200+ Most Popular Asian Baby Names For Girls And Boys

As the world’s largest continent, Asia is home to the majority of the world’s inhabitants, who represent a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities. Asian baby names for girls and boys reflect the continent’s rich heritage and culture. In Asian households, names not only represent traditions but also have beautiful meanings.

If you are searching for an Asian-inspired name for your baby, here are some options to consider. We share a compiled list of some of the most popular Asian baby names that signify beauty and diversity in this post.

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Common Asian Boy Names With Meanings

1. Aiguo

If you are a patriotic person, you may choose Aiguo, as it means ‘patriotic’.

2. Aki

Aki is used both for boys and girls, but sounds good for boys. This Japanese originated name means ‘autumn’ or ‘bright’.

3. Akeno

This name defies the traditional Asian boy names. We typically choose power, strength, and valiance for boy names. But Akeno means ‘beautiful sunrise’ or ‘dawn‘.

4. Ambrocio

It is a Greek origin name that means the ‘immortal one’.

5. Amida

Amida is a name of ‘Buddha’.

6. An

If you are a peace lover and want a simple and short name for your baby, ‘An’ is the one. It means ‘peace’. Its noted namesake is the Chinese-American computer engineer and co-founder of Wang Laboratories.

7. Ang:

Ang is an alternative spelling of Angel. It means ‘messenger of God or spirited’. The American movie director, Ang Lee is its famous namesake.

8. Aroon

This name has a mystical quality to it, as it means ‘dawn’.

9. Bae

This name is quite a trend. Originating in Korea, it means ‘inspiration’.

10. Bourey

This is a classy Cambodian name that means ‘county’ or ‘estate’.

11. Bruce

The name has its origins in French, and means ‘woodlands’. Hong Kong and American actor Bruce Lee is the famous namesake.

12. Carlos

Carlos is a shorter version of Charles. It means a ‘free man’. The famous namesake is Filipino novelist Carlos Bulosan.

13. Chan Ming

A name that is appealing and quite meaningful too, Chan means ‘forever bright’. Its famous namesake is Hong Kong footballer Chan Ming Kong.

14. Chenglei

Chenglei is a delightful Chinese name meaning ‘great’.

15. Chin

This name has a unique flair to it. It is a Chinese name meaning ‘precious, gold, metal, or bright’.

16. Chongan

Chongan is a Chinese name meaning ‘peace’.

17. Chung

You sure want your little champ to turn out to be a little geeky, don’t you? Then, consider bestowing this name on him. Chung means ‘intelligent’.

18. Dae

If you are looking for a simple and delightful name, then choose Dae. It is a Korean name meaning ‘shining, beloved’.

19. Dalip

Dalip means ‘king’. The famous namesake is Dalip Singh Saund, the first Asian-American to be elected to the US Congress.

20. Dara

Dara is a Cambodian name meaning ‘stars’.

21. Dingxiang

Sounds quite melodramatic, isn’t it? But the name has a deep meaning – ‘stability and fortune’.

22. Don

Don is a shorter version of Donald, and means ‘proud chief’. The famous namesake is the major league American baseball player and coach Don Wakamatsu.

23. Duke

Duke means ‘leader’. Surfing and swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku is its famous namesake.

24. Elison

It means ‘the son of Elias‘. The famous namesake is astronaut and colonel in the US Air Force, Ellison Onizuka.

25. Eric

Eric is quite a popular name in theU.S. It means ‘ever-powerful’. The famous namesake is the head coach of NBAs Miami Heat, Erik Spoelstra

26. Jin

Jin is a Korean originated name meaning ‘precious’. Its namesake is the Chinese-American educator and author, Jin Xuefei.

27. Feng

Feng is a unique and distinctive name meaning, ‘wind, custom, or phoenix‘. The famous namesake is the Chinese diplomat and humanitarian Feng Shan Ho.

28. Gary

Gary is a common name yet sounds special and unique. It means a ‘brave warrior’. The famous namesake is the Nobel prize winner for Economics 1992, Gary Becker.

29. George

The name George is of Greek origin, but it is also a popular Asian name. It means ‘farmer.’ This name was popularized by the American actor George Takei.

