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Rebecca Malachi

She is a Biotechnologist with a proficiency in areas of genetics, immunology, microbiology, bio-engineering, chemical engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals to name a few. Her expertise in these fields has greatly assisted her in writing medical and life science articles. With 8+ years of work experience in writing for health and wellness, she is now a full-time contributor for She is passionate about giving research-based information to readers in need. Apart from writing, she is a foodie, loves travel, fond of gospel music and enjoys observing nature in silence. Know more about her at:

Tanning during Pregnancy: Is it safe?

Tanning during Pregnancy Is it safe

You like to keep your skin tanned. You do it regularly, especially if it is the summertime or you are going on a holiday. During pregnancy, stress and morning sickness might make your skin look paler, giving you another reason to get your skin tanned. But, can you go for tanning during pregnancy? What are […]

25 Natural Home Remedies For Abortion

25 Natural Home Remedies For Abortion

According to a WHO report, more than 40% of all pregnancies are unplanned, and 50% of these end in induced abortions (1). Pregnancy is beautiful when planned, but it could be a burden when it is unwanted. If you get pregnant when you didn’t want it, then you might consider an abortion. In such a […]

Cord Prolapse: Causes, Diagnosis And Management

Cord Prolapse Causes, Diagnosis And Management

The umbilical cord, which is the key connection between the mom and the developing baby, has three primary functions. Made up of three blood vessels, the cord carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the fetus. In rare cases, some pregnant women could face a complication called cord prolapse, before or during the delivery. In this […]

5 Best Tips For Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

5 Best Tips For Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

Do you plan to breastfeed your toddler into your subsequent pregnancy? If yes, it is imperative that you get enough nutrition, hydration, and energy to support your body, the unborn child, and the nursing child, all at the same time. While breastfeeding during pregnancy is common, you may find yourself with a host of questions […]