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Rohit Garoo

Rohit Garoo took writing as a profession right after finishing his MBA in Marketing. Earlier he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Botany & Zoology from the autonomous St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. Rohit has also done a Stanford University certification course on breastfeeding. This botanist-zoologist turned writer excels at life sciences, and at MomJunction he writes everything about pediatrics and maternal care. In between writing and being overly curious, he spends time cooking, reading, and playing video games. LinkedIn profile –

11 Best Hats To Buy For Kids In 2020

Best Hats To Buy For Kids In1

Nothing can complete the attire as a hat can. Hats add flair and, not to forget, they make your little one look extra adorable. There are a plethora of hat options from which you can find one that matches the design of their dress. You could also add a splash of color to their attire […]

9 Best Laptops To Buy For Kids In 2020

What is the capital of Ethiopia? Why is the sky blue? Do animals use a language to communicate? If your child is always asking you questions like these and more to which you have no answers, you’d probably turn to google as most parents do. But if you teach your child to use the internet, […]

13 Best Water Guns To Buy For Kids In 2020

13 Best Water Guns To Buy For Kids In 2019

Come summer and kids spend most of their time in and around pools and water bodies. Besides swimming and wading around the pool, they like to indulge in a variety of water games while they’re at it. One toy that makes water-time more fun in summers is a water gun. A cool choice for pretend […]

11 Best Flashcards To Buy For Kids In 2020

11 Best Flashcards To Buy For Kids In 2019

Children learn better when they see something. That makes flashcards one of the efficient tools for teaching a child something and helping them remember it too. Flashcards are designed to make learning easy, quick, and simple for a child. They can also be used as educational toys for younger children, enabling them to learn and […]

11 Best Educational STEM Toys For Toddlers

11 Best Educational STEM Toys For Toddlers

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education comprises a significant part of the child’s academics. So, anything you do to help the child get better in these subjects is not a waste. Of the many ways to teach the basic concepts of science and mathematics to children, STEM toys are among the most effective. But […]

15 Best Play Food Sets For Kids To Buy In 2020

A kitchen is often an exciting place for kids, for that is where mom and dad make magic to create yummy sweets, snacks, and other things that they can eat! Kids are curious and eager to learn about everything that adults do, including cooking. Surely, you must’ve had your little ones asking to let them […]

15 Best Jackets To Buy For Boys In 2020

Best Jackets To Buy For Boys In 20191

There’s a chill in the air, indicating that it is time for your young man to sport a jacket to keep himself comfortable outdoors. Jackets are about style as much as they are about warmth and comfort for the child. Jackets for boys are available in a plethora of designs and colors. You can also […]

17 Best Boots To Buy For Boys In 2020

17 Best Boots To Buy For Boys In 2019

Boots are essential for protection from severe weather and harsh terrain. The right type of boots will ensure that your little boy’s feet are protected when outdoors. But not all types of boots are suitable for use in all kinds of weather or terrain. Besides functionality and suitability, the look and fit of the boots […]