30. Han

Han means ‘God is gracious’. The famous namesake is Philippines-American novelist and playwright, Han Ong.

31. Haider

Haider, Asian baby names

Haider is a powerful name, as it means ‘lion’ in Urdu. This animal represents positive qualities such as strength, leadership, and fierceness, making this name a great choice for your boy of Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or Indian descent.

32. Harold

Harold is an English name meaning ‘army-power’. Its namesake is American lawyer and legal scholar Harold Hongju Koh.

33. Hiromi

Hiromi is a Japanese name meaning ‘widespread beauty’. Its namesake is the former Japanese football player, Hiromi Hara.

34. Ichiro

This Japanese name is ideal for your first born because it means ‘the first son’.

35. Isamu

Isamu is a sophisticated name originating in Japan. It means ‘courageous or warrior’.

36. Jackie

It’s a shorter version of Jacqueline, and means ‘supplanter’. The popular namesake is the Hong Kong martial artist, actor, and film director Jackie Chan.

37. Jiang

It is also spelled as ‘Jeong’. Jiang, a Chinese name, is a unique and attractive name, and is the name of ‘Yangtze river’.

38. Jin

Jin is a name that is perfect for children who are happy, carefree, and spirited. Jin is a Chinese name that means ‘bright’.

39. Jiro

Jiro sounds polished. It is a Japanese name that means ‘second son’.

40. Jerry

Jerry means ‘spear warrior’. The famous namesake is the co-founder of Yahoo, Jerry Yang.

41. Kaede

Kaede is a wonderful name meaning ‘maple’, and is a Japanese name.

42. Kasem

Kasem is a common Asian name. It comes from Thailand and means ‘happiness’.

43. Kanaye

Looking for a name with depth? Then ‘Kanaye’ is the one as it means ‘zealous one’.

44. Kane

Kane is a Japanese name but has a universal appeal. It’s a simple name and means ‘putting together or money’ in Japanese. The other variants are Cane or Cain.

45. Kang-dae

It is a Korean name meaning ‘powerful or strong’.

46. Keitaro

A child comes as a blessing in parents’ lives. This name shows him that he is a blessing and a blessed one too. Keitaro means ‘blessed’.

47. Kenji

Kenji is a popular Japanese name for boys. It means ‘strong and vigorous’.

48. Kenshin

Kenshin is a catchy name that everyone will love for sure. It is a Japanese name meaning ‘modest truth’.

49. Kiri

Kiri is a name of Cambodian origin, meaning ‘mountains’.

50. Kiran

Kiran is an Indian unisex name, but generally associated with boys. It means ‘poet, praiser, or sun’s rays’. The other variants are Kirin and Kieran.

protip_icon Did you know?
India is home to more than 850 languages, dialects, and native mother tongues.

51. Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi is a charming Japanese name meaning ‘pure or saintly’.

52. Kwan

Kwan comes from Korea, and means ‘strong’. Its other variants are Iwan, Ewan, and Swan.

53. Lee

Lee is a classic and popular name. It is of English origin and means ‘meadow or gray castle’. Its other variant is Leigh.

54. Liang

Liang is an appealing Chinese name meaning ‘bright’.

55. Longwei

Longwei is a Chinese name meaning ‘dragon greatness’.

56. Mal-chin

This is a unique name with a different meaning. It means ‘persists to the end’.

57. Michael

Michael means ‘who is like God’ in Hebrew. The famous namesake is the former American tennis champion, Michael Chang.

58. Munni

It sounds like an Indian household name, but this Cambodian name means ‘wise man’.

59. Niran

This is an attractive Thai name meaning ‘eternal’.

60. Norio

Parents who want a meaningful and deep name should consider Norio. It means ‘man of principles’.

61. Norman

Norman means ‘Norseman or rule’. The famous namesake is the 14th secretary of the US Department of Transportation, Norman Mineta.

62. Naoki

Naoki means a ‘honest tree’ in Japanese.

63. Osamu

Osamu is a Japanese name meaning ‘ruler’. The famous bearer of this name is the Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry 2008, Osamu Shimomura.

64. Peng

Peng is a distinctive name. It means ‘roc – a legendary bird’.

65. Phirun

Phirun is a unique Cambodian name meaning ‘drizzle’.

