50 Creative And Lifelike Color Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Drew Barrymore settled for ‘Frankie’ as a moniker for her second daughter. For a moment, she considered Hazel but dumped it later. Do you know why? Well, she had used Olive for her eldest daughter, and two shades of green in one family were a strict no-no for her. The trend of color baby names is catching on quite fast!

The use of color names for babies began with Amber, Rose, and much later Indigo. Now, names like Scarlet, Violet, Zinc, and Azure have also taken up spots on popular baby names lists. If you want to brighten up your life with a color-inspired name for your baby, peruse MomJunction’s collection here.

Color Baby Names For Boys:

1. Indigo:

Indigo is one of the most evocative of the current generation color names. It’s based on the dark bluish purple dye that is obtained from plants. This name is predicted to enjoy a serious upturn in fortune. Lou Diamond Philips used it for his daughter, but we think it would suit boys more than girls.

2. Coal:

No, we have not made up this name. Coal is actually a name derived from the Old English word Cola, which means ‘coal black.’ Cole is a spelling variation of this name, with its most notable bearer being Cole Porter, the American songwriter, and composer.

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3. Morado:

The male name Morado is inspired by the color purple. It has southern charm and an arboreal nature appeal.

4. Azul:

Azul is an Arabic name meaning sky blue. It has never actually made to the popularity list so it would make an excellent choice.

5. Brown:

Brown is more popular as a surname than a given name. And as a given name, it’s usually used for boys. Ford Madox Brown is the most notable namesake. He was a renowned English painter and was closely associated with the pre-Raphaelite movement. If Brown sounds in-your-face kind of name to you, then you can go for Bruno. It has more spark and substance too!

6. Ash:

Ash is another beautiful sounding color name. It comes from the Hebrew word, meaning ‘happy; or ‘fortunate.’ Asher was also the son of Jacob in the Bible. It will also make a dashing short form for Ashton, Asher, and other Ash related name.

7. Jett:

The name Jett comes from the Latin word gagitis, which means a stone from Gagai. It’s also the English word for the black mineral jet. John Travolta used this fast-paced name for this late son followed by George Lucas. You can also use it as a short form for Jetson.

8. Rusty:

Originally, a surname, the name Rusty comes from the Old French word Rousel, which is further derived from the Latin word russus, meaning red.

9. Beryl:

If you are looking for an unusual baby name for your child based on a color, Beryl is the one for you. This British favorite name, based on the green stone has not hit the top 100-baby name list since the year 1950s. So this one is sure to be uncommon.

10. Lavender:

This name stands both for the purple color of its flower and the fragrant herb. It was used widely in the 18th century for upper-class gentlemen but is now more used for girls.

11. Sage:

Here’s another color name that is rising in popularity. Meaning ‘wise and healthy, this name has been adopted by several A-listed celebs as well. If you want to use it for your baby girl, add an ‘I’ in the middle. You’ll get Saige.

12. Auburn:

Most of the color names are for girls, but here’s a perfect one for the boy. And it’s our favorite too! It will surely be the next Scarlett or Amber of the baby boy names.

13. Blue:

Blue is another color inspired name used for boys. The name will surely dazzle your acquaintances and surprise your friends. You can even spell it as Blu.

14. Beige:

If you want a no-nonsense name for your son, Beige will make a decent pick. It has a nice sound and a classy appeal to it.

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15. Ivory:

Ivory is a highly attractive color name chosen by African-American parents mainly for its orientation with the West African Ivory Coast. This name was last popular a century ago but began to regain momentum in 2014.

16. Moss:

Moss is a redolent nature name used mostly as a surname. It’s also associated with Moss Hart, the playwright who co-wrote Broadway comedies as You Can’t Take it With You and The Man Who Came to Dinner. The other prominent bearers of Moss as the last name are Elisabeth, Kate, and Sterling Moss.

17. Red:

The fiery color name would be a perfect as a middle name. It is also appropriate to be a redhead’s nickname.

18. Roux:

The name Roux comes from a Latin word meaning brownish red or russet. Besides, it’s a cooking term for a mixture of butter with flour. Roux was also the name of Johnny Depp’s character in ‘Chocolate’. The correct pronunciation of Roux is ‘Roo’.

19. Silver:

Here’s a legitimate boy’s name with loads of luster. The hippie name Silver has made a commendable comeback with the gem and metal names like Jade, Steel and RUBY.

20. Brick:

Brick is the muted red shade commonly used as a girl’s name. It is an Anglicized form of various names- the German Bruck or Breck, which means ‘wood or swap,’ the Irish Bruic, the Slovenian Bric, which means ‘dweller from a hill place’ and the Yiddish Brik, which means ‘bridge.’ And you thought that this name was invented by Tennessee Williams for the lead of ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.’

21. Green:

This color-inspired name is for the nature-loving families. Green sounds great as a middle name. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman used it as a middle name for their son.

22. Gray:

Gray or Grey would make a simple, somber and evocative color name for your son, especially in the middle or last. As a first name, Grey/Gray is still an odd choice. Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson recently named their son Leo Gray. Or you can keep it as a short form for Grayson OR Graham.

