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Sahabi Names: 75 Best Male Sahaba Names For Baby Boys

Sahabi Names

Islam gives paramount importance to choosing a good name. In fact, it’s the vested right of the infant to be honored with a meaningful name. In the Hadith, Prophet Muhammad says that on the day of resurrection a person will be called by his name and his father’s name. So what could be better than […]

Sahabiyat Names: 75 Sacred Female Sahaba Names For Baby Girls

Sahabiyat Names 75 Female Sahaba Names For Baby Girls

The achievements and influence of the Sahabiyat (female companions of the prophet Mohammad) were pretty evident during the momentous early Islamic era. They were as involved in religion as they were in politics and education. They even sacrificed their lives for the cause of Islam. There just wasn’t a single sphere that did not benefit […]

65 Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

65 Lord Rama Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the embodiment of all the virtues in the world. The ideal son, husband, and king, Lord Rama was the first born of Dasharatha, the king of Ayodhya. Lord Rama is known by various names, such as Ramachandra, Raghava, Koshlendra all of which reflect the facets of […]

100 Magnificent And Royal Rajput Names For Boys And Girls

100 Magnificent And Royal Rajput Names For Boys And Girls

Strong willed, mighty, brave, exalted – these are a few of the many adjectives associated with the Rajputs. The Rajputs are members of the patrilineal clans of central, western, and northern India and some parts of Pakistan. Descending from the Hindu warrior caste, the Rajputs rose to prominence during the 6th century. These valiant warriors with […]

200 Hot Girl Names That Guys Are Most Attracted To

Hot Girl Names

What makes a name hot and sexy? It’s generally presumed that longer and lacier names sound captivating and inviting. But that doesn’t mean short names are not sexy. Lexi, rhyming with sexy, sounds equally sensuous. Apart from these, names with several syllables and vowel endings have an exotic and attractive air, making them look sexy. […]

200 Most Attractive And Hot Guy Names That Women Love

Hot Guy Names

Every name has a meaning. But sometimes, it’s not about the meaning, but the impression it creates on the listeners. A research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that names make over 6% difference in terms of appeal and attractiveness to the opposite sex. The study was replicated by Manchester Metropolitan University, and […]

133 Most Popular Uzbek Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Uzbek Baby Names For Girls And Boys

Uzbekistan, with a culture cradle of more than two millennia, is home to ancient cities and spellbinding architecture, infused deeply with the history of Silk Road. Even Uzbek, the official language of Uzbekistan, has over 35 million speakers all over the world. Now that’s a staggering number. It’s said that the Turkic speakers settled in […]

85 Untapped Hmong Baby Names Perfect For Girls And Boys

Hmong Baby Names Perfect For Girls And Boys

Hmong is an ethnic group native to the Yangtze River basin in China. When a Hmong baby is born, a soul calling ceremony called ‘hu plig’ is held on the third morning after the birth. This is to give the child his name and inform the clan spirit or ‘dab qhuas’ about the baby. The […]

200 Cheerful Afrikaans Baby Names For Boys And Girls

200 Cheerful Afrikaans Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Afrikaans, a Germanic language that originated from the Dutch, is spoken widely in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. While Afrikaans is considered a daughter language of the Dutch and its primary vocabulary is of Dutch origin, it also borrows several words from Portuguese, Malay, and even Bantu language. But Afrikaners do not just use […]

200 Elegant Baby Names With Meanings That Are Posh And Refined

Elegant Baby Names

Short and sassy names might be trendy and fashionable, but they can never take the place of fancy and sophisticated names. Elegant baby names do not just pair well with most last names, but also give the opportunity to chop them down to cute and adorable nicknames. Besides, these names can be quite chic, attracting […]