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15 Exciting Spring Activities For Kids


Entertaining kids is not an easy task, especially when they don’t have school? They can get up to all kinds of mischief, some of which won’t leave you smiling benevolently. So, if you are struggling with some activity ideas to keep them entertained and busy, don’t fret! We at Momjunction, are here to help! We […]

Celebrities Who Have Twins

Celebrities Who Have Twins Babys

Celebrity couples in Hollywood seem to be having a baby boom. We really mean boom because plenty of them have been having twins! Read below to see which celebs have had twinning bundles of joy. 1. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Of course the power couple is the first on our list. Angelina Jolie and […]

Celebs Who Would Be Moms In 2016

Celebs Who Would Be Moms In 2016 - f

Babies seem to be taking over the world – not in the evil genius sense, but like there seems to be a baby boom! For starters, Hollywood seems to have started the trend of people getting pregnant left, right, and centre. Thanks to social media and the internet, we’ve caught up with all the baby […]

 8 Signs That You Are Going Into Labor For Sure

Going Into Labor For Sure

As you may know, there are plenty of signs that tell you if you’re going into labour. It may differ from one to another but several signs are common in all pregnancies. Good, bad, weird and just plain bizarre – keep reading if you want to know what the major labour signs are! For your […]

Pregnancy Weeks 1 To 9 – Here’s What Happens Inside You

Pregnancy Weeks 1 To 9

Many people think of pregnancy progress regarding months or trimesters, but many remain unaware of the weekly development that your baby goes through. And, if you’re curious to know what happens in a mother’s womb for the first few weeks, then keep reading. Weeks 1-4: Your baby is essentially a ball of cells (embryo), which […]

Mom's Pic Of Breast Milk Changing Color Goes Viral

Mom's Pic Of Breast Milk Changing Color Goes Viral

Mom Posts Her Breast Milk’s Side-By-Side Pic And It Goes Viral For The Most Beautiful Reason You know how people say breast milk is the best thing for your baby? Well, it’s most certainly true, especially when your little one falls ill. Before we get to why and how, here’s a little back-story for you. […]

Debunking The Myths Of Optional And Shorter Breastfeeding

Debunking The Myths Of Optional And Shorter Breastfeeding

There are many myths about motherhood, raising kids, and especially more so, breastfeeding. Well, here we talk about some theories and opinions about breastfeeding by the University of Notre Dame’s Dr. Darcia Narvaez. She is the 2015 winner of the APA’s William James Award for research in the psychology of religion, morals and values. Her […]