202 Baby Names That Mean 'Ocean' Or 'Sea'

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Thalassophiles, meaning people who love oceans, may look for some interesting ocean names for their kids as soon as they know of the pregnancy. The good news for parents looking for unique ocean-related names is that just like more than 80% of the ocean is unexplored, there are plenty of unique names related to the ocean (1). Home to colorful underwater animals such as fishes, coral reefs, seashells, oysters, and other beautiful flora and fauna, the world under the ocean is a breathtaking place. Read this post if you are parents looking for names inspired by the gorgeousness of the underwater world. We bring a comprehensive list of names for boys and girls that convey something about the ocean or the sea.

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Ocean Names For Girls

1. Athena

According to Greek mythology, “Athena” was the goddess who defeated the ocean god Poseidon in a contest to become the protector of Athens.

2. Adira

Adira in Hebrew means powerful, strong, and noble – terms you would generally associate with the ocean.

3. Asherah

Asherah is a Persian name meaning “she who walks in the ocean.” It is an apt name for baby girls born under the water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.

4. Avisa

This is a remarkable Sanskrit name meaning “the ocean.”

5. Beryl

This name has a Greek origin and refers to greenish or bluish crystals or jewels found in the oceans.

6. Bloom

Bloom is a name relating to the sea algae that bloom underwater

The original name Bloom is derived from German and means “flower.” But regarding the ocean, this name immediately reminds us of the algae blooms that form the base of the marine food web.

7. Cari

This short Turkish name means “one who flows smoothly like water.”

8. Derya

This beautiful and short Turkish name is derived from the Persian “Darya” and means “ocean.”

9. Dipsi

This word means “ocean” in the Bislama language.

10. Doris

This Greek-origin name has a unique meaning —  a gift of the ocean!

11. Firth

Firth is a graceful baby girl name that means “arm of the ocean” in Scottish.

12. Ginevra

This girl’s name of Italian origin means “a white wave or shadow.”

13. Gali

This popular Hebrew-origin name is one of the most loved names and means “my wave.”

14. Jaladri

This Sudanese word means “ocean.” It makes a great choice as a girl name.

15. Jennifer

You must have heard this name! This popular name is the Cornish variation of Guinevere and means “a white wave.”

16. Kai

Kai is a Hawaiian name meaning “pure ocean.”

17. Kaimana

This Hawaiian name has a powerful meaning. It is a tribute to the ocean and nature and means “power of the ocean.”

18. Lana

If your baby has brought peace into your life, choose this Hawaiian word meaning “calm as still waters.”

19. Marina

With the name Marina, your daughter would be feeling the closest to the ocean as it means “of the sea.” It is derived from the Latin Marinus.

20. Meryl

It is a girl’s name of English origin and means “sparkling water of the ocean.”

protip_icon Trivia
Academy award-winning actress, Meryl Streep is a popular namesake.

21. Mira

This Latin-origin name has several beautiful meanings, of which one is “ocean.”

22. Oceane

This stylish and pretty name means “ocean” and is of French origin.

23. Oceania

It is a perfect name inspired by the word “ocean.” It means “of the ocean.”

24. Oki

Oki is a girl’s name in Finnish, meaning “middle of the ocean.”

25. Ondine

This cute Latin name means “little wave.” Would you like to call your little girl with this pretty name? It also refers to the “spirit of the waters” in European mythology.

26. Pasha

Pasha is a Greek- and Russian-origin name for girls meaning “of the ocean.”

27. Samudra

This Sanskrit term refers to the ocean, and literally means the “gathering together of waters.”

28. Tasi

In Chamorro language, Tasi means “ocean.”

29. Umi

This short and sweet Japanese word means “ocean.”

30. Vanora

This Old Welsh-origin word means “white wave.”

31. Zaria

Zaria is an alluring name for a girl. It is of Kurdish origin and means “ocean.” 

Sea Names For Girls

32. Amphitrite

In Greek mythology, Amphitrite was the goddess-queen of the sea.

33. Anamary

This beautiful baby girl’s name is a blend of “any,” meaning “grace,” and “mary,” meaning “a drop of the sea.”

34. Aramoana

This enchanting name for girls means “pathway of the sea.” It is also the name of a settlement in New Zealand.

35. Asherah

This ancient name is suitable for those born under the water signs. It refers to a mother goddess in ancient Semitic religion. She is often referred to as “she who walks on the sea.”

