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Bhavana Navuluri

B.Com, MBABhavana is the chief editor for MomJunction. She has 16 years of experience in content writing, editing, and management. She was a print media journalist for six years, before moving to online.As the chief editor, she guides her team in writing the most authentic content with no compromise on quality or editorial values.On the academic front, Bhavana is a graduate in Commerce, and has done her Masters in Business Administration, with proficiency in Accountancy, Financial Analysis, Business Economics, Planning and People Management.When not writing or editing, she loves to read (and re-read) English classics or spend time with her two children.

200 Cheerful Afrikaans Baby Names For Boys And Girls

200 Cheerful Afrikaans Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Afrikaans, a Germanic language that originated from the Dutch, is spoken widely in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. While Afrikaans is considered a daughter language of the Dutch and its primary vocabulary is of Dutch origin, it also borrows several words from Portuguese, Malay, and even Bantu language. But Afrikaners do not just use […]