23. Cyan:

Cyan is a highly unique color name for boys. This blue-green relative of Cerulean and Celadon comes with a cool nickname Cy. For girls, go for Cyane, the Sicilian nymph residing in a blue pool.

24. Cerulean:

Cerulean, the newest sky blue color name is beginning to be heard as a name as well. While the name suits both the genders, it light sky blue makes it more suitable for guys than girls.

Color Inspired Baby Names For Girls:

25. Pink:

The name Pink means ‘one who is healthy.’ It peaked as one of the unique names for girls in 2002, largely due to the singer Pink.

26. Jade:

This bright green gemstone name is one of the loveliest color names that we can think of. The name is derived from the word ‘ijada’, which means ‘stone of the colic.’ It debuted on the popularity chart for girls in the year 1975, shortly after Bianca and Mick Jagger chose it for their daughter. Jade is sometimes given to boys too. If you want the name for your kid, just change it to Jaden.

27. Olive:

The name Olive comes from the tree and its bronze green fruits. Drew Barrymore is not the only celebrity who used this trendy color inspired name for her child. It’s renowned for its association with Abigail Breslin’s character in Little Miss Sunshine. Plus Jake Owen and Sacha Baron Cohen also bestowed this name on their children. You can even try its cousin Olivia.

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28. Scarlett:

Scarlett may conjure the vision of the leading lady in the movie “Gone with the Wind”, but the credit goes to Scarlett Johansson for making this name popular with the parents.

29. Violet:

The name Violet conjures up the gum-loving Violet Beauregard from the book and movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. But Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner gave a new life to this classic name by giving them to their eldest daughter. Violet now sits pretty in the top 100 names for baby girls.

30. Russet:

Russet is an exotic color name for girls. And we love how this name sounds.

31. Rose:

Rose is not just Kate Winslet’s moniker in “Titanic”. This timeless name ranks #22. As a given name, but we think it will sound more beautiful as a middle name.

32. Ebony:

Meaning ‘deep, black wood’, the name Ebony reached the peak of its popularity in the 1980s. But is now trending downwards, so it might be a different pick for your child. The name is favored by African-American parents because of its association with blackness and beauty.

33. Hazel:

Here’s another greenish name for you to check out. The name has been enjoying immense popularity these names and current rank #157. Hazel is also the name of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s daughter. Even Julia Roberts chose it for her little one.

34. Clementine:

In French, the meaning of Clementine is ‘mercy’, but to us, it brings the bright, orange fruit in mind. It will give your child a very cool initial.

35. Mauve:

Mauve is one of the cutest baby girl names in our opinion.

36. Mazarin:

We’re crushing on this name. Mazarin is a French word for dark blue. Quaint and sweet, this name reminds us of a Renaissance painting.

37. Azura:

This name is perfect for a blue-eyed beauty. This lovely name evokes the mesmerizing deep blue color of the ocean. In the Middle Ages, Azure was a name for lapis lazuli, a gemstone used for making the pigment that we see in the Medieval Art.

38. Coral:

Coral is unusual, exotic and oh-so-pretty. It was first used in the Victorian era. It falls in the category of Ruby and Pearl but is not as popular yet.

39. Alba:

Alba is a vintage baby name meaning ‘white.’ It will make a nice alternative to Ella or Abigail.

40. Aurelia:

Aurelia is another favorite of ours. It’s a Latin-inspired name meaning ‘golden.’ It jumped back into top 100 names in the United States after 50 years of absence.

41. Sienna:

This rich brown color derives its name from an Italian town.

42. Saffron:

The signature golden-orange color of this super expensive spice has inspired many parents to use as a name for their babies.

43. Xanthe:

If you want an exotic, baby names after colors, go for Xanthe without giving a second thought. It comes from the Greek word and means ‘yellow’.

44. Ruby:

Ruby is another hot baby name inspired by color for girls. In fact, it’s nearing the top 100 baby names in the United States.

45. Raven:

This jet-black bird immortalized in Edgar Allan Poe’s masterpiece has become a hot name for baby girls. But you can use it for boys too!

46. Melanie:

The name Melanie comes from the Greek word ‘black’. The name hovered in the top 100 names for past half-century, which is quite a good feat for a name. You can credit its popularity to the saintly Melanie Hamilton from ‘Gone with the Wind’.

47. Kelly:

Kelly is another shade of green popular in Ireland. It’s also recognized as one of the symbolic colors of the country.

48. Emerald:

Emerald is an intriguing deep green stone that can be traced to ancient Egypt. The jewel is supposed to the open the wearer’s heart to wisdom and for strengthening relationships. Emerald is an interesting and unusual Em- starting name. Emerald is a birthstone of May, so select the name if your child is born in that month.

49. Fuchsia:

Fuchsia is another probably color inspired name for baby girls. This name of a character in the Gormenghast fantasy trilogy was also chosen by singer Sting as a middle name for his daughter. And Fuchsia is the name of the plant.

50. Viridian

If you have grown up by the sea, you would know how beautiful the waters are when they turn greenish blue sometimes. Veridian or viridian is that mix of green and blue. The name is not very popular on the US Social Security Administration list but could be just the right fit for your pretty daughter.

What is your favorite color baby name? Would you consider any of these names for your baby? Share your opinions with us by commenting below!

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