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sanjana lagudu

Sanjana graduated in Pharmacy and was then drawn towards management, which made her pursue MBA in Marketing and Finance. It was during her first job, she realised she was good at writing and began freelancing as a writer. Later, she completely moved into content writing and began working as a full-time content writer.Sanjana writes articles on new parenting and relationships. When not writing, she likes to spend her time cooking, doing calligraphy or reading a good book.

10 Unique gender-reveal party ideas

10 Unique gender-reveal party ideas

The gender of the baby is one of the many sweet surprises of pregnancy. Just like all the special moments, the moment of ‘revelation’ can also be celebrated with the couple’s friends and family, as they try to guess the baby’s gender. A gender-reveal party is a surprise party and must be planned such that […]