Baby Development Month By Month

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From newborn to toddler, it just takes 12 months for your baby to undergo an unbelievable transformation. Babies grow at a rapid pace and every proceeding month brings in new developments. It is obvious that all new parents wonder what to expect next in their baby and how to know if their baby’s development is in the right track. No matter what pace your baby develops, there is a fairly wide window for a baby to reach every developmental stage.

You can look forward to your baby reaching many milestones in the first 12 months like crawling, babbling, teething and grasping. If your baby can reach one milestone sooner, she may get another one later since her body will be busy in perfecting one skill. Keeping all these variations in mind, learn what is normal and what to expect each month of your babies first year. Here is an infographic that acquaints you with such information.

Growth Milestones – Baby Development Month By Month:

1st Month:

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  • Your baby is growing fast
  • Makes eye contact
  • Cries for help
  • Reacts to parents’ voices and smiles

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2nd Month:

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  • Your baby becomes more plump
  • Learns giving social smile and studying faces
  • Concentrates on looking at people than objects
  • Murmurs and gurgles in response to sounds
  • Expresses anger

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3rd Month:

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  • You will see a remarkable pattern in your baby’s schedule
  • Smiles back when you smile, the lovely smile involves the whole body – arms lift up, hands open wide and legs move
  • Smiles and gurgles to get your attention
  • Imitates facial expressions and certain movements

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4th Month:

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  • Pushes up arms when lying on stomach
  • Grabs object to get them
  • Laughs out aloud
  • Enjoys playing and cries when playtime is disrupted

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5th Month:

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  • Becomes assertive
  • Starts rolling in one or other direction
  • Learns to transfer objects from one hand to another
  • Blows spit bubbles
  • Cries for mom or dad if they are out of sight
  • Loves to play during feeding

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6th Month:

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  • Rolls over both the ways
  • Scratches small objects to reach them
  • Babbles and makes noises like squeals and murmurs
  • Tends to be either gentle or active

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7th Month:

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  • Starts crawling, scooting
  • Learns to use thumb and fingers
  • Enjoys being in social environment
  • Expresses anger in a strong way
  • Mimics adults sounds

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8th Month:

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  • Sits perfectly without any support
  • Tries clapping hands
  • Responds when you call your baby by name
  • May get anxious or shy with strangers

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9th Month:

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  • Tries to crawl and climb stairs
  • Imitates gestures that others make
  • Likes playing with the parent (with mom when she is cooking)
  • Learns object permanence

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10th Month:

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  • Tries to stand
  • Shuffles and again settles toys
  • Self-esteem begins
  • Responds to clapping
  • Shows all moods like happy, sad and anger

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11th Month:

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  • Does not allow you reading books or paper
  • Tries saying mama or dada
  • Will not be cooperative
  • Loves bathing time

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12th Month:

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  • Stands without any support and takes first steps
  • Tries speaking 2 to 3 words
  • Helps while you are dressing like pushing hands into sleeves
  • Shows temper tantrums
  • Develops sense of humor

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Your baby will undergo an amazing transformation in the first year of life. He or she will have about tripled birth weight. Keep watching the baby growth stages. Also keep in mind that all babies grow at his or her pace.If you do not see any of the milestone of baby month by month as stated, it is completely normal in baby’s development.

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