Articles written by Divyatha

Here’s Why You Must Not Judge Other Moms

Here’s a little truth that comes with becoming moms. We are not only proud mothers to our little ones, but we also assume that we are super moms who are blessed with immaculate child-rearing skills. Each mother thinks that her way is the best, and her child the best. It might not be entirely wrong […]

Should Pregnant Women Be Screened For Syphilis?

There has been an alarming rise in babies born with syphilis in the US in times. In fact, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are at an all-time high in the US with a significant rise in cases of congenital syphilis. The prompt rise in congenital syphilis has been attributed to a dearth of prenatal care. Given […]

Should Your Baby Sleep In A Bassinet?

Since newborns sleep a lot, you want to give your little one his dedicated space in his little bassinet. But just how safe are bassinets for babies? Given the numerous SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) cases associated with bassinets, would you want to get one for your little one? Well, bassinets are not harmful per […]