200+ Assassin Names For Boys and Girls, With Meanings

Assassin names for children are gaining popularity in recent years. These names might hold the interest of parents who are looking for options beyond traditional choices. They can also be used as nicknames. The assassin names make a lasting impact on the listener and might reflect positive characteristics such as strength and stealth. Many assassin names are taken from comics, books, and movies. However, some names, such as Charles and Gavrilo, have a chilling history. Though these names have associations with fictional characters or real people, several of the names have positive meanings. So, let’s explore the list below to learn more about the meanings and stories behind these names.

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200+ Assassin Names and Meanings

Quirky and adventurous, these assassin names range from fictional to real. They will make your child stand out from the rest.

Assassin Girl Names

Assassin names for girls are taken from a variety of sources. Some of the most common origins of these names are Greek mythology.

1. Ablabius

Typically used as a boy’s name, Ablabius can be a nice choice for a girl, too. It was the name of the assassin who tried to attack Roman Emperor Justinian I in 562.

2. Adrenalynn

Adrenalynn is an excellent assassin with supernatural powers. High on adrenaline, this name appears in the Dark Horse Comics.

3. Akuma

A figure from Japanese folklore, Akuma is a Japanese name for an evil spirit, devil, or demon. It can be a great choice for a female assassin. Akuma is also the name of a ruthless warrior in the video game series, Street Fighter.

4. Alecto

If you are interested in Greek mythology, you will find Alecto an intriguing name. It was the name of one of the Furies and means ‘unceasing.’

5. Alessandra

Alessandra means ‘defender of men’ and is a feminine variant of Alexander. It can be a suitable name for a powerful warrior.

6. Aloysius

Aloysius has Germanic roots and means ‘famous in battle.’ This name works for an assassin who is always ready to take a new assignment.

7. Amarantha

If you are a fan of Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series, you might recognize Amarantha, which means ‘unfading.’ The name embodies someone ruthless, powerful, and cold-hearted.

8. Aoife

Pronounced as EE-fya, this name has Irish origins. It means ‘beauty’ and has been mentioned in several Irish legends.

9. Aphrodite

Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology and possessed immense powers. Aphrodite IX is the name of a superheroine published by the Top Cow comics. She is an assassin and a self-aware android.

10. Artemis

If you are a geek for mythology, then Artemis must feature high on your list of assassin names. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the moon and hunting.

11. Arya

The renowned series, Game of Thrones, gave us an unlikely heroine who trained to become a deadly assassin. Arya Stark is a fan-favorite character and her name can denote ‘noble.’

12. Ashanti

Ashanti means ‘warlike’ in Twi and ‘restlessness or disturbance’ in Sanskrit, which capture the essence of an assassin.

13. Aspen

Aspen is the name of a variety of trees. With roots in Old English, the name can mean ‘shaking trees,’ depicting strength and authority.

14. Asta

A name with Old Norse origins, Asta means ‘beautiful god’ or ‘beloved god.’ It can be given to an assassin with superior skills and powers.

15. Audrina

Audrina is an elaboration of Audrey. It has Old English roots and means ‘noble strength.’

16. Avalanche

Bringing calamities on her enemies, Avalanche makes a captivating name for an assassin. Like the natural phenomenon, this name can strike fear in people’s hearts.

17. Aveline

Aveline has Old German elements and has been adapted into French and English. Although the meaning is unknown, this name is stylish and modern with a classic feel.

18. Baalzebub

You have heard of Beelzebub, which means ‘lord of the flies.’ Baalzebub is a variant of this name found in many English versions of the Old Testament.

19. Barb Wire

If you like edgy names, Barb Wire can be a cool moniker for an assassin. Extremely sharp, Barb Wire is dangerous and lethal.

20. Beatrix

A name with Latin origins, Beatrix possibly means ‘voyager’ or ‘traveler.’ It originates from the name Viatrix.

protip_icon Trivia
Beatrix gained prominence as a given name possibly due to the fictional martial artist Beatrix ‘The Bride’ Kiddo from the films Kill Bill: Volume 1 and 2. Empire, a British film magazine, ranked this character as the 23rd greatest film character of all time in 2015.

21. Bella Donna

Also known as deadly nightshade, Bella Donna is usually written as Belladonna. It also means ‘beautiful lady.’

