Are Aquarius and Aquarius Compatible?

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Aquarians are usually regarded as highly intellectual and creative with a progressive outlook on social issues. Represented by a water bearer and ruled by air, they are known to be highly fluid and malleable.

When it comes to romance, Aquarians want partners who are equally open-minded and idealistic so that they can engage them with the same vigor and intellect that they possess.

Two Aquarians in a relationship can play out in harmony but may sometimes clash as well. Let’s take a look at Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility, their romantic interaction, and much more.

Is Aquarius And Aquarius Compatible?

Aquarians are great conversationalists, as they use their charm and wisdom to solve issues and navigate problems. Thus, they often come across as overthinkers or brainy to other zodiac signs.

This trait can bring two Aquarians closer in a relationship. They enjoy debating, innovating, and exploring new intellectual horizons together.

However, when two Aquarians argue, it can become a double-edged blade as they bring the force of their knowledge, intelligence, and conversational skills into play—making it a clash of the titans. This can also keep them a little aloof and detached from day-to-day issues and cause some distance between them over time. For their relationship to work out in the long term, a constant effort and a clear flow of communication between them are required.

Reasons An Aquarius And Aquarius Relationship Might Work

Since Aquarians are seen as detached, brainy, or even snobbish at times by other zodiacs, they may find a perfect match in another Aquarian.

  • They can talk about anything and everything. Aquarians often have lofty ideals and like to have deep discussions. While every zodiac may not have the same capacity, Aquarians tend to gravitate towards each other, making conversations enjoyable and engaging.
  • They can discuss things in a detached and logical manner. Specific topics could be tricky territory for some couples. Aquarians can compartmentalize past and present issues and do not allow their emotions to lead them to a regrettable situation. Two Aquarians in a relationship also have a clear channel of communication, which lets them avoid a lot of conflicts.
  • They constantly challenge and engage each other. A relationship needs spark and momentum to keep the romance strong. With their passion for engaging debates and deep conversations, Aquarians constantly keep their relationship alive and make everything exciting for each other.

Problems An Aquarius And Aquarius Couple Might Face

The irony of Aquarius and Aquarius is that the very things that make them compatible are often the same qualities that may put them at odds. Their intellectual sparrings can often lead to some conflict, and their egos could jeopardize their relationship.

  • They can argue on any topic. Being knowledgeable about a wide range of topics has a downside as well. Two Aquarians may often clash on a variety of issues due to their conflicting opinions. It could be global warming, politics, or some recent developments.
  • They need their intellectual freedom. While it is not a bad thing, it can often mean that Aquarians are not social and do not share problems and current events of their lives. Over time, it can create distance between them as they might feel disconnected from each other.
  • They have ego clashes. Aquarians are proud of their knowledge, which can often lead to a conflict of egos. Aquarians often view themselves as “right,” leading to disagreements.
  • They have high standards. While one should treat others the way they want to be treated, Aquarians can take this to the next level. They often hold their romantic partner to a high intellectual, moral, or conversational standard. And if they feel that their partner lacks something, they will communicate it to them, which may cause resentment. A relationship between two Aquarians can often feel like it is a competition.

Love Match Between An Aquarius Man And An Aquarius Woman

A relationship between two Aquarians has an ebb and flow to it, almost like a tide. Sometimes, their relationship can be reserved and quiet, while at other times, it can burst with enthusiasm and lively discussions.

  • They both respect each other’s personal space and time.
  • They challenge each other intellectually. Aquarians are in constant need of intellectual stimulation, and they can provide it to one another through long, detailed conversations and sharing of opinions from time to time.
  • They need to be friends before anything. While there is undeniable sexual chemistry between two Aquarians in a relationship, they are also each other’s best friend, and that’s how their bond becomes strong over time.
  • They don’t need much distance from each other. Aquarians are reserved when it comes to their social lives. When two Aquarians date each other or are married, they usually maintain small social circles, generally with immediate family and close friends.

Aquarius And Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarians are ruled by the planet Uranus, which makes them innovative, and sometimes, their radical ideas give them the creative streak they are known for. This makes them likely to try new things in bed and not shy away from something they are unfamiliar with sexually, making their sexual relationship fresh and exciting.

Aquarians are also excellent communicators, so two of them in a relationship will not hesitate to express what they want or expect sexually. So, there is a low chance of one of them feeling like they are not satiated. They may often engage in role-play or fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies without inhibitions.

Aquarians are also strongly opinionated, making their interactions intense and engaging. They bring the same intensity to the bedroom, so there is never a dull moment between two Aquarians.

Two Aquarians in a relationship can be a loving pair as their natural strengths brighten when they get together. Their logical and well-thought approach to life and relationship minimizes friction and the possibility of conflict between them as they talk out issues to avoid miscommunication. With the ability to constantly keep each other interested and challenging, the match cannot become boring.