36. Aukai

Aukai is a Hawaiian name for girls, meaning “explorer of the sea.”

37. Coral

The name is self-explanatory and will surely make you think of colorful coral reefs found in the sea.

38. Coraline

This refers to a type of coral algae from the sea. It is a feminine name apt for a baby girl.

39. Cordelia

This beautiful name is known to be derived from the Celtic name “Creiryddlydd,” meaning “daughter of the sea.”

40. Daria

It is the feminine form of Darius, a Persian royal name meaning “the sea.”

41. Daryah

This is the old Persian spelling of Darya, meaning “the sea.”

42. Delja

This name is of Polish origin and means “daughter of the sea.”

43. Delmar

This Spanish name means “of the sea.”

44. Deniz

This popular Turkish unisex name means “the sea.”

45. Doria

The Greek word “Doria” means “from the sea.”

46. Doris

In Greek mythology, Doris was a sea goddess and mother of the fifty Nereides.

47. Esmarie

This unique and modern name is a combination of two names, “Esme,” meaning loved or esteemed,” and “Marie,” meaning “drop of the sea.”

48. Firtha

This Scottish word means “woman of the sea.”

49. Guinevere

This beautiful Welsh word means “white wave or white shadow.”

50. Hali

Hali is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “the sea.”

51. Hama

If your baby girl was born near the coast or shore, name her Hama. It is a Japanese name that means “seashore, beach, or seacoast.”

52. Iluka

This is a Yaygir Aboriginal baby name meaning “by the sea.” It is also the name of two Australian towns.

53. Itsaso

This is a Spanish name for girls meaning “the sea.”

54. Jeanmarie

This divine word is a combination of two names, where “Jean” stands for “God is gracious” and “Marie” stands for “drop of the sea.”

55. Jenna

This fresh word is a diminutive of Jennifer, which means “white wave or white shadow.”

56. Kai

The Japanese word kai means “sea.” In Hawaiian, the word means “joyful sea.”

57. Kailani

This Hawaiin name means “sea and sky” and is a popular girl’s name.

58. Kairi

The Japanese-origin name means “sea or ocean village.” It is also the name of a leading character in the video game Kingdom Hearts.

59. Llyr

This lovely name is of Welsh origin and means “the sea.” It was also the name of the Welsh god of the sea.

60. Malek

This Arabic- and Greenlandic-origin name is quite popular amongst African-American parents. It means “wave.”

61. Manami

This Japanese word has many meanings, one of which is “love sea,” where “mana” means “love,” and “mi” means “sea.”

62. Maraja

This name means “made of the sea” in the Esperanto language.

63. Marcelline

This graceful and fresh name means “defender of the sea” and is of French origin.

64. Maree

This name is a variant of the Latin name “Mary” and means “star of the sea.”

65. Marella

Marella is a Latin name for girls, meaning “star of the sea.”

66. Marica

It means “a drop of the sea” and is derived from the Croatian and Hungarian word “Maria.”

67. Mairin

This is a popular name of Irish origin, meaning “star of the sea.”

68. Marin

This name is of Japanese origin and means “sea” or “ocean.”

69. Marissa

This feminine name used in the Western culture is a derivative of the Latin word “maris,” meaning “of the sea.”

70. Maurea

This name refers to a seashell and is a gorgeous name for a baby girl.

71. Mazu

Mazu, also spelled Matsu, is a goddess of the sea in Chinese mythology. If you wish your little daughter to grow up devoted to her family, give her this name.

72. Mariah

Mariah is a popular name of Latin and Hebrew origin with different meanings, one of which is “drop of the sea.”

protip_icon Quick fact
The Latin origin meaning of Mariah is “The Lord is my teacher.”

73. Maribel

This French-origin name sounds similar to the name Isabel. It means “a drop of the sea.”

74. Marienka

This Czech word means “a drop of the sea” and is derived from “Maria.”

75. Merlin

This modern name is of Welsh origin and means “sea fortress.”

76. Moana

The name “Moana” is of Hawaiian origin and means “sea.” It is also the name of a popular Disney character.

77. Molly

This short and crispy name is a pet form of “Mary,” meaning  “star of the sea” in Irish.

78. Morgana

This name is a derivative of the name Morgan, meaning “circling sea.”

79. Morwen

This Welsh-origin word is a perfect name for a girl child and means “white sea.”

