31 Great Names For Babies Born In August

August Baby Names

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Selecting a name for the baby is both exciting and petrifying. The number of suggestions coming your way can baffle even the sanest of parents. Floral, classic, and trendy names are familiar, but have you considered the birth month for naming for your child?

If you are welcoming a new addition to your family in August, we suggest you to keep this adventurous month in mind while naming your child. August may not be having as many related names as May or July, but it still deserves its due. MomJunction has compiled a list of names for August-born babies. From historical figures to celebs, these famous personalities will inspire you to find a perfect August baby name. Check them out below!

August Baby Names For Boys:

1. August:

August is one of the most popular baby names for boys born in this month. The name is at #333 but was as high as 170 at the end of the 19th century. In Denmark, August has always been in vogue and is currently at #28. It means ‘majestic, venerable and great,’ so your little prince would be in good hands with this moniker. Celebs like Garth Brooks, Dave Matthews, and Mariska Hargitay used it for their kids.Gus would make a cute nickname for August.

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2. Augustus:

Meaning ‘venerated’, Augustus originated as an honorific title for the first Emperor of the Roman Empire. It was later used as a royal middle name in England. Now at #696, Augustus has made frequent appearances on the baby name list, the highest rank being 175. The most famous literary bearers of Augustus include Augustus McCrae in Lonesome Dave and Augustus Snodgrass in Pickwick Papers. Augustus, we believe, would make an imposing middle name.

3. Augustine:

Augustine is the shorter form of Augustus. It is mainly associated with the influential and illustrious St. Augustine of Hippo. It was also the name of George Washington’s father and the middle name of James Joyce. Augustus reappeared on the Top 1000 baby name list in 2013. You can also opt for its spelling variation Augustin, the French version of this name.

4. Austin:

Austin was the contracted form of Augustus in the middle ages. It was a huge hit in the early 2000s, probably because of the Austin Powers series. The name has a Southwestern feel to it.Currently, it is at #57, because of its association with the Texas capital city.

5. Leo:

August babies are Leos when talking about Zodiac signs. So this adorable name meaning ‘lion’ in Latin would make perfect sense. This friendly, yet strong name was very common with the Romans. In fact, 13 popes were named Leo in Rome. Leo is on the upswing, partly because of Leonardo DiCaprio. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz named their son Leo. So did the NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and his wife Kristin Olson.

6. Augie:

Augie is another nickname for August, Augustine, and other similar names. The nickname became popular via Sau Bellow’s novel, “The Adventure of Augie March”. Later, the name was taken up by an Australian rock band. And when Alfie and Archie could become hits in the UK, why not Augie?

7. Leland:

Since Liam is already common, Leland would make a unique name for your child. Meaning ‘from the meadowland,’ this name has us dreaming of summer getaways, picnics, and fishing. The name propelled into the top 100 after Brendan Fraser chose it for his son. It’s also the first name of the founder of the Stanford University.

8. Aiden:

This English name, meaning ‘little fire’ would make a great moniker for your son. Aiden was originally a pet form of the Irish name Aodh, the name of the Celtic god of fire and sun. It cracked into the top 10 in 2010 and remained steady until 2013. Today, it holds the 14th rank. It’s alternative spelling is Aidan.

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9. Dayton:

Dayton, meaning ‘light town’ or ‘day town’, sounds like a fitting name for a boy born in August. The name is finding favor with many parents today, probably because it is one of the coolest two-syllable names.

10. Lionel:

Name your son after the famous footballer Messi with this one. It means ‘young lion,’ so it will make a suitable name for your baby Leo. Apart from Messi, Lionel has many other worthy namesakes as well, like Lionel Richie and Lionel Hampton.

11. Napoleon:

Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most prominent historical figures in France. This August child rose to prominence during the French Revolution and even led the Revolutionary Wars. Its meaning, ‘lion of the new city’ would be appropriate for your Leo baby.

12. David:

David William Duchovny, the American writer, actor, director, product, and singer was born on 7th August 1960. He is best known for his role as the FBI agent in the movie The X-files. The name David is one of those few classic August boy names that still have a lot of people going for it. It is simple and has deep Biblical roots.

13. Barack, Obama:

Barack Obama is an August baby too! The American president inherited the name from his Kenyan father. Barack is an alternative spelling for Barak, who in the Old Testament was a tribal leader with exceptional military prowess. You can even go for Obama, which means ‘blessed in Swahili’.

14. Brett:

Brett Hull is the American-Canadian National Hockey League general and player. He is currently the vice president of St. Louis Blues. The name Brett originated in the Middle Ages as an ethnic name for the Bretons who arrived in Britain during the Norman Conquest.

15. Neil:

Neil Armstrong, the astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon, was born on 5th August. The name peaked in popularity in the 1950s and enjoyed a second innings of recognition following the fame of Neil Armstrong. The meaning of this Irish name is ‘cloud’.