22. Bellatrix

Harry Potter fans will recognize the name of this deadly witch immediately. Meaning ‘female warrior,’ Bellatrix is known for her ruthlessness and her capacity to cause infinite damage.

23. Betsy

Betsy is a diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning ‘God is my oath,’ and is even associated with the Bible. The name sounds innocent and sweet, masking the true identity of an assassin.

24. Black Widow

A popular character from the Marvel Comic series, it’s the name of a Russian spy and assassin who later became a part of The Avengers. It’s also the name of a highly poisonous spider species.

25. BlackoutBanshee

BlackoutBanshee is a cool name for an assassin. Banshee refers to a dark spirit in Gaelic folklore who heralds death. This name is enough to scare anyone.

26. Bombshell

If an assassin can create chaos with explosives, you can give her this name. Bombshell is eccentric and loud.

27. Bounty

Bounty can be a short form of bounty hunter. It can be an interesting name for an assassin.

28. Bride

The Bride is one of the most iconic assassins to appear on screen. Created by Quentin Tarantino, this character appears in the Kill Bill movies and is played by Uma Thurman.

29. Calamity Jane

A name that strikes terror into the hearts of anyone who hears it, Calamity Jane is both unusual and charming.

30. Charlotte

At first glance, Charlotte might seem like a sweet and harmless name meaning ‘man’ or ‘army.’ But these are the reasons why it is an apt pick for an assassin. It also appeared in the Samurai Shodown video game series.

31. Cheshire

Imagine the unnerving grin of the Cheshire Cat is the last thing you see. It is enough to give nightmares. Cheshire means ‘camp’ or ‘fortress’ and is also used as a surname.

32. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a sweet name for a deadly assassin. No one will suspect her motives until the very end.

33. Circe

Another unique name from Greek mythology, Circe is pronounced as SUR-see, means ‘hawk,’ and was the name of a minor goddess and sorceress who possessed immense knowledge and magical powers.

34. CovertCheetah

An assassin needs to be covert and needs to get away quickly. CovertCheetah exemplifies these qualities.

35. Crimson

Crimson is an edgy name for an assassin. It is associated with the color red.

36. Crystal

Crystal might seem to be a regular feminine name. But it is inspired by Crystal Bowie from the Japanese animated movie, Space Adventure Cobra, where Crystal was Cobra’s archenemy.

37. Deathstrike

Also spelled as Deathstryke, this name is inspired by Lady Deathstrike, a supervillain created by Marvel Comics. She is a formidable opponent of the X-Men.

38. Delilah

Delilah means ‘delicate,’ ‘weak,’ and ‘languishing’ in Hebrew. It was the name of a Biblical character who betrayed her lover to the Philistines.

39. EbonyEagle

Perfect for an assassin with black hair, EbonyEagle is a great name for an assassin. It gives a sense of darkness, sharpness, and power.

40. Eir

Eir has Old Norse roots and means ‘mercy.’ It was the name of a Norse goddess of healing and medicine. The name can be used for an assassin to create a cunning contradiction.

Eir is an assassin name

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41. Elektra

Another name inspired from Greek mythology, Elektra means ‘amber.’ It is the name of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra’s daughter, who helped her brother kill their mother to avenge Agamemnon’s death.

42. Elin

Elin is a variant of Helen, which means ‘torch’ or ‘corposant.’ It can also refer to the ‘moon.’ The name can be given to an assassin who can control fire or harness lunar magic.

43. Faith

Faith is a beautiful name that can make people trust her easily. It will also remind her to keep faith in herself.

44. Fenris

Fenris has Old Norse origins and is derived from Fenrir, which means ‘marsh.’ As per Norse mythology, Fenrir was the name of a terrifying wolf, who was one of Loki’s children.

45. Finella

An unusual name for an assassin, Finella is a variant of Fenella. It means ‘white shoulder’ and appears in Irish legends.

46. Fire Knives

Signifying someone with amazing knife skills, Fire Knives is a dangerous yet apt name for an assassin. It can also be given to someone who plays with fire.

47. Flame

An assassin who can unleash terrors with fire deserves a name that highlights her qualities. Flame is a simple and straightforward moniker.

