Are Aries And Aries Compatible?

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Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and it is often reflected in their approach to romance. They are often choosy and can come across as entitled to other people. They are the oldest sibling in the zodiac in the sense that they react to other signs. This brings us to how two Aries may interact in a romantic context.

While people on a similar wavelength can often get along well, another subset of people enjoys the company of people with divergent viewpoints and humor. With that being said, let’s take a closer look and see if Aries is compatible with Aries.

Is Aries Compatible With Aries?

Other zodiacs often describe Aries as inherently competitive. Being the first sign, they have a sense of entitlement or the need to excel in all fields in life. It means two Aries can bond over as zealous and competitive people who like each other’s company and motivate each other to reach new highs.

On the flip side, it may be a turn-off in some cases as they might see each other as rivals rather than potential partners. While a little healthy competition might be good for a couple, as it leads to improvement, it can often descend into an unhealthy rivalry that sabotages their romantic potential.

When it comes to an Aries-Aries relationship, it’s an all-or-nothing game. Either nothing will happen between them, or they will hit it off immediately. Either they might connect over their similarities and bond effortlessly or see a reflection of themselves that they do not like due to self-esteem or image issues.

Reasons Why An Aries And Aries Relationship Might Work

An Aries match another Aries shows a lot of promise right from the beginning. They have many similarities in their character, but they also expect or demand the same things in a relationship, making it a good, equal match.

  • Aries tend to be highly passionate in relationships, and they appreciate it when their partners show them similar responses.
  • Aries value independence. They do not like the feeling of being controlled. They understand the fact that their partners are giving them the space they need and reciprocate in kind.
  • Aries are direct and do not like mind games. They like honest and straightforward conversations without any manipulation. Two Aries can get along well over this shared trait.
  • Aries are forgiving. They know what it’s like to say something they don’t mean in the heat of the moment—which gives them enough perspective to forgive others.
  • Aries are naturally generous spirits. Whether it’s within the relationship or physical intimacy, Aries are giving people and love to cater to their partner’s whims and fantasies, making them a good match for each other.

Problems An Aries And Aries Relationship Might Face

While having a partner with similar characteristics can have benefits, it also often works the other way around. Aries is also ruled by Mars and comes from the Greek Ares, the god of war, which makes them combative at times.

  • Aries often have strong opinions. An Aries typically takes a binary stance on things without mincing their words. If two Aries disagree on something, it might lead to disagreements.
  • Aries have fiery tempers. With their strong opinions and short temper, Aries is not afraid to pick a fight to defend an opinion or a stance. Two Aries are prone to arguing reasonably often if they don’t agree on something.
  • Aries do not like to be tied down. While the independent streak in a fellow Aries might be attractive, at times, it may cause friction and arguments between them.
  • Aries do not like to compromise. Aries are strong-minded and opinionated about the things that matter to them, and they rarely compromise. While a partner from another zodiac may understand and compromise at times, two Aries might find themselves at an impasse as neither of them wants to compromise on something they disagree on.
  • Aries are often unpredictable. Aries are usually spontaneous and like to go with their instinct instead of making long-term plans. It can often be endearing but can lead to conflict at times as they may come off as unpredictable and hard to read, even to another Aries.

Love Match Between An Aries Man And Aries Woman

An Aries man and Aries woman need to find their core balance early on in their relationship, or they may find themselves in conflicts. Aries need to find that middle ground where their fiery nature can complement their partner’s nature to find that perfect synergy. For example, they can bond over what they enjoy, such as personal space and their similar thought process.

  • Being ruled by Mars, they are both prone to temper tantrums and will often find themselves on the opposite side of an issue. But it is how they resolve and come out of these arguments and that defines their relationship.
  • If an Aries couple can maturely resolve their inevitable disputes and differences, they can appreciate the similarities they share.
  • They are both independent regardless of gender and will appreciate the space between them.
  • They are not into deception or mind games and like to be direct and to the point. Aries appreciate honesty and respect an open conversation so they can speak their minds.
  • Aries also tend to be impatient, which might work with other zodiacs, but with another Aries, it could lead to quick, decisive actions. The natural generosity of Aries helps them to respect and love each other.

Aries And Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aries can be compatible with other Aries. However, it also depends on their equation. As Mars rules them, they prioritize physical satisfaction over an emotional connection. In case both the partners have similar preferences, they will have a good physical relationship.

However, if they tend to focus only on their pleasure and ignore their partner’s needs, it could lead to dissatisfaction and friction between them in bed. An Aries in love is known to be generous and would try their best to satisfy their partner. So, two Aries are usually compatible physically.

Aries often disassociate sex from emotions, and thus, sex can be a purely physical activity for them while they connect mentally over other interactions. It is a good thing as long as both partners are open about it, but it may lead to conflict if one of them occasionally wants their sexual relationship to have more emotional intimacy.

Two Aries often make an all-or-nothing couple. They will either be in sync or constantly be arguing. They are independent and tend to have clearly defined spaces or territories where no one else is welcome. Once two Aries appreciate how unique and complimentary their relationship is, they will value it a lot more and share a loving and successful relationship between what would typically be two very temperamental zodiac signs.