Arthritis After Pregnancy - Everything You Need To Know

Arthritis After Pregnancy

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Do you suffer from joint pains postpartum? Has your arthritis after pregnancy worsening? If yes then read the article below to know more about the topic.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a term that commonly describes pain in joints. It doesn’t refer to just one medical condition. Arthritis refers to about 100 or more rheumatic conditions that cause bone pains and affect connective tissues.

Pain and stiffness in one or more joints are the typical symptoms of arthritis. Arthritis symptoms can develop and progress over a gradual period or all of a sudden. Arthritis can affect both adults and children. Knowledge about the condition can help patients manage their symptoms in a better way (1).

Common types of arthritis include the following:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Gout

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Causes Of Arthritis After Pregnancy

It is quite common for women to suffer from arthritis after childbirth due to the following reasons:

  • Women who have arthritis before their pregnancy find relief from the disease during this phase as their immune system switches off, and this makes the arthritis symptoms go into remission. However, the symptoms flare up postpartum.
  • After pregnancy, the immune system can become overactive. It can increase the risk of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Your hyperactive immune system can attack things that are not harmful such as certain foods or environmental substances. The process then can trigger allergies in the body or cause inflammation. The inflammation can then cause further damage to bones and tissues.

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Tips To Manage Arthritis After Pregnancy

Arthritis can occur in people of all ages. Women show a higher incidence of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis after pregnancy (2) is common. For women who suffer from postnatal arthritis, the condition can become even more debilitating as the body is still recovering from the changes during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important for women to take measures to manage their arthritis after delivery.

  • For women who suffer from a particular form of arthritis, it is important for them to mention the same to their doctors. Your doctor can formulate an action plan for you to manage your postpartum arthritis effectively. It is very important you let him know that you are a new mom, as certain medicines for treating arthritis may not be safe while breastfeeding your infant.

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  • One approach is to manage the triggers that are causing the arthritis symptoms. Your doctor can help you identify and eliminate food or environment triggers that may cause inflammation and arthritis. He can minimize the need for medications in the long term, and in some cases can even provide complete relief from arthritis. Consult your doctor for an optimum postpartum diet. To ease your arthritis symptoms, women can consume more fruits, vegetables and less of saturated fats. Eliminating coffee, certain meat products such as beef and pork and grains like wheat or rye from the postnatal diet may also provide women relief from arthritis (3).
  • People suffering from obesity, diabetes or hypertension are at an increased risk of developing arthritis. If you are planning your pregnancy, you can begin by managing your weight and take proper treatment for your medical conditions to keep the threat of postpartum arthritis at bay (4). If you delivered your baby recently, consult your doctor and a weight loss expert to help you get rid of your pregnancy weight in a healthy way. Any excess weight can worsen your arthritis symptoms.

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Post pregnancy arthritis can be extremely stressful for women, as they go through postpartum hormonal changes, and there is also the responsibility of taking care of a newborn. A healthy diet can help you increase the pace of your recovery and reduce the threat of postpartum arthritis.

Did you suffer from arthritis after pregnancy? Did you try any home remedy? Please share your experience and advice with other new moms here.

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