Baby Boomer Names That Are Making A Comeback

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Picking a name for your little bundle of joy is one of the most important decisions moms and dads make in their journey to parenthood. It is also one of the most challenging decisions as no parent wants their child to come back from school crying about how everyone teases their name or finds it too difficult to pronounce and spell. That’s a big no-no!

While choosing the perfect name for their little one, some parents-to-be like to steer away from traditions and come up with uncommon monikers such as Ashley, Arya, and Channing. These names are in vogue among the millennial generation. Others might turn to hipster name options that sound super-cool and feel trendy at the moment, such as Olive, Lola, and even Rain. But, for some parents, these names can be a little too trendy, and they would instead rely on traditional baby names as they make a safe bet and as they are just too adorable. Some traditional baby name options are Daisy, Delilah, and Atticus.

If you are searching for unique, cute, and memorable names for your baby, we have a suggestion for you. Why not turn back time and take inspiration from our older generations? You might call them old-fashioned, but these names are making a comeback, and we are excited about it! Especially these six adorable boomer names that you might have totally forgotten about. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Top Baby Boomer Names For Boys

1. Archie

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The name Archie is becoming increasingly popular and has popped back as one of the most loved baby names since 2019. The name perfectly fits the “cute baby names” trend and has a British feel to it. Of course, it’s also the name given to the son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. The name is also easily recognized with the famous comic book series character ‘Archies’.

It is an adorable name that in spite of being antique has a modern feel to it. This Scottish and English origin name means “genuine and bold”. Be sure that your little one will carry this name pride and panache.

2. James


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James was the most popular name of the 50s according to social security records (1). In modern times the name is again making a significant comeback. James occupied the 6th position in the most popular names list in 2020 (2).

Come to think of it, James is a ubiquitous name. Be in James Bond, or James Corden or King James himself, there is no dearth of successful James. The name is short and sweet and can be easily pronounced and remembered. James is a derivation of the Hebrew name Jacob which translates to mean “supplanter:”.

3. William


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William is a name that has been part of European culture for hundreds of years. The name is of German origin and is a derivation from the German name “Wilhelm” which means “strong”. Many Kings, leaders, and aristocrats in the past have borne this name. During the baby boomer period, especially the 1950s, William occupied the 6th position as the most popular name in the USA (1). The name has seen a high resurgence again in modern times. In 2020, the name occupied the 5th position in the most popular list of names (2). What could be the reason for this resurgence? We don’t know the exact reason, but the name catching the fancy of parents is a sure thing.

If you are wondering about namesakes look no further. Prince William with his charming sophisticated smile is a good enough reason to name your baby William. The name can also be shortened to ‘Liam’ when you need a nickname for home use.

4. Eli

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A short yet sweet name for boys, Eli is one of the famous baby names known for its simplicity. Parents are currently loving the “short name” trend for babies, and we are sure to see a lot of baby girls named Eli too. Pretty cool, right?

Of Hebrew origin, the name Eli means “high” or “elevated”. Pronounce it as ee-laiand not elly. It is short, simple, and oh-so-adorable!

Top Baby Boomer Names For Girls

1. Roselyn

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Roselyn is one of the most popular baby girl boomer names. It is both recognizable and uncommon. Names ending with “lyn” have been trending in recent years, and other name choices with the suffix are predicted to emerge soon. Other popular girl names ending with “lyn” are Brooklyn and Evelyn. The name Roselyn is sweet, simple to say, and has a beautiful meaning that translates to “beautiful rose”.

2. Scarlett

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This is one of the names from the older generations that has made its way back to the list of popular baby names in recent years. Parents are sure to love this name as it is old-fashioned but also comes with a fancy twist. It is the main character’s name in the movie Gone With The Wind — a cult favorite and an epic American historical romance film.

Although it might sound like an old-lady name to some, the name exudes confidence and class. It is sweet, unique, and also the name of many famous personalities.

3. Billie

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The name Billie was a trending name in the older generations, thanks to a famous singer Billie Holiday, who had an innovative influence on pop singing and jazz music. And today, we are expecting this name to make a massive comeback due to present-day American singer Billie Eilish.

It is incredibly stylish, easy to pronounce, and one-of-a-kind. The name translates to mean “determination and strength”. It can be a good name for baby boys too. And yes, who wouldn’t want to name their children after such famous singers and songwriters?

4. Luna

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If you love astronomy, space exploration, and stars, then you should definitely think about picking the name Luna for your daughter. Luna is a cosmos-inspired name, perfect for your little missy. It is short, uncommon, and captivating. The name is of Latin origin and means “moon”. You might also recognize the name from ancient Roman Mythology, where Luna was the “Moon Goddess”. Fascinating, isn’t it?

It is beautiful, unique, and space-themed. Your child will be that one student in their class who doesn’t have to share their name with other kids. And who knows, maybe if you name your child Luna, she might be as quirky and brave as Luna Lovegood! (Potterheads will understand what we’re talking about).

Your little one deserves an awesome moniker that matches their special and unique personality. We hope these beautiful names are a perfect inspiration for parents-to-be as they are sweet, meaningful, and incredibly adorable. What other baby boomer names do you think should make a comeback? Post your suggestions in the comments below.


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