Are Baby Jumpers Really Safe?

Are Baby Jumpers Really Safe

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Do you love watching your baby jumping around? Are you always keen to purchase the latest baby gears that may encourage your little one to play and learn? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post may be a good idea.

Now that your baby can stand on his tiny feet you may be keen to buy a jumper for his exercise and entertainment. But, are you not sure about the benefits or baby jumpers safety yet? Fret not! Go ahead and check out this post to know all about the different types of baby jumpers and whether are jumpers safe for babies or not.

What Is A Baby Jumper?

A baby jumper is a kind of gear that lets your baby bounce by using the toes to push up from the ground. It creates a fun motion that your baby will love. Even though a jumper may spell loads of fun and giggles for your baby, however, it is not a very safe accessory to use.

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What Are The Different Types Of Baby Jumpers?

Here are some common types of baby jumpers that are available in the market:

1. Baby Jumper That Attaches To A Door Frame:

You can attach the first type of baby jumper to the frame of a door. It has a soft seat that has a sling shape. You can suspend the particular type of baby jumper with the use of straps attached to a big single spring. It is considered the least safe among all the three types of door jumpers for babies.

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2. The Stationary Baby Jumper With Springs:

The second type of baby jumper is a stationary one. It comes with a special frame and has a suspended seat. The seat hangs from two or sometimes four fabric-covered springs. It is considered somewhat safer than the former one.

3. The Stationary Baby Jumper:

The third type of baby jumper is also stationary in which the seat remains attached to a spring instead of being suspended from it.

Although the second and third types of baby jumpers are considered safer than the first one, they also pose some or the other risk for your baby’s development. Most pediatricians recommend not using the baby jumper at all.

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What Are The Risks Of Using A Baby Jumper?

Here are some of the risks involved with the use of jumpers for your baby:

  • Using a baby jumper can stimulate certain movements in your baby that will adversely affect your baby’s various motor skills. At the age when your baby will use the jumper, he still won’t have enough control over his body movements. Such movements will go particularly out of control when he is in a bouncing position. Your baby will find it especially difficult to control the leg and trunk movements.
  • The position your baby has to be in while using the baby jumper can also cause developmental problems. Your baby’s weight, while being in the jumper, will mainly be supported by the hips, the underarm, and the crotch area. Instead of pushing your baby in an upright position, it will push your baby in a forward position. As a result, if you place your baby in the baby jumper too often, your baby may face issues with managing control over the trunk and leg area. He may also face difficulty in maintaining a proper posture.
  • Your baby will use the baby jumper by pushing it using his toes. It means that your baby will get into the habit of pointing his toes forward, and this may delay his walking.
  • A baby jumper poses the severe safety risk of causing a head injury, especially in the case of a mechanical failure. In some cases, the attachment can slip off the frame or your baby too may lose control and end up careening into the wall. If your baby is in a baby jumper that functions with a spring, the fingers may get trapped inside and cause severe injury. Your baby also has the risk of slipping off and hurting himself in case the harness is loose.

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Now you know why using a baby jumper is not recommended due to the various developmental and safety risks it involves. Instead, go ahead and let your baby explore the world on his own while you watch him enjoy.

Hope you liked our post regarding are jumpers safe for babies. Did your baby use a jumper? How did you choose one? Please share your experience and advice with other moms here.

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