48. Freya

Derived from the Old Norse name Freyja, this name means ‘lady.’ It is connected to Norse mythology and is the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.

49. Fuma

Fuma is a name with Latin and Japanese origins. In Latin, it means ‘to smoke,’ while in Japanese, the name denotes the ‘wind demon.’ It works well for an assassin who works in the shadows.

50. Furiae

Also written as Furia and Furie, this name conveys ‘fury,’ ‘anger,’ and ‘rampage,’ making it a menacing name for an assassin.

51. Gaby

Gaby was the name of a spy in the spy thriller movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E. It is a short and sweet name, meaning ‘God is my strong man.’

52. Grim

A medieval form of Grimr, Grim means ‘mask’ or ‘helmet.’ It can be an appropriate name for a masked assassin or shape-shifter.

53. Gwen

Meaning ‘white’ and ‘blessed,’ the name is inspired by Gwenpoole from Marvel Comics, one of Marvel’s most powerful female superheroes.

54. Harley

Another name inspired by a comic book, Harley comes from Harley Quinn in DC Comics. She is the perfect sidekick to the maniacal Joker. Harley means ‘hare’ or ‘rock’ and ‘clearing.’

protip_icon Did you know?
The DC character Harley Quinn was originally intended to appear only once in the comics. However, due to an unexpected fan following, her presence in the franchise was extended.

55. Harpy

A harpy is often described as a monster having a woman’s head and body and a bird’s wings and claws. Hence, Harpy is one of the best names for a ruthless assassin.

56. Harvest

Harvest might seem harmless but when you remember the Grim Reaper harvests souls, this name takes a sinister meaning. It is a great name for an assassin.

57. Hel

Also connected to Norse mythology, Hel is a cool name for assassins. In the stories, Hel is the daughter of Loki.

58. Huntress

Artemis is often referred to with this name. It might suit an assassin well.

59. Ilsa

Ilsa is a beautiful name meaning ‘my God is my oath.’ Although an unexpected name for an assassin, It is inspired by the characters Ilsa Grunt from If Looks Could Kill and Ilsa Faust from the Mission: Impossible movies.

60. Indigo

A color name Indigo is often used to describe the night sky. As it is the time when assassins tend to work, it can be used as an assassin name.

61. Jade

Jade is derived from the name of a green gemstone. It can be given to an assassin with green eyes and a tough exterior.

62. Jane

A sweet name, Jane is related to John and means ‘God is gracious.’ In this instance, Jane is inspired by the protagonist of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

63. Jezebel

With Phoenician roots, Jezebel means ‘to exalt.’ The name belonged to the wife of Ahab, who has been portrayed negatively in the Bible. It makes a great name for an assassin who is isolated from others.

64. Jinx

G.I. Joe fans might recognize this popular name. Jinx is a ninja and assassin belonging to the Jinx is both simple and edgy and means ‘bad luck,’ ‘a charm,’ or ‘a spell.’

65. Jules

Jules is a unisex name that has found popularity as a girl’s name in recent years and means ‘downy bearded.’ This assassin’s name is inspired by Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.

66. Juri

If you have played the Street Fighter video games, you will know Juri. She is the unbeatable taekwondo fighter from South Korea. Juri could have multiple meanings, including ‘farmer’ and ‘mud.’

67. Kali

Kali is an Indian name with Sanskrit origin and means ‘the black one.’ In Hindu mythology, Kali is considered to be the goddess of power, destruction, and death.

68. Kerry

Kerry is an English name with Irish origin. It means ‘black’ and can be given to a dark-haired assassin or someone who works at night.

69. Lady Shiva

Are you looking for a dashing assassin’s name? Then you can take Lady Shiva from DC Comics.

70. Lady Une

Lady Une is taken from the Japanese anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. She is a formidable commander and a cold-blooded assassin.

71. Larke

Larke may be a variant of Lark, a bird. It is often used to describe someone engaged in mischief.

72. Layla

An exotic name from Arabia, Layla means ‘night.’ The name holds connotations of mystery, power, and danger.

73. Lemon

Sweet and lighthearted, Lemon might seem quite an unconventional assassin’s name. However, it is inspired by the name of an assassin from the thriller novel and movie Bullet Train.

