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16 Foods Your Baby Can Eat Without Teeth

Babies during the first year might begin to teeth but they do not sprout teeth after all. Finger foods are there for them to eat, but they might get bored or you may want to try something new. Here are some non-baby foods that you can include in your baby’s diet. They are definitely more […]

Must-Have Apps For Moms-To-Be

We are living in amazing tech-driven times where software engineers and geeks around the globe are trying to make living simpler. It is no more only about ordering pizzas through a phone application or booking a movie show. Now you can keep track of your growing fetus using your smartphone. Isn’t that a great news […]

15 Fun Facts About Cars For Kids

Children do not take much time before they blurt out the names of various cars in the market. Surprisingly, they even recognize and differentiate among the various brands. They have their preferences, likes and dislikes about cars, so much so that they can discuss for an hour on the topic with their friends. If you […]

15 Best And Top Schools In Dehradun City

Dehradun boasts of some of the most reputable boarding schools in India. For those who don’t know, the city is called the ‘School Capital of India’ and ‘City of Schools’. The weather conditions around the year make it an ideal location for educational institutes. Be it a day, residential or boarding, Dehradun aces the school […]

Earwax In Toddlers: Should It Be Removed?

The mildly sticky substance that lines up the canal of your ear is not dirt, but it is called ear wax or cerumen. It is a mixture of the secretions produced by the inner lining of your ear canal, the dead skin cells of your ear and the fine hair that lines up the canal. […]

10 Delicious Sugar-Free Snacks For Kids

Are you worried that as the holidays are here, your kid will demand delicious snacks all the time? Do you want to serve sugar-free snacks to keep a tab on your toddler’s calorie intake? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea. Children crave for sweet treats, […]