Aptamil Gold 1 Infant Formula Powder With Prebiotics And HMO (up to 6 months)

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Mother’s milk is the best food for an infant, but in some cases breastfeeding may not be possible. In such situations, Aptamil Gold 1 infant formula is that one formula which is closest to breast milk.

The formula is a unique blend of human milk oligosaccharides (HMO), zinc, iron and is claimed to be the only formula in India with prebiotics such as galactooligosaccharides and fructooligosaccharides (scGOS/lcFOS & 2’FL). It is a 100% lactose formula with a whey-to-casein ratio of 60:40 to mimic human breast milk. The Stage 1 formula that is formulated to support your baby’s needs for the first six months of life.

Is it the best formula for your newborn? Read on to find out

Aptamil Gold 1


  • Product name: Aptamil Gold 1 Infant Formula Powder with Prebiotics and HMO
  • Brand: Nutricia, Danone
  • Price at the time of review: ₹795
  • Net weight: 400g
  • Best for: Babies aged zero to six months

Key ingredients

Partially skimmed milk, demineralized whey and whey solids, edible vegetable oils (canola oil and corn oil), lactose, galacto-oligosaccharides powder, minerals, arachidonic powder, docosahexaenoic acid powder, 2’-fucosyllactose, fructo-oligosaccharides, vitamins, emulsifiers (soy lecithin), nucleotides premix, taurine, L-carnitine, antioxidants (mixed tocopherols), beta carotene


Nutritional benefits

The formula powder contains:

  • A unique blend of prebiotic HMO’s with scGOS/lcFOS+2fl, nucleotides, zinc, selenium, vitamins A, C, and E, and beta carotene to develop strong immunity and support gut health.
  • Right amount of DHA for cognitive development, ARA, iron, iodine, folic acid, choline, and taurine required for your babies brain and vision development
  • Protein, calcium, vitamins D and K, and phosphorous to support complete growth and development

Features of interest

Apart from its benefits and nutrient-rich ingredients, these factors make the formula a good option to consider.

Consistency: Its consistency is similar to mother’s milk, making it easy to swallow for babies.

Packaging: The spray-dried powder is seal-packed in a foil container. The scoop and cup come in separate packaging, eliminating the need to dig through the powder to search for the scoop.


Directions for use

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Sterilize the feeding bowl, spoon, and measuring cup in boiling water for 10 minutes.
  • Boil drinking water for five minutes and let it cool down until it is lukewarm.
  • Pour the right quantity of lukewarm water into the bowl, as mentioned on the feeding table on the packaging.
  • Add the right amount of formula powder to the water, as recommended on the packaging as per your child’s age.
  • Stir well to form a smooth consistency.
  • Test the formula’s temperature on your wrist before feeding it to your baby.

Instructions for storage and preparation

  • On opening the box, transfer all the contents, along with the pouch, to a clean, dry, and airtight container.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Ensure the scoop and measuring cup are clean and dry before each use.
  • Use the formula powder within three weeks of opening or the expiry date, whichever is earlier.
  • The prepared feeds should be consumed within half an hour of mixing. Prepare fresh feed each time.
  • Unused feed should be discarded.

Instructions for storage and preparation

Safety information

Keep these in mind to ensure your baby’s safety.

  • Incorrect dilution may affect the infant’s health. Read the feeding table on the packaging thoroughly.
  • Using less water than the recommended amount may deprive the infant of necessary hydration.

Safety information

Does it work?

Nutricia, a subsidiary of Danone, has been developing nutritional products for more than 120 years. The brand’s researchers have a legacy in human milk research and are the pioneers in detecting human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk. Nutricia claims that its Aptamil Gold 1 formula contains age-appropriate and balanced nutrients for proper growth and development of the baby.

In scenarios where the mother’s milk is not available, Aptamil Gold 1 infant formula powder can be used as a partial or complete breast milk substitute to ensure the necessary nutrition for 0-6 months old babies. You can expect to notice improvement in your baby’s sleep duration, gut health and digestion, and a steady weight gain.

The blend contains 0.9g of prebiotic HMO’s oligosaccharides (90% scGOS+ 10% lcFOS+ 2’-FL) per 100ml of formula which may improve digestion. Nutricia claims that introducing this blend in the first six months of life may be beneficial for the newborn’s long term immune system development.

You can continue using Aptamil Gold follow up formula stage 2 (for 6-12 months old babies) and Aptamil Gold follow up formula stage 3 (for 12-24 months old babies) to fulfill your growing baby’s needs.

Aptamil Gold 1 Infant Formula Powder Review

Aptamil Gold 1 Infant Formula Powder With Prebiotics And HMO (up to 6 months)

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Value for money

Aptamil Gold 1 infant formula is priced at par with other similar brands in the market.

Value for money

Final verdict

Aptamil Gold 1 Infant Formula Powder with Prebiotics and HMO (Stage 1–up to 6 months), is a good choice for your infant’s growth supplementation. It is easily available online as well as offline. The formula contains essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients necessary for the baby’s growth and development. Although most babies tolerate it well, consult a pediatrician or nutritionist to know more about Aptamil Gold 1 infant formula for your baby.

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