66. Ping

Ping is a Chinese name meaning ‘peaceful’. The famous bearer of this name is the television and film actor, Ping Wu.

67. Piyush

Piyush is a classic name which means, ‘nectar or sweet water’. The famous namesake is the Governor of Louisiana, Piyush ‘Bobby‘ Jindal.

68. Qiang

Qiang is an unusual name but is unique and special. It means ‘strong’ in Chinese.

69. Quon

Names with the letter ‘Q’ are rare. The few that are available are nice and meaningful. This Chinese name means ‘bright’.

70. Rai

It is a one syllable word pronounced as Ray. It can be used for boys and girls and suits boys. This Japanese name means ‘trust, lightning, or thunder’.

71. Raiden

Raiden, Asian baby names

Raiden sounds quite fiery. That’s how boys are – always high in energy and you never know what they may do next. This name can be apt for your boy as it means ‘thunder and lightning’.

72. Renshu

Originating in China, this is a catchy name, meaning, ‘benevolent forbearance’.

73. Ronin

There is an air of elegance in the name ‘Ronin’. This Japanese name means ‘Samurai without a master’.

73. Russell

Russell means, ‘red-haired’. Its famous namesake is the Chinese-American author and poet, Russell C.Leong.

75. Ryuu

If you are an animal lover, you will love this Japanese name. It means ‘dragon’.

76. Saburo

This Japanese name is usually given to a third-born son. It means ‘third son’.

77. Sakda

An offbeat name originating in Thailand. Sakda means ‘power’.

78. Sam

Sam sounds like a typical American name, but this is originally from Korea, meaning ‘third in the order.

79. Samuel

Samuel is a Hebrew name and means ‘asked of God’. The famous namesake is the first Asian American winner of an Olympic gold medal for the US, Samuel Lee. Jenny Rigney, a mother of two, shares how significant the name Samuel was for her and her husband. The couple waited long to have their child and God has heard and answered. Rigney says, “When we thought about choosing a name for our son, we knew that we wanted his name to mean two things. We wanted his first name to remind us of the years that we spent praying, crying, and asking God for a child… We love the name ‘Samuel’ for many reasons. One reason that is especially near to my heart is the story of Samuel’s life in Scripture (i).

80. Sanjay

Sanjay is a striking and attractive name meaning ‘victorious’. The famous namesake is the American news correspondent and author, Sanjay Gupta.

81. Sang

This is a short and sweet Korean name. Names are for a lifetime and that’s what this name means ‘always’.

82. Sar Nyun

If you are looking for a unique name with a powerful meaning, then choose ‘Sar Nuyun’. This Burmese name means ‘beyond comparison’.

83. Seiji

If you want to bestow a rightful name for your son, then choose ‘Seiji’. It is a Japanese name and means ‘lawful and just’.

84. Shin

Shin is a popular Japanese name meaning ‘truth’.

85. Shirong

If you belong to a family of academicians, choose Shirong. It is a Chinese name meaning ‘scholarly honor’.

86. Silas

If you are a lover of the woods, choose Silas meaning ‘wood or forest’.

87. Steven

Steven is the right name if you want to symbolically crown your boy. Steven means ‘crown’. The famous namesake is the 12th US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.

88. Takeshi

You must have heard of the popular Japanese program ‘Takeshi’s Castle’. Now you will know why it is called so. Takeshi means ‘fierce or warrior’.

89. Taran

If you are an adventure lover or a trekker, then this is the name for your champ. Taran means ‘rocky hill’ in Sanskrit.

90. Thang

Thang is a Vietnamese name that means ‘victory’.

91. Tomio

Tomio sounds like a typical boyish name. It means ‘treasured man’.

92. Tung

Tung is a Vietnamese name meaning ‘coniferous tree’.

93. Tuyen

Tuyen is a unique name meaning ‘angel’ in Vietnamese.

94. Veasna

This is a swanky Cambodian name meaning ‘luckily’.

95. Virote

Virote means ‘power’, and the name comes from Thailand.

96. Wing

“Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king!” What better way to welcome your baby than to give a name which means ‘glory’?

97. Xiu

This name is everything you ever wanted in your child – beauty, elegance, and grace.

