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Sudipta Jana

MA English Pursuing Child Nutrition and Cooking from Stanford UniversitySudipta is an English Major from the University of Hyderabad. Has considerable medical research writing experience, but also enjoys creative writing and the arts. Her writings aim to make highly scientific/ health material easy to understand for a common reader.She is also a National Novel Writing Month awardee. Sudipta loves to hit the roads to find stories and motivation to fill up her canvases and the pages of her diary.

237 Newlywed Game Questions To Ask Couples

237 Newlywed Game Questions To Ask Couples

Newlywed romantic questions Newlywed questions to the wife Newlywed questions to the husband Newlywed funny questions Newlywed cute questions for bonding Are you hosting a party to welcome a newlywed couple? You would want to plan some interesting activity to let everybody at the party know more about the couple. In that case, host a […]

40 Best Gifts for Wife

Your wife makes your life complete. She makes you feel special, gives you emotional support, loves you as you are, and transforms your house into a home. Therefore, the most important person in your life definitely needs occasional pampering with some beautiful and meaningful gifts. What could those gifts be? MomJunction shares a list of […]

20 Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

Children are fascinated by magic, but it’s even better when they can be magicians themselves. Teach your little magician how to do magic right here. MomJunction has curated easy, simple and fun tricks for kids to learn and try. 1. The sugar cube magic Write a number on a sugar cube, melt it but save […]

40 Unique And Special Gifts For Husband

Unique Gifts for Husband Surprise Gifts for Husband Romantic Gifts for Husband Gifts for Husbands Who Have Everything Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts for Husband Picking gifts for men isn’t easy. And when they seem to have everything already the task just gets tougher. But your husband needs a few gifts in addition to […]

101 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

Wedding anniversary wishes to parents Funny anniversary wishes to parents Short anniversary wishes 25th, 50th and 60th wedding anniversary wishes for parents Your parents have made you what you are today. Together, your father and mother have provided you with everything you wanted and been there behind you as you reached new milestones each year. […]

25 Best Movies For Teens

Teenage and high school is hard, yet enamored with a lot of optimism and excitement about what’s going to come. Adolescence brings you once-in-a-lifetime experiences, almost all of which are documented in books and several entertaining movies for teens. From romance, thrill to adventure and crazy action, we find everything in a teenage movie. In […]