74. Light

Light can be suitable for an assassin who moves at the speed of light and is precise.

75. Lilith

A Biblical name, Lilith is considered to be the first wife of Adam, who was banished for not obeying him. The name means ‘of the night.’

76. Megaera

Taken from Greek mythology, Megaera is one of the Furies. The name means ‘to grudge,’ and is often used to depict an angry woman.

77. Mistress

For the mistress of the night, this name is perfect. It can be used as an assassin’s name.

78. Morgana

Morgana earned a name for herself as a sorceress in Arthurian legends. Later, this name was taken up in DC Comics’ Wonder Woman series and the Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. Morgana means ‘sea circle.’

79. Morrigan

Also written as The Morrigan, Mórrígan, and Morrigu, this name is taken from Irish mythology. It means ‘great queen’ or ‘phantom queen.’

80. Morticia

Morticia means ‘undertaker’ or ‘funeral director,’ which makes it appropriate for an assassin. It could also be taken from the Addams Family, where Morticia Addams is the family matriarch.

Morticia is an assassin name

Image: Momjunction Design Team

81. MysticMantis

Full of mystery and intrigue, MysticMantis makes a fun and quirky name for an assassin.

82. Naeva

Meaning ‘ingenue,’ Naeva has French roots. It is an ironic name for an assassin.

83. Natasha

Another name taken from Marvel Comics, Natasha is the actual name of the popular spy Black Widow. Scarlet Johansson played this role in the movies.

84. Nemesis

Nemesis is taken from Greek mythology. She is the goddess of revenge. The name means ‘rightful anger,’ ‘vengeance,’ and ‘justice.’

85. Nidhogg

Derived from the Old Norse name Níðhöggr, this name means ‘malice striker.’ In Norse mythology, Nidhogg is the name of a dragon who attacks the roots of the world tree Yddgrasil.

86. Nightfall

Nightfall denotes mystery, shadows, and danger. This name evokes a sinister feeling. It refers to the time when evening begins.

87. Nightingale

An elegant operating nickname, Nightingale can lure her enemies out with her sweet voice.

88. Nightstalker

Stalking is one of the many activities of an assassin. Nightstalker is a great name for one who stalks her prey at night.

89. Niviane

Also spelled variously as Nivene, Niviène, Nivienne, Vivienne, and Niviana, this name is given to the enchantress, Lady of the Lake. She appears in Welsh mythology and the Arthurian legends.

90. Noble Nightshade

An assassin who honors her assignments deserves a proper name. Noble Nightshade is effective and deadly.

91. Pandora

Pandora is perhaps the most well-known name from Greek mythology. Just like Pandora unleashed chaos on the world, this assassin can wreak havoc around her.

92.  Persephone

Persephone is considered to be the queen of the Underworld and the goddess of the dead in Greek mythology, which makes this name perfect for assassins. Persephone also means ‘to destroy’ or ‘murder.’ However, she is also the embodiment of spring.

93. Phoenix

A phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from its ashes. Meaning ‘dark red,’ the name symbolizes someone undefeated and powerful.

94. Raine

Raine is a poetic name, which means ‘queen,’ while also being associated with rainfall. It has an elegant yet mysterious vibe to it.

95. Raven

A raven is an intelligent bird often associated with darkness and sorcery. Hence, it can be a fitting choice for an assassin.

96. RavenSting

RavenSting depicts the sinister nature of a raven with the poisonous sting of a scorpion or a snake. It sounds cool and trendy, too.

97. Red

Assassins are often portrayed in red and black clothing. This makes Red a cool choice for an assassin.

98. SableScorpion

An assassin with smooth black hair and a sting like a scorpion deserves a name that recognizes her power..

99. Saden

With a stylish and modern sound, Saden makes an edgy name for an assassin. It probably denotes ‘to be indifferent.’

100. Scarab

An exotic name from Egypt, Scarab refers to a type of large beetle. It also denotes a stone that Egyptians used as a symbol of resurrection.

protip_icon Quick fact
In ancient times, the Egyptians associated the scarab beetle with the early morning sun, symbolizing growth, development, and existence.

101. Scylla

Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, Scylla can be a powerful moniker for an assassin. It was the name of a legendary monster who targeted sailors.