98. Xueyou

This can be the perfect name for your boy. This Chinese name means ‘studious and friendly’.

99. Yasushi

If you are a peace lover, Yasushi is the name you must choose. Yasushi means ‘honest and peaceful’ in Japanese.

100. Yoshiaki

Getting lucky can perhaps start with a name. Yoshiaki means ‘shining luck’.

101. Yoshiro

Simple and straight, this Japanese name means ‘good son’.

102. Yo-yo

Yo-yo means ‘bright’ in Japanese. Its namesake is the French-born Chinese American cellist, Yo-yo Ma.

103. Yuan

Yuan is a Chinese name meaning ’round’. The famous namesake is the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Yuan T. Lee.

104. Yuichi

More power to your firstborn! This Japanese name means ‘courageous firstborn son’.

105. Yukio

If you want your boy to be a go-getter, then consider Yukio. It means ‘one who gets what he wants’.

106. Zhen

This Chinese originated name means ‘greatly astonished’.

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In Bhutanese culture, names are traditionally given by a lama or a religious head.

107. Zian

Zian is a unique Chinese name meaning ‘self-peace’.

108. Zongmeng

If you want your child to set an example for others, choose ‘Zongmeng’. It means ‘model son’.

Most Adorable Asian Girl Names With Meanings

109. Adeline

Adeline is a French-originated name meaning ‘noble or kind’. Its famous namesake is Chinese-American physician and author, Adeline Yen Mah.

110. Ah Cy

Super short name with a sweet meaning, Ah Cy means ‘lovely’.

111. Ah Lam

If you are a peace loving person and want your child to imbibe the quality, then ‘Ah Lam’ is the name you should choose. It is a Chinese name which means ‘peace’.

112. Akemi

Your little one brings sunshine in your lives. Akemi is an apt name that signifies just that. It means ‘bright beauty’.

113. Aika

Aika is a classy and unique Japanese name meaning ‘love song’.

114. Asha

Asha is a famous South Eastern Asian name. It means ‘hope or desire’. The famous namesake is the Indian singer, Asha Bhonsle.

115. Amy

Amy is a short and sweet name meaning ‘beloved’. Its famous namesake is an American writer, Amy Tan.

116. Asmita

Asmita is modern name that has the old world charm. If your daughter is your pride, then consider this name as it means ‘pride’.

117. Akira

Akira is a name that grows on you. It means ‘intelligent or bright’. Its famous namesake is the Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry 2010, Akira Suzuki.

118. Anna

Anna is quite an old and traditional name, but ‘old is gold’. Anna means ‘gracious’. Its famous namesake is Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong.

119. Azumi

Providing a safe shelter for your child is like a self-declaration. This name signifies just that, Azumi means, ‘safe residence’. It’s quite stylish too.

120. Barkha

Barkha, Asian baby names

Looking for a nature-inspired name? Choose Barkha, which means ‘rain’. The famous namesake is the Indian television journalist, Barkha Dutt.

121. Bedisa

There could be a reason why your girl arrived into your family. If you want to represent that, choose Bedisa which means ‘fated to be here’.

122. Bo

‘Bo’ may be used to scare someone in a funny way, but this Chinese name means ‘precious’.

124. Cam

Some names sound as fresh as fruits. ‘Cam’ is one of them! This Vietnamese name means ‘sweet citrus’.

125. Chien-Shiung:

The name Chein-Shiung is inspired by the Chinese-American particle physicist of the same name. This name perfectly suits the physicist as it means ‘courageous hero.’

126. Chole

The American origin name Chole would be a triumphant choice as it means ‘victory.’ The name is also said to be the pet version of the word soledad, which means ‘solitude’ in Spanish.

127. Chowa

Harmony is what we want in our lives. You can start that by giving the name Chowa to your girl, as it means ‘harmony’.

128. Chiharu

A lovely name with a splendid meaning, Chiharu means ‘one thousand springs’.

129. Chika

Wisdom is what makes us take the right decisions. Chika means ‘wisdom’.

130. Constance

Constance is a Latin name, which means ‘to be knowledgeable or steadfast’. The famous namesake is American journalist, Constance “Connie” Chung.

