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Harshita Makvana

Harshita is a graduate in commerce and holds a PG Diploma in Patent and Copyrights Law from NALSAR University. She has also pursued CA and has more than three years of internship experience in auditing.Her love for travelling has taken her to various parts of the world, and writing the travelogues has what brought out her love for content writing.Harshita has experience in writing blogs and is passionate about presenting complex subjects in an easy-to-comprehend manner.In her spare time, she works on vegan activism, rescuing animals in need, and trying vegan delicacies.

21 Best Perfumes For Teens in 2019

21 Best Perfumes For Teens in 2019

Fashionable, stylish, and updated with the latest trends. That’s how meticulous teens are when it comes to their appearance. Wouldn’t such a fashionable person want to smell good too? Perfumes for teens are an integral part of their grooming, as smelling good gives a pleasant feeling not just for the person wearing it but also […]

11 Best Slippers For Girls To Buy In 2020

11 Best Slippers For Girls To Buy In 2019

Whether you are chilling at home or want to head out to the beach, you can’t do without a pair of comfortable slippers. Flip flops, slip-ons, clogs… the options are unlimited when it comes to the variety of slippers kids can use. If you’re searching for a cool pair of slippers for girls, you’ve reached […]

15 Best Boots To Buy For Girls In 2020

Blink your eye and the trend changes. Does that happen with footwear as well? Well, not so much. When it comes to boots for girls, you just don’t have to worry for at least some time. They just have to be versatile, easy to wear, and sturdy. In this post, MomJunction shares a list of […]

13 Best Kids Winter Coats To Buy In 2020

Hot cocoa, snowball fights, wind singing in the ears! Winters can be a whole lot of fun for children. But only if the winter essentials are worn right. A really good winter jacket is a wardrobe staple during chilly weather. But is it easy to find the best winter coat for kids? Too many options […]

11 Best Bean Bags To Buy For Kids In 2020

Best Bean Bags To Buy For Kids In 2019

You just entered your child’s room, and the clutter made you furious. Well, you can’t blame it on kids. Childhood is all about such craziness. But if you want their room to look tidy clean, buying bean bags can be one way of decluttering. Bean bags for kids are like storage spaces that double up […]

13 Play Tents To Buy For Kids In 2020

Children’s imagination knows no limits. They can build forts with pillows and canopies with sheets or bedspreads. They are always experimenting while learning something new during playtime. So, why not introduce them to kids’ play tents? Not only will they have lots of fun, but may also create some secret hide-outs while playing! If your […]

15 Best Bikes To Buy For Kids In 2020

Nothing can compare to the sweet pleasure of riding a bike. The freedom you experience with the breeze kissing your face while you move ahead smoothly on your bicycle is indescribable. Cycling is pure joy, and learning to cycle is a skill that every child should know early on. Regular cycling can help the child […]

9 Best Keyboards To Buy For Kids In 2020

Is your child fascinated by musical rhythms? Do they show a keen interest in music classes at school? Or have you noticed them maneuvering easily between those 88 keys at a kids’ party? Maybe it’s time to ignite their passion. Playing a keyboard can be therapeutic, entertaining, and provide a cool learning experience. So, if […]