80. Morwenna

This Welsh name for girls means “wave of the sea.”

81. Murial

This name would be perfect for your charming little one. It means “of the bright sea” in Irish.

82. Nerida

Here is another charming Greek girl’s name. It means “sea nymph” or “mermaid.”

83. Nerissa

This is a beautiful girl’s name of Greek origin and means “from the sea.”

84. Ngaio

This Maori-origin word is a beautiful girl’s name meaning “reflections on the water.”

85. Nixie

This name is inspired by German folklore and refers to the mermaid-like spirit Nixie, who lives in a beautiful underwater palace.

86. Nori

Nori in Japanese means “seaweed.” It is also the name of Kim Kardashian’s daughter.

87. Oshun

It refers to the Yoruba goddess of love, beauty, fertility, and water.

88. Pavati

This Native American Hopi word means “clear water.”

89. Rianne

This popular Dutch name is the short form of Marianne and is a blend of “Maria (Ria),” meaning “drop of the sea,” and “Anne,” meaning “grace.”

90. Rosemary

It is derived from the Latin words “ros marinus,” meaning “dew of the sea.”

91. Sagari

It is an Indian origin name meaning “daughter of the sea.”

92. Sedna

It was the name of the goddess of the sea and aquatic animals in Inuit mythology.

93. Selkie

This Scottish-origin name means “seal folk.” In Norse and Celtic mythology, selkies were beings capable of changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin.

94. Sereia

This Portuguese name means “mermaid.” It is a popular girl’s name.

95. Stella Maris

This lovely name means “star of the sea” and is of Latin origin. It is also a divine name used to refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

96. Thalassa

This Greek word means “the sea.” It is also the name of a sea goddess in Greek mythology.

97. Topanga

This exotic Native American name has a beautiful meaning — “where the mountain meets the sea.”

98. Ula

Daughters are precious, and this name truly justifies that! This Celtic word means “gem of the sea.”

99. Umiko

Umiko is a Japanese word meaning “child of the sea.”

100. Umina

This Japanese word has a special meaning — sea or emerald.

101. Vaiana

This pretty name means ”water cave” in Polynesian/Tahitian.

102. Venus

In Greek mythology, Venus is known to have arisen from the sea. It is a perfect name for your little girl. 

Ocean Names For Boys

103. Aashvith

It is an Indian-origin name meaning “ocean.”

104. Aegir

In Norse mythology, Aegir was the “god of the ocean.”

105. Amav

Amav is a Sanskrit-origin name with several meanings, one of which is “ocean.”

106. Aranab

Aranab is a Bengali-origin name that means “ocean.”

107. Arnav

This Indian-origin name means “deep ocean.”

108. Alon

This short baby name for boys means “waves” in Tagalog.

109. Barbeau

Barbeau is a name of French origin and means “fisherman.”

110. Bien

This sweet, little Vietnamese word means “ocean.”

111. Buhair

This name is another form of the word “bahr.” The meaning of this Arabic name for boys is “little ocean.”

112. Chardon

This native American name means “an oceanic sand bar.”

113. Delmar

Of Spanish origin, this name means “of the ocean.”

114. Gyatso

This strong and influential name means ”ocean” in Tibetan.

115. Hector

This name refers to a species of small and attractive dolphins found in shallow coastal waters of New Zealand.

protip_icon Trivia
In Greek mythology, Hector was the prince of the Trojan and one of the heroes of the Trojan war.

116. Heli

This unisex name of Welsh origin means “saltwater of the ocean.”

117. Hilol

This short word of Indian origin has a cheerful meaning to it — “a wave of joy.”

118. Iravan

It is a Hindu-origin name meaning “the king of the ocean.”

119. Marino

Marino is an Italian name of Latin origin, meaning “of the ocean.”

120. Marinus

This Latin-origin word means “of the ocean” or “pertaining to the ocean.”

121. Nadish

It is an Indian-origin baby boy’s name meaning “the god of the ocean.”

122. Nagisa

This word means “a calm beach” and is of Japanese origin.

123. Nawfal

It is an old Arabic name for boys meaning “ocean or sea.”

124. Okeanos

As per Greek mythology, Okeanos (Oceanos) was the god of the water body surrounding the earth.

125. Orman

It is an Indian origin name with multiple meanings, one of which is “mariner.”