131. Coral

If you are looking for a jewel-inspired name, consider Coral, which is the hard exoskeleton of marine animals. The famous namesake is the first Asian American brigadier general in the U.S. Army, Coral Wong Pietsch.

132. Dhyana

Meditation is a part of Hinduism and Buddhism culture. If you want a name that represents your belief and culture, then consider Dhyana. It means ‘meditation’.

133. Elaine

Your girl brings a world of light in your lives, so why not give her name that means light. And, Elaine means just that. Its famous namesake is the current US Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao.

134. Eui

Eui is a great name with a significant meaning – ‘righteousness’.

135. Isla Mei

If you belong to the breathtaking islands, this name is for you. With Scottish origins, Isla means ‘island’.

136. Jade

Another jewel-inspired name, Jade is a ‘green gemstone’. The famous namesake is Chinese-American artist and author, Jade Snow Wong.

137. Jhumpa

Jhumpa is an Indian name meaning ‘charming’. The famous namesake is the author and winner of Pulitzer Prize for fiction Jhumpa Lahiri.

138. June

June is a name that comes from the month ‘June’. It’s perfect for June-born babies. The famous namesake is the Japanese-American musician and lyricist, June Kuramoto.

139. Hana

More popular as ‘Hannah’ from the ‘Hannah Montana’ series, this Japanese word means ‘flower’.

140. Haya

Haya is a soothing and pleasant name. It is a Japanese name meaning ‘quick or light’.

141. Helen

The name Helen has Greek origins, and means ‘bright one’. Its famous namesake is a Chinese-American journalist Helen Zia.

142. Hong

The meaning of ‘Hong’ makes this a cute Asian girl name. It means ‘pink’, and has its origins in Vietnamese.

143. Hiromi

Sometimes you want to go overboard with the meaning of the names. This is one such name. Hiromi means ‘full of beauty’.

144. Iha

If having a girl has been your wish, then ‘Iha’ is the name you should choose. Iha means ‘wish’.

145. Ja

Ja is a super short and sweet name meaning ‘attractive and fiery’.

146. Jiao

If you want an angelic name for your delicate darling, choose Jiao, it means, ‘dainty or lovely’.

147. Kalini

Kalini is a powerful-sounding name. It is an Indian name meaning ‘flower’.

148. Kameko

All we wish is a long life for our progeny. Kameko means just that in Japanese, ‘a symbol of long life’.

149. Kayo

A beautiful name for your beautiful girl. Kayo means ‘beautiful’.

150. Kenja

Kenja is a Japanese name meaning ‘wise or ‘a sage’.

151. Keiko

Keiko is a charming and elegant name. It means ‘blessed or joyous child’. The famous namesake is a Japanese-American actress, Keiko Agena.

152. Kimiko

Kimiko is a Japanese originated name. It means, ‘senior, noble, empress’. Kimiko Hahn is a famous poet.

153. Ki

Ki is a short name, nevertheless, it has a deep meaning. It means ‘arisen’.

154. Kiaria

A Japanese name meaning ‘fortunate’. The other variants are Kiana, Kiera, and Kiara.

155. Kikuko

Kikuko is a cute and unique name. In Japanese, it means ‘chrysanthemum flower’.

156. Kinu

Kinu sounds good as a first name and nickname too. It means ‘silk cloth’.

157. Kristi

Kristi means ‘Christian’. The other variant is Christie. The famous namesake is Australian professional baseball player, Kristi Harrower.

158. Lei

Lei is a diminutive version of Leia. It is a Chinese name that means ‘thunderous’. The female lead from the Star Wars movie is named after the variant – Leia.

159. Lin

Lin is quite a stylish name, it means ‘beautiful jade’.

160. Ling

A perfect name for your delicate baby, Ling is a Chinese name meaning ‘delicate and dainty’.

161. Lian

Lian is a Chinese name meaning ‘lotus flower’. Lotus flower has deep spiritual significance, and represents ‘detachment’. In spite of being in the dirty waters, the lotus flower is detached from the water and remains pure.

162. Machi

All we wish for our children is their long life. Machi in Japanese means ‘wish for a long life’.

163. Maleia

Maleia, Asian baby names

It is short for Leila. It means ‘pearl’. Its nicknames are Maly, Mali, and Mala.

