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No More Soiled Diaper Woes! Here's How!

No More Soiled Diapers Woes! Here's How!

We mothers pull out the stops when it comes to loving our children. And yes, we are not grossed out by whatever our little muchkins do – even if that means changing endless diapers and cleaning the dirtiest of nappies. If you are a new mother, the endless diaper changes will take a while to […]

Unwinding The Muscle Bundle At O2

Unwinding The Muscle Bundle At O2

Imagine a hard day of work! Now multiply that with five or six days. That is how tired we get at the end of one working week. No doubt, our bodies need rest. But is rest all that our bodies need? That is where the magic of massage comes in. How do massages actually help […]

50 Famous Amazigh (Berber) Names For Baby Boys and Girls

Famous Amazigh (Berber) Names For Baby Boys and Girls

Doesn’t Amazigh sound like amazing? And indeed, the people are amazing too. Ethnic group indigenous to North Africa, the Imazighen (plural of Amazigh) are also called Berbers. They are spread across Europe and parts of North Africa. The Berbers were ruled by various empires and thus influenced by different cultures. It is for this reason […]

Did You Know? An Obese Child Can Actually Be Malnourished

Did You Know An Obese Child Can Actually Be Malnourished

Did the pediatrician tell you that your child is suffering from malnutrition even though he is overweight? That could confuse you but is, unfortunately, true. Malnutrition is not just about underweight but overweight too. And interestingly, obesity also occurs due to starvation. Don’t be alarmed yet. There is a way around this, and we’ll tell […]

Nutrition Gaps: What Every Parent Must Know

Nutrition Gaps

As a mom, I’m quite proud of myself! Since I’ve introduced my children to nutritious food early in their lives, they actually love to eat vegetables and fruits at any time of the day. Whenever they are hungry, they grab an apple or orange instead of potato chips or chocolate bars. But recently, I noticed […]