Are Aquarius And Virgo Compatible?

Are Aquarius And Virgo Compatible

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Virgo and Aquarius are technically polar opposites. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, while Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. The former is an Earth sign, while the latter is an air sign.

A Virgo and an Aquarian are temperamentally different people with strong and independent personalities. It is not a match made in heaven, but when the two forge a bond, they could create something magical.

Keep reading as we tell you if Virgo and Aquarius are compatible in love and friendship. We also explore their sexual compatibility and tell you the pros and cons of their union.

Are Virgo And Aquarius Compatible?

Although both Virgos and Aquarians are generally content with their single lives, they could make an exciting couple.

  • Aquarians are unconventional and rebellious, while Virgos are perfectionists and hard-working.
  • Virgos choose to be cautious and practical, while Aquarians can be frivolous and instinctive.
  • The Virgo is grounded, rational, and responsible, while the Aquarius is characterized by fluidity, chaos, and unrealism.
  • Virgo can teach Aquarius to be responsible, while Aquarius can teach Virgo to be less judgemental and embrace life as it comes.

When a Virgo and an Aquarius respect each other’s differences and allow each other to grow, they can build a relationship filled with excitement.

How Do Aquarius And Virgo Balance Each Other Out?

Being polar opposites is not always worrisome. Virgo and Aquarius possess traits that can create a perfect balance between them.

  • An Aquarian is creative and free-spirited, while a Virgo is organized and responsible.
  • Aquarius can be distant and nonconforming, while Virgo is a sweet people-pleaser.
  • While the Aquarian is inconsistent in their ways, the Virgo is reliable.
  • An Aquarian makes friends easily, while the Virgo tends to overanalyze things and can be over critical.
  • The Aquarian can be unpredictable and eccentric, while the Virgo is diligent, hardworking, and a perfectionist.
  • An Aquarian is an extremist and independent, while the Virgo is patient and picky.

Aquarius and Virgo can balance a relationship perfectly once they embrace their differences and take each other seriously, as they are both extremely intelligent and great at making rational decisions. The next section can help you understand how their relationship benefits each other.

Pros Of A Virgo–Aquarius Relationship

Let’s delve into the positives of the union of these two contradictory signs. 

  • Both these signs have powerful reasoning capabilities, which draws them towards each other. Their intellectual connection can evolve into something beautiful with time. 
  • Although their personalities are quite different, there’s no lack of communication between the two. They share similar interests, and they can discuss any topic for hours. This helps forge a strong bond between them. 
  • Aquarians and Virgos have contradictory personalities, and the initial vibes could be negative. However, this works in their favor as they could learn from each other and gain new perspectives.
  • They could build a healthy partnership by recognizing each other’s weaknesses and helping each other. For example, an Aquarian could teach a Virgo to relax, be less judgemental, and be more open-minded, while the Virgo can teach the Aquarian to be more organized and sensible.

Cons Of A Virgo–Aquarius Relationship

Here are some cons of the union of a Virgo and an Aquarius. 

  • A Virgo likes things organized and planned, and thus, the erratic, carefree attitude of Aquarius can bother them and cause a rift between these signs. 
  • An Aquarian is adventurous. They like to take risks and maximize their life experiences. This can be disturbing to the Virgo, who calculates every risk and prefers security and stability. 
  • The difference in opinion between these two signs can’t be ignored. Naturally, the Virgo finds the water bearer (Aquarius) to be an escapist, someone detached from reality, while the Aquarian may find the Earth sign to be pessimistic. 
  • Both these signs are extremely witty and intelligent. However, they may not have similar likes and dislikes, and their preferences may well be a hindrance to taking the relationship forward.

Love Match Between A Virgo Man And An Aquarius Woman

An Aquarian woman can be mysterious and intriguing to the Virgo man. The Virgo man is not frivolous and does not believe in one-night stands. He will seldom get into bed with a woman he does not see a future with or is not in a long-term relationship with. He can also be overly possessive.

An Aquarius woman can show the Virgo man new possibilities. She’s quite intuitive and knows what her partner wants and desires. Although not regarded as a romantic, she can explore this side of hers with an Aquarius.

Love Match Between A Virgo Woman And An Aquarius Man

An Aquarian man is usually spontaneous and eccentric but not in matters of the heart. He looks for a friend and not just a lover in a romantic partner. He appreciates a strong-willed woman who can fill in what he lacks.

A Virgo woman has all the qualities he is looking for. She can bring out his strengths and point out his mistakes. The Aquarian man should learn to live with her nitpicking

The Virgo woman can keep his life organized and be critical of his habits. She is a perfectionist, while he is laid-back. A perfect balance can occur if they understand the mental and emotional state of the other.

Sexual Compatibility Of Aquarius And Virgo

An instant sexual connection between these two signs is quite rare. They are both extremely intelligent, and their chance of starting a relationship is generally ruined as they tend to overthink. Once they let go of their inhibitions initially, their sexual encounters could be fun.

Virgo represents everything that an Aquarian is not — practical, no-nonsense, worrying and caring about health and earthly things, grounded, and cleanliness-obsessed. The Virgo usually finds the Aquarian irresponsible, fickle-minded, and disorganized. Although there is a lack of initial chemistry, their good communication skills and intelligence can help bridge the gaps.

The Virgo will go out of their way to work on the relationship, and the Aquarian will bring in the fun, frolic, and romance into the partnership once they forge a bond.