Articles written by Surbhi Verma

5 Usual Causes Of Depression In Adolescents

Did you know that one out of every four people around you suffers from some kind of mental issue? It is true that most teenagers experience a high imbalance in their psychological state, and depression spreads like an epidemic during these years. Even for the well-adjusted teens, adolescence can be a very disruptive time. Adolescence […]

How To Raise A Smart And Intelligent Child?

Your baby’s brain is like an empty slate when they are born. It starts to develop as they encounter different experiences. The growth of a child’s brain happens in correspondence with the actions and experiences the surrounding offers. Whatever the kid sees, listens and experiences becomes a part of their intellect. Senses like touch, feel, […]

6 Effective Ways To Treat Sore Gums In Babies

One of the biggest excitements of the first year of having your baby is seeing those pearly whites sprout. While some babies are born with a tooth, most babies will develop their whites in the coming months. As with most baby milestones, teething also has its different time in different babies. Some babies may develop […]