Articles written by Hansika Kaushik

Hot Flashes In Teens - 6 Causes And 5 Symptoms

Does your teen have frequent sweating episodes? Does his face turn while he suffers from the sweating episode? Does he suffer from a lack of breath too? If you encounter these situations more than once, there are chances that your teen is suffering from hot flashes. What are hot flashes in women? How do you […]

8 Serious Symptoms Of Tapeworm In Children

8 Serious Symptoms Of Tapeworm In Children

Do you know that tapeworms can reside in your little darling’s intestine? Yes, you heard right! Tapeworms are one of the common reasons for unhealthy and abnormal digestion. But, don’t worry! Read our post and learn all about how tapeworms can affect your child’s digestion. What Is A Tapeworm Infection? A tapeworm is a flat […]

9 Unexpected Symptoms Of Rotavirus In Children

Is your child complaining of abdominal pain of late? Does he seem to drink less fluid recently? If you nodded along, then your child might be suffering from a Rotavirus infection. Read our post here to learn all about the rotavirus infection in children, its causes, symptoms and treatment. What Is Rotavirus? Rotavirus causes gastroenteritis […]