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Rohit Garoo

Rohit Garoo took writing as a profession right after finishing his MBA in Marketing. Earlier he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Botany & Zoology from the autonomous St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. Rohit has also done a Stanford University certification course on breastfeeding. This botanist-zoologist turned writer excels at life sciences, and at MomJunction he writes everything about pediatrics and maternal care. In between writing and being overly curious, he spends time cooking, reading, and playing video games. LinkedIn profile –

5 Signs Of Overfeeding A Baby And Steps To Prevent It

Signs Of Overfeeding A Baby And Steps To Prevent It

What causes overfeeding in babies? What are the signs of overfeeding? What are the complications of overfeeding a baby? How to prevent overfeeding in babies? Did it ever occur to you that you could be overfeeding the baby? A baby may not be able to tell when they are full or if they had enough. […]

Brewer's Yeast When Breastfeeding: Does It Improve Milk Supply?

Brewer's Yeast When Breastfeeding Does It Improve Milk Supply

What is brewer’s yeast? Is it safe to take brewer’s yeast while breastfeeding? Does brewer’s yeast help improve breast milk supply? What is ideal brewer’s yeast dosage during lactation? How to take brewer’s yeast during breastfeeding? What are the health benefits of brewer’s yeast? Are there any side effects of brewer’s yeast? When to avoid […]

White Noise For Babies: Benefits & Side-Effects

White Noise For Babies Benefits & Side-Effects

What is white noise? How do babies benefit from white noise? How do you create white noise? What are the side effects of using white noise for babies? What precautions should you take when using white noise for babies? Soothing a cranky and fussy baby is hard. Parents may rely on everything they can think […]

Tylenol For Babies: Safety, Dosage Chart And Side-Effects

Tylenol For Babies Safety, Dosage Chart And Side-Effects

What is Tylenol? Is Tylenol safe for babies? Infant Tylenol dosage chart How to administer Tylenol to a baby? Can you give Tylenol suppository to a baby? What are the things to remember when giving Tylenol to infants? Are there any side effects of infant Tylenol? When not to use infants’ Tylenol without a doctor’s […]

11 Common Causes Of Baby's Cough And Treatment Options

Common Causes Of Baby's Cough And Treatment Options

Why do babies cough? What causes a cough in babies? When to take the baby to the doctor? How is a cough in babies treated? Can you give cough medicine to the baby? How to prevent a cough in babies? An occasional cough wouldn’t bother you. But if your baby coughs continuously and for days […]

18-Month-Old's Developmental Milestones: A Complete Guide

18-Month-Old's Developmental Milestones

18-month-old’s milestone chart An 18-month-old’s developmental milestones Cognitive Physical Social and emotional When to be concerned? How can parents help in the development of an 18-month-old? Yes, babies grow fast. And, very soon they would be able to walk alone, drink from a cup, and remember names of several objects around. All this happens at […]

Physical Development In Infants & Toddlers: Chart And Tips

Physical Development In Infants & Toddlers Chart And Tips

What is physical development in infants and toddlers? Physical development at various age groups 0-3 months 4-6 months 7-9 months 10-12 months 13-15 months 16-18 months 19-21 months 22-24 months 25-29 months 30-36 months Physical development chart Tips to help your baby grow better Babies grow fast. It feels just like yesterday when he was […]

Can You Take Ibuprofen When Breastfeeding?

Can You Take Ibuprofen While Breastfeeding

What is ibuprofen? Is it safe to have ibuprofen while breastfeeding? Concentration of ibuprofen transferred to the breast milk Side effects of ibuprofen on a breastfeeding baby How much of ibuprofen is safe for a breastfeeding mother? When should a breastfeeding mother avoid ibuprofen usage? Tips for ibuprofen usage while breastfeeding Whether it is a […]

Croup In Babies: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Croup In Babies

What is croup? What causes croup in babies? How does a baby get croup? How common is croup? What are the symptoms of croup in babies? How is croup diagnosed? How is it treated? What are the home remedies for croup? How to prevent croup in babies? Frequently asked questions A change in the season […]

Can You Breastfeed With Nipple-Piercings?

Can You Breastfeed With Nipple-Piercings

Do nipple piercings affect breastfeeding? How do nipple piercings affect breastfeeding and the baby? What precautions to take while breastfeeding from a pierced nipple? When to visit a doctor? It seemed like the coolest thing to do at the time. But you have a baby now and may be regretting that nipple piercing you got. […]