102. Sekhmet

Sekhmet is the name of the Egyptian warrior goddess. She is often depicted with the head of a lioness and a sun disk on her head. She is said to be the daughter of the sun god, Ra, and is associated with plague and destruction.

Assassin Boy Names

Right from comics and movies to real life, assassin names for boys convey power, style, and shrewdness. Take a look at some of these popular and eccentric choices.

103. Ace

Short and sweet, Ace can be easily considered dangerous and deadly. It is a great name for an assassin who always gets their job done.

104. Adrian

Adrian is derived from Latin, which means ‘from Hadria.’ This name is inspired by the anti-hero Adrian Chase created by DC Comics.

105. Alamout

Alamout could be created from the Alamut Castle in Persia as seen in the video game series Assassin’s Creed. It is a mountain fortress crucial to the game’s narrative, symbolizing strength and tactical advantage.

106. Alex

The shortened form of Alexander, Alex denotes the ‘defender of men.’

107. Altair

Altair has Arabic origins. It means ‘the flier’ and is apt for an assassin who watches his prey from a high vantage point.

108. Alucard

Alucard is Dracula spelled backward. It is a witty and edgy assassin’s name with deadly intent.

109. Amanaman

Amanaman is a rare name taken from the Star Wars universe. It is the name of an Amani bounty hunter in Return of the Jedi.

110. Angel

Typically used for girls, Angel is a name that can be given to a male assassin as well. It can translate to Angel of Death, too.

111. Anton

Taken from No Country for Old Men, Anton is an iconic name for assassins. In the book and the movie, Anton Chigurh is a ruthless hitman.

112. Archer

If your assassin prefers bows and arrows over daggers, guns, and swords, he deserves this nickname. An Archer has a deadly aim and is a great mathematician, too.

113. Ares

Derived from the name of the Greek god of war, Ares is a classic assassin name for boys. It evokes imagery of an assassin who is menacing and merciless.

114. Ash

Ash is a name that can be given to an assassin as it is often associated with fire and destruction.

115. Azrael

Often referred to as the Angel of Death in Judaism and Islam, Azrael means ‘my help is God.’ It is also spelled as Azriel and Izrael.

116. Beckett

Beckett is a Middle English name meaning ‘stream.’ It could be inspired from the movie of the same name. Beckett is the name of the protagonist who becomes a target of a manhunt.

117. Blaze

Blaze is a fiery name for assassins. It can be given to someone who plays with fire.

118. Bloodshot

Another name inspired from a comic book, Bloodshot appeared in Valiant Comics. It is the name of a superhero with immense strength and healing powers.

119. Bloodsport

Bloodsport is yet another comic character appearing in DC comics. He has superhuman strength and stamina.

120. Boba

Boba is a cute name inspired by the character Boba Fett from the Star Wars universe. It is the name of a bounty hunter and antagonist.

Boba is an assassin name

Image: Momjunction Design Team

121. Booker

This name has a scary yet quirky vibe. It can be a moniker for a professional hitman.

122. Brody

Brody is an earthy and rustic name, meaning ‘ditch’ or ‘mire.’ This short name can be appropriate for an assassin because of its tough vibe.

123. Bronn

Bronn was made popular by the Game of Thrones series, where the character was a skilled mercenary soldier. It may be given to a brown-haired assassin.

124. Brutus

One of the world’s oldest assassins, Brutus is the most recognized among the assassins of Julius Caesar. This name is perfect for a professional assassin and means ‘heavy.’

125. Bryan

Another name inspired from fiction, Bryan is the protagonist of the Taken franchise. He is a former CIA agent with great combat skills. Bryan means ‘hill’ or ‘high.’

126. Bryce

Bryce is a simple name that means ‘speckled.’ It can be a suitable option as short names make good operative nicknames.

127. Bucky

In the Marvel Universe, Bucky Barnes is a ruthless assassin who relentlessly goes after his target. Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan played this role in the movies.

128. Budd

Budd, also known as Sidewinder, appears in the Kill Bill movies. He is a deadly assassin going after the Bride. Ironically, Budd means ‘friend.’

129. Bullseye

Bullseye is another name that appears in Marvel comics. It is the name of a supervillain who is a superhuman marksman.

