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Bacterial And Fungal Infections In Children

Bacterial And Fungal Infections In Children

Do you often feel worried that your child might contract a bacterial or a fungal infection? And do you wonder how you can prevent that from happening? Infections are common in children, and most of them are not very serious. Unlike adults and teenagers, children and babies are susceptible to seasonal infections all round the […]

4 Unexpected Symptoms Of Colon Cancer In Teens


The Colon or the large intestine is as important for the upkeep of our health as are other organs like kidney, lungs and heart. Today, a growing number of teens suffer from colon cancer. Any cancer can be frightening for the patient and her family. And when it comes to colon cancer it’s all the […]

Lung Cancer In Teens - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


Cancer – the very word sends chills down the spine. And if someone dear is the unfortunate one to get affected, that makes matters worse. As per The WHO’s fact sheets, Lung Cancer happens to be the most common cancer in the world. Astonishing, isn’t it? What might come as a bigger surprise is the […]

Is It Safe To Drink Decaf Tea During Pregnancy?

Caffeine – the most important part of our morning routine. One may skip breakfast but not their caffeine. Most people enjoy rather savor, their cup of tea first thing in the morning. It gives them an extra boost to start their day. Caffeine dissolves fast into our bodies and kicks in energy almost instantly. It […]

How To Choose A Good Babysitter?

Parenting is the most beautiful experience in this world. It can also turn very tiring and exhausting, if you try doing everything by yourself without any help. Hence, it is important to find a good babysitter – someone whom you can trust and someone good enough to take good care of your baby and is […]