100 Cute Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Bear

100 Cute Baby Boy And Girl Names That Mean Bear

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Bears are beautiful creatures. There are so many legendary folk tales inspired by their courage, strength, and will to stand tall in adversity. Also, the name bear is adorable in itself. So why not give a name inspired by a bear to your baby?

In recent times, bear-themed names have gained popularity. Apart from the names that mean bear in different languages, our list also includes names that capture the characteristics of a bear. Scroll through our list of stylish, unique, and cute baby boy and girl names that mean bear.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Bear

You may want to nickname your little princess bear. But bear-themed names are also ideal to be used as first names.

1. Adira

In Hebrew origin, Adira represents “strength” and “nobility.”

2. Almalda

The name Almada means “strength,” a word that perfectly describes a bear.

3. Artis

This Scottish origin name means bear. It is a suitable name for a family of artists.

4. Arthurette

Being the feminine version of the Celtic name Arthurmeaning “bear,” Arthurette has a medieval touch to it.

5. Arthurina

With a pleasing sound, Arthurina is the feminine form of Arthur.

6. Arthurine

Arthurine is the alternative form of the Celtic name Arthurette.

7. Armelle

This Celtic and French origin name, composed of the elements art means bear-chief.

8. Arzhela

The name Arzhela would put together means “bear princess.”

9. Atiqtalik

This unique name of Inuit origin means “polar bear’s mother” and captures the love of this ice bear.

10. Auberon

The name Auberon with a classic touch is a German-inspired English name and means “royal bear.”

11. Avonaco

Of Native American origin, this neutral name means “lean bear.”

12. Benate

Alternative form of the name Bernadette, the name Benate is a courageous and empowering name as it means “brave as a bear.”

13. Bera

The modern and the feminine version of the Scandinavian name Bjorn means “bear.”

14. Berangere

The French version of the name Berangaria means “bears spear.”

15. Berdine

Inspired by the French name, Bernadine, this powerful name means “brave as a bear.”

16. Berengari

The pet version of the Spanish name Berengaria means “bears spear”.

17. Bernadette

The empowering French and German origin name is the female version of Bernard, which means “brave as a bear.”

18. Bernarda

It is the feminine form of the name Bernard.

19. Bernadine

It is another form of the name Bernadette that has its origins in German. It means “brave as a bear.”

20. Bernardita

Meaning “brave as a bear,” this name is the feminine form of the name Bernard.

21. Berengaria

Inspired by the name of the famous medieval queen, the Latin name Berengaria means “bear spear.”

22. Berne

This English origin name, inspired by Bernadette, means “bold as a bear.”

23. Calissa

Taken from Arcadian mythology, the name Calissa refers to a “strong she-bear.”

24. Calysta

With origins in Greek, Calysta is a mythological Arcadian who was converted into a “she-bear,” therefore, the name referring to the same.

25. Cinnamon

It is inspired by the Cinnamon bears that are native to America and Canada.

26. Cub

This adorable name refers to the “bear cubs.”

27. Eden

The name Eden meaning “blessed bear” has an Old English origin.

28. Eferhilda

Eferhikda, with its unique sound, is an English origin name and means “bear.”

29. Garcia

It is the most common Spanish and Portuguese last name meaning “bear.”

30. Koala

The name of the Australian marsupial is as unique as the bear itself.

31. Koda

The neutral name of Latin American origin means “little bear.”

32. Mishka

The adorable and stylish name means “little bear” and is a perfect choice for your daughter.

33. Nadetta

The German origin name means “courage as a bear.”

34. Ohto

With origins in Finnish, this name refers to a “bear.”

35. Orsa

This name is the Italian form of the name Ursula and has gained popularity recently. It means a “little she-bear.”

36. Orsina

The name can be used to highlight all the good characteristics of a bear, as it means the “bear-like.” It is the feminine form of the Italian name Orsino.

37. Orsola

It is the Italian version of the name Ursula, a name that was popularized in Disneys animation film The Little Mermaid. It means “little bear.”

38. Orsolya

The unique name is the Hungarian form of Ursula which means “little female bear.”

39. Osha

Derived from Old English, the name Osha means “bear.”

40. Panda

The name referring to the cuddly “black and white bear” is popular name for females.

