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Meningococcal Vaccine – Everything You Need To Know

Several vaccines are prescribed for your child right from their birth until they are teens. Meningococcal vaccine is one of them as it protects your kid from meningitis. Read on to know more about the diseases and the effect of vaccines on preventing them.. Meningococcal Vaccine: The vaccine provides protection against bacterial infection called meningococcal (1). […]

Is Celexa (Citalopram) Safe While Breastfeeding?


Breastfeeding triggers the onset of many changes. Some of the ways these changes manifest include postpartum depression, panic disorders, and anxiety attacks. And, even though you may have used quick-fix OTCs like Celexa or Citalopram to treat such conditions earlier in your life, as a breastfeeding mom what if its use affects your nursing baby […]