130. Cade

Yet another fictional assassin name, Cade is taken from Cade Skywalker, who is a human bounty hunter. It is perfect for Star Wars fans and means ‘round.’

131. Cain

Cain is known as the first murderer in the Bible. It was the name of the son of Adam and Eve, who killed his brother Abel. The name means ‘acquired.’

132. Carlo

If you are a fan of The Godfather movie and book, then you can choose Carlo. It is an Italian variant of Charles and means ‘man’ or ‘army.’

133. Caspar

Meaning ‘treasurer,’ Caspar was the name of one of the three Magi in the Bible. He was a magician, which makes Caspar a great name for an assassin.

134. Cassian

Another name taken from the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, Cassian is a deadly warrior. He is strong, handsome, and ruthless. Cassian is a variant of Cassius.

135. Cassius

Cassius has Latin origins and was used as a Roman family name. It means ‘empty’ or ‘vain,’ and may be used for an assassin who works only for money.

protip_icon Did you know?
Gaius Cassius Longinus, a Roman senator and general, was a key figure in the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar.

136. Chapel

An interesting name choice, Chapel can be an ironic moniker for an assassin who makes you remember God in your last moments.

137. Charles

Charles is a classic name that means ‘free man.’ It is sophisticated and suave, which can work well to hide an assassin’s true identity.

138. Christopher

A name taken from a real life assassin, Christopher is associated with Christopher John Lewis. He tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II in 1981. The name means ‘bearing Christ.’

139. Chupacabra

A legendary creature, Chupacabra is a mythical figure that is said to attack and feed off of livestock. Giving an assassin this name can give him instant notoriety.

140. Claude

Meaning ‘lame’ and ‘crippled,’ Claude may be mistaken for a quiet person. However, the name is inspired by Claude Hure, a well-known character from the Assassin’s Creed games.

141. Cloaked Cobra

A quiet and venomous serpent who is feared by all his enemies, Cloaked Cobra can be used for all genders.

142. Cobra

Another name inspired by the deadly snake, Cobra suits an assassin well. It can be given to someone who tracks their target silently and strikes at the right time.

143. Colt

This name is inspired by Colt Seavers, a fictional assassin from the movie, The Fall Guy. It is simple yet effective and can be given to a young and energetic assassin.

144. Connor

Connor is an English name derived from an old Irish root, meaning ‘hound,’ ‘dog,’ or ‘wolf.’ It can be given to an assassin who can track his target anywhere.

145. Corvo

If you are a gamer, you might like Corvo. It is the name of the assassin in the video game Dishonored, and means ‘raven.’

146. CrescentCutlass

An intriguing name, CrescentCutlass is a great choice for a deadly assassin. It can be used for all genders.

 147. Dagda

Also written as The Dagda, this name comes from Irish mythology. It means ‘the good god’ or ‘the great god.’

148. Damien

Damien is a variant of Damian and means ‘to tame.’ It is associated with the antagonist in The Omen movie series.

149. Dante

The Italian poet Dante Alighieri is famous for writing The Divine Comedy. His views on Hell can make this name perfect for an assassin. Dante means ‘enduring.’

150. DarkBlade

DarkBlade is an edgy name for an assassin. It evokes an image of an assassin who can expertly wield a sword.

151. Deadpool

Taken from the Marvel Comics, Deadpool is a classic anti-hero character. He is a mercenary with healing powers.

152. Death

Death is a straightforward name that inspires fear and awe. It may be a suitable name for an assassin.

153. Dengar

Dengar means ‘to hear.’ It can work for an assassin with superhuman hearing powers. The name sounds similar to danger.

154. Desmond

Desmond is a reference to Desmond Miles from the video game series, Assassin’s Creed, and means ‘south Munster.’

155. Dexter

While the name Dexter was popular for the boy genius on Cartoon Network, it became associated with a cold-blooded serial killer in recent years. It is the name of the protagonist of the series with the same name, and means ‘one who dyes.’

156. Django

Django evokes a sense of the wild west. It could be derived from the names of movies such as Django Unchained. Django could be derived from a Romani word meaning ‘I awake,’ or it could be a variant of Jean.

157. Drake

You might have heard of Francis Drake from the Assassin’s Creed. Drake is inspired by the character and means ‘dragon.’

