wondering what has gotten into me, the sweet girl who you thought would never hurt a fly. Honestly, people have taken advantage of my naivety in the past, and I feared you would do the same. I thought you would also hurt me like everyone else, and hence I pushed you to the ends of your rope.

But now I know how stupid it was of me to think that way. I’m sorry I failed to put in my complete trust in you. You have been nothing but patient with me, and I am ever grateful for it.

I love you.
(Your Name)

7. Honey,

Asking for apologies

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You were right about me being unusually mean lately. I realized this when my colleague pointed out the same thing about me. I’m sorry, baby, I did not listen to you before.

I don’t feel like myself anymore. I have been struggling to get my life together, but things just won’t go my way. You are the shining beacon of my life, and you have no idea how important you are to me. Thank you for always being there for me and guiding me, and pulling me up for my wrong behavior.

Love you always and forever,
(Your Name)

Apology Letter To Boyfriend For Being Insecure

It is natural and common to feel a bit insecure in any relationship. If your insecurity has got the better of you, try apologizing with one of these letters.

8. My Sweet [Name],

I am sorry I keep demanding you to validate your feelings for me. I am sorry I keep pushing you to see if you really want to be with me. And lastly, I am sorry for not trusting your love for me. Now that you are not with me, I see my mistakes more clearly and understand what drove you away from me.

Please come back, my love. I admit I am insecure, and you are not at fault for it in any way. You have been the most wonderful boyfriend and losing you means losing my life. I’m waiting for you.

[Your Name]

9. Dear [Name],

When I’m with others, my smile conceals my tears. But when I’m alone, the smile won’t come, and tears won’t cease flowing through my eyes because my heart misses you. My biggest fear was losing you, and now that my fear has come true, I cannot express how badly it hurts

I am sorry, sweetheart, that my insecure behavior eventually got to you and took you away from me. I know you are tired of my suspicious nature and probably hate to see me again. But I have faith in my love for you, and all I want is forgiveness and another chance at ‘us.’ Please come back.

Love you forever,
(Your Name)

10. My love,

I know I have run out of reasons to justify my possessiveness for you, and I do not even wish to do the same. Today, I only seek your forgiveness for my behavior the other day. You have always been loyal to me, and I know you were not trying to flirt with anyone. But each time I see you with an attractive woman, I cannot help feeling jealous.

You have done everything to assure me of your love, but I cannot help feeling this way. But I am willing to change this trait of mine, and I need your support. Please do not give up on me.

I love you.
(Your Name)

Apology Letter To Boyfriend For Being Rude

When you lack control over your tongue, chances are you might get into a lot of trouble frequently. If your rude words have hurt your boyfriend, here are some sample letters you can write to him to seek his forgiveness.

11. My loving boyfriend [Name],

Woman asking for apology

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Please accept my apologies for the rude comments I made the other night at your family dinner. I do not dare to face you anymore. Hence, I am writing this letter. You never said anything after dinner, but I could sense the anger in your goodbye hug later that night. I know you must be disappointed with my behavior, and I, too, am ashamed at my lack of manners.

Baby, please don’t hate me for this. I never meant to disrespect you or your family. I had too much to drink and was irresponsible. Please forgive me for my stupidity and keep loving me like always.

Your stupid girlfriend,
(Your name)

12. Dear [Name],

If I ever get a chance to travel in a time-machine, I will go back to last Sunday and stop myself from blabbering incessantly at your cousin’s party. Of all the rude comments I made that night, the one I regret the most is telling you to shut up. I had no business acting cool in front of your relatives and making you look small. And trust me, baby, I never even intended to make it look like that.

But I can’t change anything now. All I can do is offer my sincere apologies and ask you to forgive me and forget the entire evening.

Your big-mouth girlfriend,
(Your Name)

13. Dear [Name]

I know you must be hating me right now for what I said last night. I am sorry I gave in to my temper. You know I can never mean those horrible words. I love you more than anyone in this world, and I will do anything to never let you go away from me and keep you close to my heart.

Please forgive me, my love. Do not be angry anymore. I can bear anything but not your silence. I have made your favorite pancakes for breakfast. Enjoy them and continue loving me.

Your stupid girlfriend,
(Your Name)

Apology Letter To Boyfriend For Lying

Lying can be perilous for any relationship. If you have lied to your boyfriend and wish to apologize for the same, these sample letters might help you put down your feelings in a simple but heartfelt manner.

14. Dear [Name],

Something has been weighing down on my heart for a while, and I can’t take it anymore. I want you to know that whatever I told you the other night at your place was all a lie. I know you might never want to see me again after learning this but know that I love you too much to keep lying to you.

