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Trupti Gupte Ram

Trupti brings a fresh parenting perspective with an eclectic mix of time tested traditional parenting methods and new modern outlook to raising a child. A passionate mother to a angelic baby girl , Trupti is keen on sharing her research , learning and curiosity with mothers who are venturing into a motherhood.

Top 10 Tips For A Great Maternity Photo Shoot

A maternity photo shoot is one of the most wonderful ways to document your pregnancy. It is the greatest ways to preserve your baby’s moments even before birth, and to keep that happy glow on your face forever intact. If you are planning to go for a maternity photo shoot, don’t be shy about your […]

6 Best Sebamed Baby Products For Your Little Ones

Your newborn baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and soft. It is very important you use the best products to take care of her skin. Your baby’s skin has still not formed a protective layer in the initial days after birth. This is the layer that fights against bacteria, fungus and other harmful substances. Human skin’s […]

5 Ways To Ensure Your Kid Doesn’t Bully Other Kids

Most bullying can be avoided if children are raised to not support bullying in any form. As parents, we need to consciously and constantly imbibe values of companionship, non-violence, caring and loving behavior in our children. We can achieve this by setting examples at home. How you react to situations at home and with your […]