158. DuskDagger

An assassin who works in the dusk deserves this name. DuskDagger is a great name full of intrigue.

159. Echo

Echoing through the annals of time, the name of this assassin is spoken in whispers.

160. Elim

Elim was the name of two High Kings of Ireland. It can also be taken as a short form of eliminator.

161. Ernst

Ernst is a variant of Ernest and means ‘serious’ or ‘earnest.’

162. Ethan

If you are a fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise, you will recognize this name instantly. Ethan Hunt is the protagonist of the series and is a top-notch spy. The name means ‘solid,’ ‘enduring,’ and ‘firm.’

163. Ezio

Another name from Assassin’s Creed, Ezio means ‘eagle.’ It has Latin roots.

164. Ezra

Ezra is taken from Assassin’s Creed and is the name of an Italian Master Assassin. It has Biblical connections and means ‘help’ in Hebrew.

165. Felix

Felix might mean ‘lucky’ and ‘happy’ but it is associated with a deadly assassin. It is the name of a swordmaster in the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Felix is an assassin name

Image: Momjunction Design Team

166. Fennec

The Fennec fox is a small predator often found in the desert. Its name can be given to a calculative and strong assassin.

167. Firefly

If you played with G.I. Joe figures when you were young, you will like this name. Firefly is the name of an assassin from G.I. Joe.

168. Fleet

Kenway’s Fleet is one of the most well-known naval combat units in Assassin’s Creed. You can take this name for boys.

169. Fox

The fox is a small predator. This name can be given to a novice assassin.

170. Francisco

If you are looking for names from the James Bond franchise, you have one right here. Francisco is inspired by the iconic villain Francisco Scaramanga. A French assassin can take this name as it means ‘French man.’

171. Gabriel

Gabriel is an archangel in the Bible, whose name means ‘God is my strong man.’ It is often mentioned that he is mysterious and powerful, which makes it a unique choice for an assassin.

172. Garrett

Garrett means ‘power of the spear.’ This name can work for an assassin who excels in combat and using traditional weapons.

173. Gavrilo

Assassin names taken from real life tend to be scarier than those taken from fiction. Gavrilo is one such example. It was the name of the Bosnian Serb student who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. Incidentally, Gavrilo is the Serbian variant of Gabriel.

174. Geralt

If you are fond of the Witcher series, you can use the name of the protagonist as an assassin’s name. It is a variant of Gerald and means ‘power of the spear.’

175. Ghost

Ghost is a classic name for an assassin as they move in the shadows.

 176. GhostlyGlaive

Inspired by a character named Ghastly Glaive in the Terraria video game, you can use this name for assassins. It conveys the horror left behind by an assassin perfectly.

177. GhostVenom

Combining Ghost with Venom might be one of the best ways to name an assassin. It is the name of a professional assassin who maintains anonymity.

178. GloomGrimoire

GloomGrimoire is a self-explanatory name for an assassin. It is suitable for an assassin who brings doom to all.

179. GloomHarbinger

The assassin who terrorizes people with the mere mention of his name is GloomHarbinger. It is a great name for an assassin who casts a pall of gloom wherever he visits.

180. Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper is the classic assassin name. It is associated with Death himself, collecting the souls of his enemies.

181. Grimnir

Grimnir means ‘ancestor god’ and is from the Warhammer Fantasy universe. It is also one of the names of the Norse god Odin.

182. Hades

Straight from the Underworld in Greek mythology, Hades is the perfect pick for an assassin. It means ‘unseen,’ which is appropriate as assassins rarely move around in public.

183. Hanzee

Hanzee is taken from the TV series Fargo and is the name of a deadly assassin. It is believed that Hanzee means ‘shadow’ in Sioux.

184. Harry

Harry is usually associated with Potter or Prince Harry but did you know that it could also be an assassin name? Harry was the name of antagonists in movies such as In Bruges and The Punisher. It means ‘home ruler.’

185. Hasan

Also spelled as Hassan, this name is taken from history. It was the name of a religious and military leader from the Order of Assassins in the 12th century. Hasan means ‘handsome.’

