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Sudipta Jana

BA, MASudipta is an English Major from the University of Hyderabad. Has considerable medical research writing experience, but also enjoys creative writing and the arts. Her writings aim to make highly scientific/ health material easy to understand for a common reader.She is also a National Novel Writing Month awardee. Sudipta loves to hit the roads to find stories and motivation to fill up her canvases and the pages of her diary.

30 Best Podcasts For Kids

30 Best Podcasts For Kids

What is it that can perk up your little one’s time, make long drives less tedious and little chores more enjoyable? Podcasts are entertaining, kid-friendly and educational, all without a screen. It is the rage of the time!

If you are searching for a new means of entertainment during road trips with kids or fun bedtime stories, then check out MomJunction’s list of the best podcasts for kids; from stories to science, we cover them all.

A podcast is a digital audio file that is available on different websites for download to any audio system like a computer or mobile. The podcasts are usually available as episodes or series and can be either free or paid. They cover several topics from science, music, fun stories, cooking, and meditation to history.

17 Signs That You Are A Strict Parent

Signs That You Are A Strict Parent

What is strict parenting? Signs that you are a strict parent Strict vs. normal parenting What are the advantages of strict parenting? What are the negative effects of strict parenting? You decide everything for your child. They can’t question your rules, and you make sure to know what exactly they are doing and hold them […]

Arthritis In Children: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Arthritis In Children

Jump to: What is juvenile arthritis? What are the various types of juvenile arthritis What causes arthritis in children? What factors increase the risk of JIA? What are the symptoms of JA? How is juvenile arthritis diagnosed? Is there any cure for juvenile arthritis? What is the treatment for juvenile arthritis? Are there any home […]

105 Basic GK Questions And Answers For Kids

Basic GK Questions And Answers For Kids

General knowledge encompasses knowledge of every aspect of life. It may or may not be related to your kid’s academic studies, but it can inadvertently shape their personality, boost confidence, improve academic grades and make conversations extremely interesting. If you want your kid to start learning about myriad things and become smarter with more information at their disposal, you’re at the right place, as Momjunction has a collection of general knowledge questions for kids.

Schizophrenia In Children: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Schizophrenia In Children

What is childhood schizophrenia? What causes schizophrenia in children? Risk factors for COS Signs and symptoms of childhood schizophrenia Complications arising from COS When to see a doctor? Diagnosis of schizophrenia in children Treatment of schizophrenia in children How to take care of the child at home? Does your child complain to you about hearing […]

50 Funny And Harmless Pranks On Kids

50 Funny And Harmless Pranks On Kids

Simple pranks for kids Food pranks Phone pranks Bathroom pranks Sleeping pranks Parenting is not always about teaching and disciplining. It is a kaleidoscope that also includes sharing your emotions with kids, playing with them, and then fooling them sometimes for fun sake. Among the best things to have a great laugh together is to […]

10 Dos And Don'ts Of Step Parenting

Dos And Don'ts Of Step Parenting

What is step-parenting? What are the rewards of being a stepparent? What are the rewards for the child? What are the challenges of step-parenting? What are the dos and don’ts of step-parenting? A parent’s love for their children is natural and unconditional. The bond establishes without much effort probably because it is biological. But can […]

Best Probiotics For Kids In 2018

Probiotics For Kids

What are probiotics? Health benefits of probiotics Types of probiotics: what to choose? Food sources of probiotics How to choose a probiotic for your child? Best probiotics for kids Safety issues to consider before using probiotic supplements Possible side-effects of probiotics Do all probiotics have the same effectiveness on every child? We know bacteria are […]