126. Pelagic

It is a Greek word for “ocean” and is a great choice for babies born under the water signs.

127. Poseidon

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the “god of the ocean/sea.”

128. Rafferty

It is a baby boy name of Irish origin, meaning floodtide.

129. Rinus

Rinus is a variant of the Latin word Linus and means “of the ocean.”

130. Samandar

Samandar is an Urdu word meaning “ocean/sea.”

131. Segar

This Curacao name has a powerful and strong meaning to it. It means “an ocean fighter.”

132. Sindhunath

This Indian-origin name means “lord of the ocean.”

133. Talaia

Talaia is of Tibetan origin and means “ocean.”

134. River

River is a beautiful name for baby boys. It is associated with the ocean or sea as all rivers lead to the ocean ultimately.

135. Ronan

This Irish name is perfect for your cheerful and naughty baby boy. It means “little seal.”

136. Tadahiro

It is of Japanese origin and means “faithful ocean.”

137. Tethys

If you are looking for a graceful and ancient baby boy name related to the ocean, this name is a good choice as Tethys was the name of an ancient ocean during the Mesozoic Era.

138. Trent

This Latin-origin name carries the meaning “gushing waters.”

139. Vaarin

Vaarin is an Indian origin name meaning “ocean.”

140. Varindra

Varindra is a Sikh or Punjabi name meaning “lord of the sea.”

141. Wade

The word wade means to walk through shallow water; the water on the shores of oceans and seas is shallow.


Zulimar is a lovely Spanish name for boys and means “blue ocean.” 

Sea Names For Boys

143. Aqua

Aqua is generally associated with the greenish-blue shade of water. In Latin, it means “water, the sea, or rain.”

144. Barun

Barun is derived from Sanskrit and means “lord of the sea.”

145. Bedo

It is the masculine form of the pet name of Meredith and means “sea lord.”

146. Calder

The meaning of this traditional English and Scottish name is “rough waters.”

147. Caspian

This popular name for boys is inspired by the salty Caspian sea that lies between Europe and Asia.

148. Cormorant

This English baby boy name refers to a large diving bird that breeds on coastal cliffs.

149. Cove

If you are looking for a unique and sweet name for your boy, name him Cove. The word means “a small bay or coastal inlet.”

150. Culbart

This unique English name means “a seaman.”

151. Deneez

This Turkish-origin unisex name means “sea.”

152. Dover

This Welsh word means “water.” It is also the name of a town and seaport on the English Channel.

153. Dylan

This Welsh-origin name means “son of the sea.”

154. Dynell

The name has English-American origins and means “man of the sea.”

155. Earwyn

This popular English name for boys means “friend of the sea.”

156. Edmar

It is an English name meaning “wealthy sea.” If you wish your little boy to bring you prosperity and wealth in your life, name him Edmar.

157. Galron

This sweet name for baby boys means “wave of joy.”


This name means “sea competition” and is of Scandinavian origin.

159. Haveloek

If you see a strong man in your child, this name makes the best choice. It means “a warrior who takes part in sea battles.”

160. Halloran

This gracious baby boy’s name is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic word  “O’hAllmhurain” and means “a stranger from across the sea.”

161. Hurley

This Irish name for boys means “sea tide.”

162. Irving

Irving is a Scottish name that was earlier a surname. It is now a popular first name amongst Scottish people. Irving means a “green river” or “sea friend.”

163. Kaiaka

This beautiful name is of Hawaiian origin and means “shadowed sea.”

164. Kajartan

This name is an Old Norse name meaning “sea warrior.”

165. Kaito

Kaito is a Japanese-origin word that means “ocean or sea.”

166. Lemarr

This Old German and Old French name for boys is an alternative form of “Lamar” and means “of the sea.”

167. Leomaris

The powerful and masculine Latin-origin name means “lion of the sea.”

168. Lir

This name refers to a “sea god” in Irish mythology.

169. Marv

Marv is the short form of Marvin and means “friend of the sea” in Celtic. It is one of the many meanings of this word.

170. Marius

This name is believed to be derived from the Latin word “mare,” meaning “sea.”

171. Maredudd

This Welsh-origin word epitomizes power and strength and means “sea day or sea sun” in Welsh.

172. Mariner

This unisex word is derived from the Latin word “marinus” and means “seafarer.”

173. Marion

Marion is a Hebrew word meaning “a drop of the sea.”

