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151 Best relationship quotes

“Good words are worth much, and cost little.” — George Herbert You love your partner with no bounds, but have difficulty expressing that love? Well, that’s okay. People have different ways to express their feelings. If you are not comfortable speaking about how you feel, you can consider writing about it. But if you are […]

5 Signs You May Have Trust Issues

How do you rely on anyone who is not you? Love, affection, adoration..? Maybe, but these are not enough to put your confidence in another person. If you are able to rely on someone for everything in your life, without questioning their judgment, it is because you trust them. Trust is what cements the foundation […]

15 Signs She Loves You

“The sky began to fade, as she played her magical charm, and he felt the adrenaline rush.” This is perhaps how you feel when you are in love. The time you spend with her is euphoric, your heart beats madly when she is around, you tend to notice every detail about her, and most importantly, […]

Is It Safe To Have An X-Ray During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Have An X-Ray During Pregnancy

An x-ray is an efficient diagnostic procedure that can provide important information to the doctor and help them analyze the medical condition of the patient. However, the procedure exposes an individual to some amount of radiation, which makes its use for certain people, including pregnant women, questionable. Does this mean that an x-ray can harm […]