6 Awkward Pregnancy Stories That Will Make You Say, "Ugh"

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Pregnancy is fun, exciting, lovely, and awesome. But what we don’t realize is that it can also be pretty awkward. The crazy symptoms that your body goes through is anything but beautiful. Being pregnant has a lot of ups and downs. It’s a natural part of giving birth to a human. But some symptoms can leave you feeling awkward wishing you never had to go through it again. For this article, we asked our moms at the MomJunction community to share their most awkward pregnancy stories. And while some of them are, well, awkward, others are quite hilarious.

1. The Nacho Crime

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‘I went to a local supermarket on my way from work. I thought I would buy some groceries to make a healthy snack to munch on later when I get back home. But as I was heading towards the groceries, I saw a sample of nachos on aisle 2. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of the big bowl of nachos and shoving the entire bowl of nachos down my face. I could see the salesgirl giving me a cold glare from the corner of my eyes. As I made a quick turn to leave, my huge belly knocked down the bowl and the nachos were scattered all over the ground. Now I had one of two options, I can spend half an hour trying to pick it up from the floor or escape the scene. So I muttered sorry under my breath and got out of the supermarket as fast as I could.’ – Kiran

2. ‘I Let One Rip’


‘Lovemaking is awkward when you are fully pregnant. 5 minutes into the act, I let one rip. I was trying to hold it back for so long that I decided what the hell. I am already growing a baby inside me, I deserve to let go every once in a while. Thankfully my husband didn’t mind it. Instead, we ended up having a good laugh. But it’s safe to say that it definitely ruined the moment.’ – Sarah

3. ‘The One Time I Peed My Pants’

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‘We were having an office Christmas party. Everybody was cracking jokes and having fun. This one guy in my office cracked a lame knock-knock joke. When I look back, I don’t believe it was even that funny. Maybe being 6 months pregnant gave me a weird sense of humor. I couldn’t stop laughing and before I could even register what has happened, I had peed a little too much in my panties. I slowly excused myself from the room and quickly fled to the nearest restroom. Not only have I wet my panties, but my pants too. I discarded my panties and quickly booked a cab home.’ – Nihala

4. ‘I Puked In The Bus’

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‘I usually take the 8:00 am bus to the office every day. It was the first trimester of pregnancy and I was dealing with a serious case of morning sickness. Halfway into the ride, I puked all over the bus seat with some vomit splashing over my colleague’s shoes. The bus stank so bad that even I couldn’t take it anymore. Everybody covered their noses and I was red with embarrassment.’ – Mariya

5. A Serious Case Of Laughter


‘6 months into being pregnant, my husband and I decided it’s time to attend a few birthing classes to prepare ourselves for the big event. There were 9 couples, and the instructor had a small baby doll to explain the birthing process. As soon as she whipped the doll out of her lady parts, I couldn’t stop giggling. I laughed so hard that tears started rolling down my cheeks. All eyes were on us and my husband had to excuse ourselves out of the class until I could regain my composure.’ – Varsha

6. ‘My Worst Nightmare Came True’


‘My husband and I went for the regular gyno appointment after we confirmed our pregnancy. He had picked out the best gyno in town. When the doctor entered the room, I realized that it was my ex’s girlfriend. I breathed a sigh of relief thinking she had forgotten who I am. So I resisted the urge to run out and instead spread my legs in the chair. As she was examing my lady bits, she asked if I remember who she is. It was the most awkward 10 minutes of my life. PS: I still regret not shaving that day.’ – Shilpa

Did you have any awkward moments during your pregnancy? Share your stories in the comment section below.

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