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shreeja pillai

Postgraduate in Chemistry and content writer. She has worked as a research analyst with a leading multinational pharmaceutical company and also holds a diploma in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. Her interest in the field of medical research has developed her passion for writing research-based articles. She is a writer for MomJunction and aims at providing informative articles based on health and wellness. Apart from writing, she takes a great interest in music and traveling. know more about her at

11 Best Smartwatches for Kids In 2019

11 Best Smartwatches for Kids In 2019

Children are as trendy and stylish as adults, if not more. They love imitating adults and acquiring accessories that they see the parents and others wear. One such accessory that today’s kids want is a smartwatch. The useful features of these digital watches make them a cool option for children and a practical choice for […]

15 Best nursing pads to buy in 2020

15 Best nursing pads to buy in 2019

Breast milk leakage is a common issue in nursing mothers, who may find it a little embarrassing at times. While you cannot prevent the leakage at all times, you can surely manage it and prevent it from ruining your clothes when you are in the company. One way to do it is to use nursing […]

9 Best Nursing Pajamas To Buy in 2020

Best Nursing Pajama Sets For Women2

Babies need to be fed at regular intervals, and that could become difficult if you are wearing a regular t-shirt. The nursing t-shirts or tops make breastfeeding effortless, especially during the night time. For a new mom or a mom-to-be, maternity and nursing pajama sets could make an excellent alternative. The advantage is that they […]

200 Most Common Surnames Or Last Names In Germany

Germany is a land that has undergone various political and geographical changes. These changes had their influence on German surnames that were often based on the places and the profession of the people. In this MomJunction post, we put across 200 German last names along with their interesting meanings and origins. List Of Popular German […]

15 Best Drum Sets For Kids To Buy In 2020

Best Drum Sets For Kids To Buy In 2019

They sit at the dining table and beat the tabletop rhythmically while they wait for you to get the food. Or they use their pencils to drum the books when they’re doing the homework. If your kids exhibit this kind of behaviour often, then they are probably interested in bass instruments, such as the drums. […]

15 Best Guitars To Buy For Kids In 2020

15 Best Guitars To Buy For Kids In 2019

Does your child love music? Is the toy guitar their favorite thing to play with every day? If yes, it could be time to take their interest forward by introducing them to a real guitar. But should you get them a real one? Maybe yes, if you think their interest in the instrument is more […]