I am writing this letter because I do not have the courage to confess to you personally. It is okay if you do not want to talk to me after this but do not hate me because I do not want to be hated by the boy I love so much.

Love you,
(Your Name)

15. Dear [Name],

Writing an apology letter

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I know that you have learned the truth about my past. I wish I were the one to tell you about it instead of you finding it out the way you did. I regret lying to you. I shouldn’t have done it in the first place. But I fell madly in love with you, and I wanted you to like me back. And when you finally fell for me, I did not want to risk losing you.

I love you more than I ever thought I would, and I leave it up to you if you want this relationship or not. I will accept your decision and leave without a word. I am sorry for getting you into this mess.

(Your Name)

16. Dearest [Name],

Nothing can be more painful than falling in the eyes of your beloved. Lying to you was the biggest mistake of my life, and I have regretted it since. I am sorry that I could not trust you enough and shielded myself with a lie. You are right in being angry with me. I brought this upon myself.

But the absolute truth of my life is that I love you. I’m sorry I made a mistake but pushing me away from you is too harsh a punishment. I hope that someday my love will eventually touch your heart and make you forgive me. Till then, I’ll wait for you, my love, to return to me willingly and forever this time.

Love you,
(Your Name)

17. [Name] my love,

When you entered my life, I could not believe my luck at finding such a gem of a person. I knew we were meant to be together and did not want to lose you. And so, out of fear, I lied to you. I admit I am the worst girlfriend on this planet because I broke the trust of the kindest and loving boyfriend.

And I deserve to be hated. But I know you love me as much as I love you. So, please do not let this mistake of mine get between us. I am sorry for lying to you. But can’t we let it slide this once?

Waiting for your reply.

(Your Name)

Apology Letter To Boyfriend After Breakup

Had a breakup? Missing your boyfriend? Then let him know about it through one of these apology letters.

18. Dearest [Name],

I wish I could tell you to come back and let’s be together again. But I know this time it is over. And this letter is not to reconcile but to get some closure.

This letter is only to say sorry for all that went wrong between us. I am sorry for each time I said words that must have hurt you. I am sorry for not acknowledging the efforts you put into building our relationship. I am sorry for not working hard on nurturing our relationship. And lastly, I am sorry for not being the girlfriend you deserved.

(Your Name)

19. Dear [Name],

It’s been a few months since we broke up, and no matter how much I try, my broken heart still won’t mend. It bleeds in the hope that your love will fix it and everything will be fine. I never thought there ever would come a day when I would be sad, and you wouldn’t be there to cheer me up. Your absence has made your importance clear to me.

I’m sorry for all the wrong I ever did to you. You were the anchor of my life, giving me stability and, without you, I will drift away like a lost ship. Please forgive me. Come back, I miss you.

Will wait for you.
(Your Name)

20. Dear [Name],

Asking for another chance

Image: iStock

Forgive me, my love, for being unfair to you. Relationships are built on love and trust, and it was my distrust that became the straw that broke the camel’s back. I know I am not a great girlfriend, but I am ready to change that for us. Baby, can we please forget everything and start afresh?

I am sorry for putting you through so much pain. We deserve another chance. Our love deserves a second chance. This time I will give us my best shot.

Always and Forever,
(Your Name)

21. Dear [Name],

It was my ego that kept me from stopping you when you packed and left. But now it is my love that is yearning to see you again. You gave your warm hugs and kisses so freely and unconditionally that I started taking them for granted. And now, when there is no one to hug or kiss me, I feel the pinch of not having you around.

I want to tell you how sorry I am for ruining our relationship beyond repair. Yes, I know I never would have admitted it before, but now I see my mistake, and the only way to correct it i, to apologize to the man who loved me more than I love myself.
I will keep loving you always.

(Your Name)

Your relationship with your boyfriend may be strong; however, there could be instances where misunderstandings creep in and lead to arguments. Sometimes, you may make a mistake that angers your boyfriend. In such a case, it is appropriate to resolve the issue and get back together by apologizing. However, if you are thinking of apologizing through an email or text, try a different approach this time. Writing an apology letter to your boyfriend would be a great way to convey your emotions. Your boyfriend will certainly recognize your efforts and understand your true feelings. This gesture may even help your bond grow stronger.

Infographic: How To Give An Apology Letter To Your Boyfriend

Be it intentional or unintentional, your boyfriend deserves a sincere apology if you’ve hurt him. But before you try out our letter samples to win him back, look at the dos and don’ts of dropping apology letters. You have one chance to express your genuine realization, and these tips will prevent you from ruining the opportunity and make it a perfect apology.

do and donts of dropping a letter [infographic]
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