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Why Do Nipples Become Darker During Pregnancy

Why Do Nipples Become Darker During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one miraculous journey. A woman’s body goes through numerous fascinating transformations, all in the span of nine months. The breasts become fuller, the appetite increases, and so on. There are several breast-related changes a woman can expect after becoming pregnant. All these changes are not only normal but also an indicator that the […]

Why Does Your Baby Move At Night In The Womb?

Why Does Your Baby Move At Night In The Womb

No two babies are the same, even when they are in their mommy’s womb. Feeling them move within is an incredible milestone in an expecting mother’s life. Being active is considered to be a good sign; it generally means that the baby is healthy. And, helps you feel closer to him/her too. While some might […]

Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant [VIDEO]

Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

What are the random stories that you have heard about your arrival into this world? Were you dropped off by the angels or were you told that you were a Christmas gift? Let us pop that bubble for you because it is neither of that. Couples do more than just weaving creative stories about giving […]

Are You Using Deodorants While Breastfeeding?

Are You Using Deodorants While Breastfeeding

Soon after you become a mother, you are in for a bumpy ride. Not only do you have to deal with post-pregnancy weight gain, but you might also suffer from one too many sleepless nights. On top of this, the “stinking” problem is thrown into the mix, another issue for a new mother to deal […]

5 Ways Pregnancy Is Different With Twins

5 Ways Pregnancy Is Different With Twins

Are you pregnant with two little angels? Congratulations! You just got lucky, two times over! With two in your belly, however, comes twice the responsibility too. And, life during pregnancy might not be easy either. Things are definitely going to be a little different from your expectations. In a twin pregnancy, even the risks associated […]

Ways To Increase Male Fertility


When a couple is trying to get pregnant, fertility becomes a persistent question in their mind. While a lot of us discuss how women can work towards becoming more fertile, we tend to forget men. But, infertility is an issue that men face too. This happens when men face difficulty in making their female partner […]

Are Women Losing The Ability To Give Birth Naturally?


For any woman, childbirth is the most magnificent experience of her life. Though the labor can be painful, the joy of holding the baby for the first time more than makes up for everything. But, whenever we talk about it, one of the themes we keep revisiting is the method of childbirth a woman opted […]

What Happens To Your Baby's Head During Birth?

What Happens To Your Baby's Head During Birth

After waiting for nine whole months, a mother is elated when her baby finally arrives into the world. However, more often than not, parents are amused to see their little one’s head. This is because they are born with a stunningly elongated head! Doesn’t this make you wonder what really happens to your newborn’s head […]