164. Margaret:

Rich and classy girl name mostly used by the royal families, Margaret means ‘pearl’. The famous namesake is Margaret Cho, stand-up comedian, and television artist.

165. March

March comes from the month of March, apt for March-born babies. The famous namesake is the first woman of California’s secretary of state, March Fong Eu.

166. Maxine

It means ‘greatest’. The Chinese-American writer and educator, Maxine Hong Kingston is its famous namesake.

167. Maya

Maya has a mystical touch to it. It means ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit and ‘great’ in Latin. Maia is its other variant. The famous namesakes are American actress, Maya Rudolph and American poet and memoirist, Maya Angelou.

168. Manjusha

This can be an apt name if you belong to a family of singers. Manjusha is an Indian name that means ‘lady with a sweet voice’.

169. Mayumi

Mayumi is a name with deep meaning. This Japanese name means ‘true intent beauty’.

170. Meili

Parents looking for a simple and catchy name can bestow this name on their girl. Meili is a Chinese name meaning ‘beautiful’.

171. Meixiu

Expecting your little girl to turn into a beauty of grace, then choose Meixiu. It means ‘beautiful grace’.

172. Michelle

Michelle is a fearless name which means ‘who is like God’. The other variants of Michelle are Machell, Mechell, Mychele, and Mychelle.

173. Mine

This name has Danish origins. It means ‘Goddess of sun, moon, and stars‘. The nicknames include Ma, Mae, Mai, and Maia. The famous namesake is the American artist and writer, Mine Okubo.

174. Ming-Na

Ming-Na is a Chinese name meaning ‘bright, light, or clear’. Its famous namesake is the Chinese-American actress, Ming-Na-Wen.

175. Mika

Mika sounds bright and brilliant, and why not? It has a beautiful Japanese meaning – ‘beautiful fragrance’.

176. Miya

If you are a person who is religiously or spiritually inclined, then do consider this name. Miya is a Japanese name meaning ‘palace, shrine, or temple’. Its variants are Mia and Maya.

177. Nirantara

Nirantara is an unusual name with a lovely meaning – ‘all-pervading’.

178. Niyati

This is a unique Indian name, and means ‘destiny’.

179. Patsy

Patsy is a shorter version of Patricia. It is a Latin originated name. Its famous namesake is the first Asian American woman of the US Congress, Patsy Takemoto Mink.

180. Phoebe

Phoebe means ‘radiant or shining one’. This name has been popularized by Phoebe Buffay’s character in the television show FRIENDS.

181. Reena

Reena is a timeless and classic name meaning ‘gem’. Its other variant is Rina.

182. Ren

Another nature-inspired name, Ren in Japanese means ‘water lilies and lotuses’.

183. Riddhi

Riddhi is an Indian name meaning ‘fortunate or wealthy’.

184. Rin

Rin is a Japanese name meaning ‘dignified’. Another variant is Ren.

185. Sachiko

This name can be just perfect for your baby, as it represents the true spirit of a child. It means ‘happy child’.

186. Sada

Sada is a simple and cute Japanese name meaning ‘pure or chaste’.

187. Saura

Saura is an appealing and distinctive name meaning ‘sun worshiper’.

188. Seiko

Seiko is a dashing and daring name. It means ‘force or truth’ in Japanese.

189. Shino

Shino, Asian baby names

Shino is a catchy and nature-inspired name. It means ‘slender bamboo’.

190. Sook

It is also spelled as ‘Suk’. Sook is a Korean name meaning ‘pure’. The famous namesake is a Korean-American author, Sook Nyul Choi.

191. Sun

It is a sweet, simple, and short name just like your girl. Sun is a Korean name, which means ‘goodness’.

192. Toshiko

Toshiko is a mesmerizing name with an unusual meaning – ‘alert child or valued child’. The famous namesake is Japanese jazz pianist, composer, and band leader,Toshiko Akiyoshi.

193. Tai

Tai is a short, sweet, and unique name of Chinese origin. It means ‘great or extreme’.

194. Tama

Your girl is as precious as a jewel, so consider bestowing the name ‘Tama’. It means ‘a precious stone’ in Japanese.

195. Tenshi

Tenshi is a distinctive Japanese name meaning ‘heaven’s child or angel’.

