21 Scenic April Baby Names To Spring Happiness In Your Kids

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If your baby was born in the fourth month, this list of April baby names might help you choose the right name for your little one. This month grants you many inspirations for naming a baby. It is one of the loveliest months with warmth, beauty, and summer glow. Nature blooms in April and is also the month with most occasions planned, since the weather’s ideal. So, if you want a name that reflects this aura, read on to find suitable names. We have included names inspired by various languages, famous personalities, and more. Check it out below.

April Baby Names For Girls

1. April:

April is one of the most popular names of this month. It comes from the Latin word Aprilis, which means ‘second’. The ancient Roman calendar began in the month of March, with April being the second month. April Wheeler, the lead of ’Revolutionary Road’ is one of the most famous literary namesakes.

2. Daisy:

Daisy is one of the most unusual flower names.

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Daisy is the flower for the month of April. Initially a nickname for Margaret, we think that Daisy is one of the most unusual flower names as it does not feel outdated or ornate. This sprightly and fresh April name has some literary ties as well. The most notable namesake is the glamorous actress of The Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan.

3. Harper:

The author of To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, was born on 28th April 1926. She will, forever, be a timeless namesake for any girl born in the next few months, as the writer has passed away recetly.

Did you know?
Celebrities including footballer David Beckham, musician Paul Simon, and actor Neil Patrick Harris picked this name for their daughters.

4. Asa:

Born on 1st April 1979, actress Asa Butterfield has already made a mark in the industry with films like Ender’s Game and Hugo, in which she played the titular character. In the Old Testament, the name Asa was very popular with the Puritans. The name was at the top 200s in the 1890s, but now it stands at #550.

5. Emerald:

Emerald is a beautiful name for the April babies.

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April is one of the most pleasant times of the year. The drab and dull days of winter give way to everything colorful and bright. Emerald is a beautiful color name for the April babies. Or you can keep Esmeralda, an elaborate version of this name.

6. Abril:

Abril is the Spanish for the month of April. The name Abril has a kind of tomboyish air that is sure to appeal many parents. It has been in use for quite a while now in the US and ranked at the bottom of top 500. Alternatively, you can also consider Avril.

7. Laverne:

Laverne is a French moniker meaning ‘born in the spring’. It is a distinctive and not-too-obvious pick for little girls born in this month. Lavi would make the most adorable nickname for Laverne.

8. Amelia:

The name Amelia is often confused with name Emelia, but it means something entirely different. Amelia comes from the German name Amala, which means work. This Victorian name is also connected to the female aviator Amelia Earhart.

9. Anthea:

Anthea is a lovely and delicate name derived from the Greek goddess of flowers. This delightful springtime name sounds both feminine and erudite.

10. Charlotte:

Charlotte Bronte, one of the famous Bronte sisters, was born on 21st April 1916. This regal name also comes with a variety of nicknames, from the retro Lottie to the cute Charlie. Even Prince William and Kate Middleton chose it for their daughter. Currently, Charlotte ranks #11.

11. Diamond:

Diamond is a relatively less used baby girl name.

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Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April. But unlike other gem names, Diamond is a relatively less used baby girl name. It reached its peak, #150 in the 1990s, but now it is down at 715. Singer Diamond White, the finalist of the X Factor television show, is the most popular namesake of this name.

April Baby Names For Boys

12. Truman:

Truman, the 33rd president of the US, signed the European Recovery Program in April 1948. The program was intended to restore the economy post World War II and end communism. Meaning ‘the loyal one’, Truman is also associated with writer Truman Capote.

Truman Burbank is also a character that Jim Carrey plays in The Truman Show.

13. Atherton:

Atherton is one of the classiest April names. It means ‘from the town by a spring’. This English surname originated as a place name in Lancashire.

14. Pascal:

How can we not mention Easter when talking about April baby names. Pascal is a French name meaning ‘born in Easter’. In fact, it was historically for boys born at Easter, so it would make an interesting pick for boys arriving around the holiday.

15. Carson:

Rachel Carson, the well-known environmentalist and writer of the classic novel Silent Spring, died on 14th April 1964. To pay an ode to the brilliant writer, you can name your child after her. The name is a good choice for babies of both the gender, but it is more appropriate for baby boys. It is strong, professional-sounding and sophisticated, traits that you would want your son to be born with. The meaning of Carson is ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’.

16. Leonardo:

April born Leonardo Da Vinci was the original Renaissance man. Even though this moniker is considered a bit outdated, it is also infused with modern star quality because of his association with Leonardo Di Caprio, who also happens to be an April baby.

17. Anderson:

Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of classic fairy tales like The Ugly Duckling, and Little Mermaid was born on 2nd April in Denmark. This name was most popular in the year 1880, five years after the death of this iconic writer. Today, its spelling variation Anderson is more popular.

18. Booker:

April also commemorates the birth of African American educator Booker T Washington. This legend was born a slave but died as a civil rights pioneer. This English occupation last name, meaning ‘scribe’ will pay tribute to the African American community.

19. Joseph:

Not one, but two Josephs were born on April, Joseph Pulitzer, after whom the Pulitzer Prize is named, and Joseph Estrada, the famous film actor and producer.

The name Joseph comes from the Hebrew name Yosef, which means ‘Jehovah shall add.’

20. Oliver:

Oliver Pollock was a merchant and financier during the American Revolutionary War. He is accredited with creating the US dollar sign in April 1778. Energetic and good-natured Oliver is one of the top names in England.

21. River:

The name would be an excellent pick for your baby.

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April brings not only flowers and sunshine but also shower. The cool name River would be an excellent pick for your baby. Natasha Henstridge used River for her son’s middle name, and Keri Russell used it as the first name for his son.

The month of April signifies growth and sunshine all around. So this list of April baby names is the perfect choice if your baby is due during this month. These names are inspired by several notable attributes of the month, such as the flowers in full bloom, the festivities during the month, and the perfect weather. Pick a name for your little bundle of joy inspired by April and its characteristics. We have included names for both baby girls and boys for you to choose according to your preferences. So scroll through and choose a unique and charming name for your baby.

Infographic: April Baby Names Boys And Girls

If you are expecting to welcome your baby in April, it is only fitting to give them a name inspired by the season. So, scroll through this infographic for April-inspired names. Choose the one you like the most for your little one. Don’t forget to save the list!

enchanting names for your april born [infographic]
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