174. Marlin

This unique unisex name is of Old English and Welsh origins and means “land near the sea fortress.”

175. Marvin

Marvin is a Welsh name meaning “sea hill.”

176. Maury

This Latin name for boys means “sea channel.”

177. Meriadoc

Meriadoc is an exotic boy’s name derived from the Welsh name “Meiriadog.” It means”head of the sea.”

178. Meris

This Latin name for a baby boy is a variant of “Maris” and means “of the sea.”

179. Mirren

Miren is a unisex name of Gaelic, Scottish, Irish origins and means “a drop of the sea.”

180. Moray

Moray is a unique name of Scottish origin and means “sea.”

181. Morrissey

This name can make the perfect sea name for your son. It means “choice of the sea” and is of Irish origin.

182. Moriarity

If you are looking for a solid name for your boy, “Moriarity” is a perfect choice. It is an Anglicized version of the Irish name, “Ó Muircheartaigh,” meaning “warrior of the sea.”

183. Morrow

This strong and powerful name of Scottish origin means “sea warrior.”

184. Murdoch

It is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic personal name “Muire(adh)ach,” and means “sea battler.” It can also be spelled Murdock.

185. Muriel

It is a unisex name of Celtic origin, meaning “bright sea.” It is a perfect name for your wondrous baby boy.

186. Neptune

This is a romantic name given to the Roman god of the sea and water.

187. Nemuel

This surreal name of Hebrew origin means “God’s sea.”

188. Paio

It is a Latin-origin name meaning “belonging to the sea.”

189. Pelagios

It is a name of Greek origin meaning “from the sea.”

190. Plubio

This masculine word is apt for a strong boy. It means “man of the sea” in Greek.

191. Proteo

This beautiful name is of Old Greek origin and means “lord of the waves.”

192. Reef

If coral is for girls, then reef is for boys. The unique and exotic name refers to “a strip of beautiful rocks near the sea’s surface.”

193. Regal

This is a boy’s name inspired by a sea creature — the beautiful regal angelfish.

194. Ridley

This cute and joyful name for your charming boy is inspired by the little tropical sea turtle.

195. Sagar

Sagar is a Sanskrit word meaning “sea.”

196. Seibert

This lovely name is of English origin and means “bright sea.”

197. Tasman

This is the name of the sea located between Australia and New Zealand.

198. Triton

In Greek mythology, Triton was a demigod of the sea and son of Poseidon.

199. Valdrin

It is an Albanian name for boys and means “wave.”

200. Warrain

Warrain is a powerful boy’s name of Aboriginal origins and means “one who belongs to the sea.”

201. Yabarak

Yabarak is an Australian-origin name meaning “sea.”

202. Zale

This Greek-origin word means “power or strength of the sea.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there cultural or historical significances associated with names that mean ‘ocean’ or ‘sea’?

Throughout history, oceans and seas have been really important for humans. They helped with exploring, trading, and stories. In stories from ancient Greece, the name Athena holds great significance. It was the name of a goddess who beat the ocean god Poseidon to guard Athens (2). Another name, Segar from Curacao, means ‘an ocean fighter.’ Many people may view ocean-related names in their own special ways, which makes these names full of different meanings.

2. How can choosing a name related to the ocean impact a child’s personality or life?

Names linked to the ocean often hold special meanings like depth, mystery, vastness, and adventure. Oceans are famous for enduring storms and adjusting to shifts. If a child has a name inspired by the ocean, they could take in these traits and grow stronger when facing problems. But how much an ocean-related name affects a child will be different for each person.

The plethora of ocean names sounds exotic, unique, and inspired by the stunning underwater life. The list mentions names with different meanings, so you can pick the one that describes your baby most accurately. Go through them twice and thrice to explore all these names and get more information. You may even perform your research and compare the names before selecting the best one for your baby girl or boy.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Infographic: Baby Names Meaning Ocean Or Sea

Love being around the waters? Who doesn’t, but many would not know that they could name their babies based on a water body. So, if you are enchanted by the ocean and the marvelous underwater life, this infographic lists some interesting baby names meaning ocean or sea, which are worth checking out.

beautiful ocean inspired baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Do you want to name your little one after the vastness of the ocean or the sea? We have it for you! Watch this video and dive into the wonders of the sea as you search for the ideal name for your precious bundle of joy.


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1. How much of the ocean have we explored?; National Ocean Service

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