196. Tye

Parents who want a short girl name can consider ‘Tye’. It is a simple and sweet name meaning ‘valley field’. The famous namesake is Tye Leung Schulze. She was the first Chinese American woman to vote when she cast a ballot in San Francisco in May 1912.

197. Upma

This name can be embraced by parents who want the best for their child. It is an Indian name meaning ‘best’.

198. Vanida

Vanida is a sweet and elegant name. With Thai origins, Vanida means ‘girl’.

199. Vanna

Vanna is a charming name. It is a Cambodian name meaning ‘golden or gracious’.

200. Vera

Vera is a simple name with a deep meaning. It is a Latin name meaning ‘true’. Its famous namesake is an American fashion designer, Vera Ellen Wang.

201. Vienna

Vienna is such an endearing name meaning ‘chosen one’. The famous namesake is a Taiwanese-American pianist and singer, Vienna Teng.

202. Wenquian

Wenquian sounds like a sophisticated name, and the meaning comes close to that. It means ‘refined matter’.

203. Wendy

Wendy is a catchy and stylish name. It means ‘fair one’. The famous namesake is an American economist, Wendy Lee Gramm.

204. Xiang

Xiang has a delicate and fine quality. It means ‘fragrant’ in Chinese.

205. Xueman

Sounds like a superwoman name, doesn’t it? But, it means ‘snowy grace’ in Chinese.

206. Yoshiko

Yoshiko is a Japanese name meaning ‘good or noble child’. Yoshi and Yosh are its nicknames. The famous namesake is a Japanese-American writer, Yoshiko Uchida.

207. Yuet

If you are looking for a celestial-inspired name, ‘Yuet’ is the one. It means ‘moon’ in Chinese.

208. Yumiko

If you want your child to be helpful, then consider ‘Yumiko’. It has its origins in Japanese, it means ‘beautiful or helpful child’.

209. Zhenzhen

A precious name for your little one, Zhenzhen means ‘precious’ in Chinese.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How have traditional Asian naming conventions evolved over time?

Traditional naming conventions in Asia have evolved over time as a result of the influence of various social, cultural and historical factors. More people are now leaning towards adopting Western-style names, rather than the standard naming conventions.

2. What are the differences between Asian and other countries’ baby names?

Asian baby names differ from the baby names of other countries as the former are influenced by their language, history, religion and naming tradition. They also differ significantly as the Asian script varies from the script of the Western countries and the former influences the structure of the name.

3. What factors should I consider when choosing an Asian baby name?

While choosing an Asian baby name, it is important to consider factors, including cultural significance, gender, meaning,and pronunciation.

4. Is there a difference in baby naming traditions between urban and rural areas of Asia?

In rural areas of Asia, naming traditions often reflect the local culture and customs and the community’s religious and spiritual beliefs. However, in urban regions, naming practices are relatively influenced by global trends and popular culture.

Picking a name for a baby can be an arduous task. You may seek names that are traditional, meaningful, and still trending. In that case, this list of Asian baby names might be for you. Since Asia is a large continent, its names are diverse and represent the culture of many countries. They can be divided into South Asian names consisting of babies belonging to the Sri Lankan, Nepalese, and other communities and Southeast Asian names consisting of babies belonging to the Malaysian, Indonesian, and other communities. This list includes the most common Asian names. These names also depict the vast culture and diversity of the continent. We have included their origins and meanings to help you make an informed decision.

Infographic: Popular Asian Baby Names

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent; hence, the Asian names are diverse. So, whether you belong to an Asian country or are fascinated by Asian traditions, here is an infographic with some classic and beautiful Asian names. Scroll through and pick a perfect name for your little one.

asian names for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Asia, as the largest continent in the world, could be an ideal melting pot for diverse cultures, ethnicities, and languages.
  • Classic Asian names such as Anna, Margaret, Michael, and Samuel have been cherished for generations.
  • Bae, Don, Jiang, and Quon are among the trendy choices with profound meanings and could be excellent picks.
  • The dynamic Asian culture offers unique names with a rich history and meaning, which will undoubtedly influence your child.

Discover the best Asian baby girl names! From traditional to modern, find the perfect name for your little one.

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