Articles written by Divyatha

6 Secret Foods For A Flat Tummy

Your stubborn belly fat is not something you would want to live with. You must have tried all kinds of diets and exercises, but still not managed to get that flat tummy you always dreamed to flaunt. What if we suggested adding one ingredient in your food would fix that problem? And better still if […]

Can You Use Vicks VapoRub For Babies?

When your child sniffles, it’s so easy to have something as handy as Vicks Vaporub. This menthol-scented, gooey substance has found its presence in almost every household across at least three generations. They swear by it when it comes to alleviating blocked nostrils. Your little one could get desperate with choked nostrils and may find […]

20 Bollywood Quotes On Love – Then And Now

The next time you watch a black & white Bollywood movie, observe this. The duets between the lead pairs are all platonic. Holding hands used to be rare. Chances are that the male and female characters are not even seen together in a scene in the song. Cut to the latest movies, sky is the […]

Guess The Countries Where Babies Cry The Most

When my mother returned from her first visit to the US, she told how she would fawn over the beautiful babies there. She had rarely seen babies cry when she visited a public place. It was an interesting observation, I thought. A smiling baby is the most cloying thing in the world; a crying one […]

Here's Why Baby Boys Should Be Allowed To Cry

Recently when I heard the popular children’s rhyme “What are little boys made of”, it walloped me. If any of you mommies haven’t heard this rhyme, the next lines go – “Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, that’s what little boys are made of.” Further, the rhyme brings a comparison of little girls with […]