 186. Hassassin

Also spelled as Hashshashin, this name is taken from the ancient Order of Assassins. It is also the name of an assassin in Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

187. HawkEye

Taken from Marvel Comics, HawkEye also made a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. HawkEye is an expert marksman, who can shoot arrows even without looking at his target.

188. Hellequin

Hellequin is a distinctive name for an assassin. It is the root name for Harlequin, which is often given to a ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ character in French Passion Plays.

189. Hidden Harpoon

Working with the deadliest weapons, Hidden Harpoon is perfect for an assassin who is great at hunting down their targets.

190. Illya

Another name from The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Illya is inspired by the character of a skilled secret agent. Illya is the variant of Elijah and is associated with the Bible.

191. Jackal

In Frederick Forsyth’s novel and subsequent movie adaptation The Day of the Jackal, Jackal is the name of a professional assassin. It is the name of a dangerous predator who prances on their prey from the dark.

192. Jackson

Jackson is a popular name meaning ‘son of Jack.’ It can be used as an assassin’s name as it is associated with Paul Jackson, a Marine and protagonist in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

193. James

A classic name, James means ‘holder of the heel.’ It is taken from the James Bond franchise, and is the name of a suave spy who works with cutting-edge weaponry and technology.

194. Jason

Jason Bourne from the Bourne franchise is considered to be one of the most accomplished assassins and operatives in the fictional world. It makes a perfect name for an assassin. Ironically, Jason means ‘the healer.’

195. Jasper

Taken from the Twilight series, Jasper is a favorite among fans and means ‘treasurer.’ It is the name of a vampire which may suit an assassin as well.

196. John

Another name from fiction is John. It is the name of the protagonist from the John Wick franchise, who is a famous hitman. It is also a Biblical name meaning ‘God is gracious.’

197. Johnny Alpha

If you have watched the British comic series Strontium Dog, you will recognize this name instantly. Johnny Alpha is the name of the mutant bounty hunter, the protagonist of the series.

198. Jörmungandr

An unusual and intriguing choice, Jörmungandr is taken from Norse mythology. It is the name of a serpent who encircles Midgard and is also referred to as the World Serpent.

199. Loki

Loki is the name of a trickster god in Norse mythology whose name means ‘lock.’ In recent years, this name gained popularity due to its appearance in Marvel Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe.

200. Macbeth

A classic name popularized by the Shakespearean play, Macbeth, this name belongs to one of the most recognized assassins in literature. Based on real events, he made the plot to assassinate Duncan, the king of Scotland. Macbeth means ‘son of life.’

201. Oberon

Oberon means ‘elf ruler’ in Old German. It was given to the king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

When exploring these assassin names, it is important to recognize the qualities these monikers carry. They often convey attributes, such as power, strength, and resilience. Inspired by legendary warriors, mythical figures, real-life individuals, and fictional characters, these assassin names can instill a sense of independence and determination. Despite their association with various antagonists, these names usually have positive meanings, which you can consider while choosing a name. If you like one of the names listed above, ensure to research it well so that it meets your expectations and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be considered before choosing an assassin name for a baby?

When selecting an assassin-inspired name for a baby, it’s crucial to avoid names with violent historical associations or culturally inappropriate connotations. Consider names with neutral or positive meanings, describing skills, strength, and intellect. Ensure the name aligns with your child’s future goals, your family’s ancestral and cultural beliefs, and regional naming conventions.

2. Can I use historical or mythological references for choosing an assassin name?

Some parents, especially those fascinated by history and mystery, may choose assassin names inspired by historical and mythological figures. Examples of such names include Dagda, derived from the Irish mythological God associated with magic, wisdom, and strength. Similarly, Hasan is linked to Hasan-i Sabbah, the Islamic military leader who founded the Order of the Assassins.

3. What are a few gender-neutral assassin-inspired names?

Assassin-inspired names such as Arya, Claude, Gaby, Harlequin, and Jules can be chosen for both boys or girls, depending on the family’s cultural and personal preferences.

Key Pointers

  • Assassin names draw evocative associations from legends, history, mythology, and fantasy elements.
  • These names highlight the qualities of strength, resilience, stealth, and power.
  • Names like Arya, Black Widow, Gwen, and Morgana are inspired by fiction.
  • Artemis, Pandora, Kali, and Loki are assassin names that carry mythological implications.
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