16. Andy:

Andy Warhol, born 6th August 1928, was the leading figure in the visual art movement in America. His work explores the relationship between celebrity culture and artistic expression. Andy is the diminutive of Andrew. You can keep Andy as a short form of Andrew.

August Baby Names For Girls:

1. Peridot:

Peridot, the beautiful green gem, is the birthstone of the month. So why not give your baby girl this lovely name? Peridot is said to help people leave the past behind them and was regarded as the symbol of the sun in the ancient times. In Hawaii, Peridot is believed to be the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess. Since its an undiscovered jewel, we think it would make a unique name for your child.

2. Gussie:

Gussie is one of the prettiest nicknames for Augusta. It appeared consistently on the SSA list from the year 1890 to 1947. Gussie Moran, the tennis champion, also known as Gorgeous Gussie, became infamous for her uniform. There have been some male Gussies as well, for instance, Augustus Anheiser and Augustus Fink-Nottle, but we feel that it suits girls more than guys.

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3. Augusta:

Augusta is the female version of the name August. It was bestowed for the first time on Livia, the wife of Emperor Augustus. It continued to be used by the Roman imperial family but was later adopted as the British royal family name. It does seem like the quintessential great grandmother’s name but has a charm to it. It could even join the revived Amelia or Adeline.

4. Gladys:

Gladiolus, the official August flower, can be shortened to Gladys. Gladys was the Harper of the 20th century. Yes, we know it may be hard for you to believe, but it was THAT popular. In fact, it reached as high as #11 at the turn of the 20th century. The name emerged out of nowhere and became a favorite with the writers of the Edwardian novels.

5. Poppy:

Poppy is the August flowers in the UK. Unlike most of the sweet and feminine floral names, Poppy carries loads of spunk with it. It will make an excellent choice for redheads. Jamie Oliver, Brita’s chef, used Poppy for his daughter. But one of the most notable Poppys is “Without a Trace” star Poppy Montgomery.

6. Leonie:

This female version of Leo would be a fitting name for your August number. This chic German and French name exists in several variations, from Leonia to Leona. The pronunciation can be slightly different, but all mean the same. Leonie was also one of the main characters in Proust’s “Remembrance of the Things Past”.

7. Peach:

Peach, the summer fruit that becomes ripe for picking in August, would make a lovely name for your daughter. Unlike other fruit names, Peach is an old-time nickname of American girls. You can also go for Peaches.

8. Coco:

Iconic designer Coco Chanel was born on 19th August. So any child with this name is bound to be passionate, strong and full of determination. This sweet and classic name would work for any girl.

9. Olive:

Why Olive? Because it’s the color of Peridot, August’s birthstone. This bright and beautiful August girl name would be appropriate for your summer bub.

10. Soleil:

There’s nothing better than naming your daughter after the ruling planet of Leo, the sun. The most famous bearer of this name is Soleil Moon Frye, better known as Punky Brewster, who also happens to be an August baby. We’re sure your daughter will be as sweet and spunky as her namesake.

11. Aria:

Meaning ‘Lion’ in Hebrew, Aria would make a beautiful, zodiac-inspired name for your daughter. You can even tweak the spelling match it with Arya, the female warrior from the Game of Thrones.

12. Sienna:

Siena, the name of an Italian city of red clay, has sparked a beautiful girl’s name version, Sienna. The name exudes summery warmth and sunshine.

11. Audrey:

Audrey Justin Tautou is a French actress and model born on 9th August. She received critical acclaim for her debut role in Venus Beauty Institute. The name Audrey continues to rise with every passing year. It rose to #36 in 2014. St. Audrey was also one of the most revered saints in the middle ages.

12. Charlize:

Charlize Theron is a South African and American producer, actress, fashion model and an August baby. She received accolades for the role of a serial killer in Monster. The name Charlize owes its life to this elegant actress. It jumped on the popular list in the year 2004, when she won the Oscar for the lead actress.

13. Viola:

Viola Davis is an August-born African American actress and producer. She is best known for her role in the movie King Hedley. This Latin name has several positive elements. It is associated with a flower, it has the rhythm of a musical instrument, it was the name of Shakespeare’s leading actress and it has a trendy ‘Vi’ beginning. Vila is popular in Italy, where it sits pretty at #15.

14. Cameron:

Cameron Michelle Diaz, the famous American actress, was also born in the month of August. She single-handedly brought this elegant Scottish surname into the girls’ camp, where it received massive popularity. It entered the list in 1980 and reached as high as the 176th spot in 1990. You can even go for Camryn as it is a more feminine spelling.

15. Virginia:

Born on 18th August, Virginia Dare was the first white Christian child born in the British colonies of the new world. This lovely place name has some deep historical roots. The state name Virginia was given by Sir Walter Raleigh to honor Elizabeth I, who was also known as the Virgin Queen. The name was in the top 19 for more than two decades and hit a high sixth spot in 1921. Writer Virginia Woolf is another notable namesake.

Is your baby’s name on the list? Would you ever consider naming your child after the month she was born? Share your views with us by commenting below!

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