41. Turi

Turi although popular as a masculine name sometimes is used for females too. This name of Finnish origin refers to a “bear.”

42. Ursa

This name is the diminutive form of the Latin name Ursula.

43. Ursula

It is another form of the name Ursula that was popularized as the character Phoebe Buffays twin sister in the popular NBC sitcom Friends.

44. Ursel

This name is the German version of Ursula and means “female bear.”

45. Ursella

It is a form of the name Ursula with a different spelling.

46. Ursina

This comforting name is a variant of Ursula.

47. Ursula

Popularized by the Shakespearean plays “Two Gentlemen of Verona” and “Much Ado About Nothing,” the name Ursula means little bear and is of Latin origin.

48. Uschii

It is another version of Ursa that is of German origin and refers to a “little female bear.”

49. Winnie

This name, inspired by the famous cartoon Winnie the Pooh, is also the diminutive form of Winifred, the Welsh name, which means blessed.

50. Yrse

The Nordic name Yrse means “she-bear” and is of Swedish origin.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Bear

Apart from the usual bear-themed boy names such as Winnie or Teddy, our list also includes many more.

51. Adalbern

With origins in German, this angelic name is composed of the words adal and bern meaning “noble bear.”

52. Alfbern

The name Alfbern is of Old German origin. It means “elf bear.”

53. Ardghal

With origins in both Gaelic and Irish, the name of courage means “bear-like valor.”

54. Arkadios

Derived from the Greek word arktos, the poetic name Arkadios means “bear.”

55. Armel

The modern form of the name Arthmel is of French and Breton origins. It means “bear prince.”

56. Art

It can be used as the diminutive form of the Celtic name Arthur, which means “bear.”

57. Arthur

Apart from meaning “bear” in Celtic, this name of recent popularity is also associated with King Arthur.

58. Artie

The name Artie is the diminutive form of Arthur, which means “bear.”

59. Arturo

The most common European name means “bear” due to its Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian origins.

60. Asbjorn

This uncommon European name is of Old Norse origin and forms the name Osborn. It means “divine bear” or “godly bear.”

61. Auberone

It is of the English form Oberon, a name from the famous Shakespearan play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Auberone means “royal bear.”

62. Baer

The name bear with a different touch has its origin in German. It refers to “fierceness” or “strength.”

63. Barney

Although a popular name of a TV dinosaur, the name Barney in Old English means “strong like a bear.”

64. Barrett

With its origin in German, Barrett means “bear strength.”

65. Ben

The pet form of Bernard is of Old German and French origins. It is the most common Western name.

66. Benno

Inspired by the saint of anglers and weavers, the German origin name means “bear.”

67. Ber

It is the Yiddish form of the name Dov and the Hebrew version of “bear.”

68. Berard

It is another form of the most popular bear name Bernard, a name of Old French and German origins.

69. Berengar

It is the name of the famous Italian emperor. Berengar of German origin and means “bear spear.”

70. Bern

The German origin name is the diminutive form of “Bernard,” which means “brave as a bear.”

71. Bernard

The French and German name means “brave as a bear.” Saint Bernard of the Burgundian abbot was a well-known leader.

72. Bernhardt

The motivational name means “strong as a bear” and has German, Dutch, and Scandinavian origins.

73. Bear

The word itself is perfect. This name has gained popularity recently with many celebrities such as Jamie Oliver and Alicia Silverstone naming their children Bear.

74. Berold

Capturing the strength and power of a bear, Berold of English origin means “bears rule.”

75. Bjarni

The common Icelandic and Scandinavian name means “bear.” BjarniHerjólfsson, the famous Icelandic explorer, can be an inspiration for a boys name.

76. Bjorn

The famous Scandinavian name meaning “bear” has recently gained popularity after the tennis legend Björn Borg.

77. Biffo

This name is inspired by the popular Britain comicstrip “Biffo, the bear.” Created by the cartoonist Dudley D. Watkins, this famous character was later replaced with Dennis the Menace in 1974.

78. Bobo

Bobo bear, aka Boo-Boo bear, was a companion of the main character in The Yogi Bear Show. From then, this name is commonly used to refer to a “brown bear.”

79. Bruin

The Old English word is inspired by Dutch, implicating “brown” and “bear.”

80. Byme

It was once a famous surname. Byme has Irish origins and refers to a “brown colored bear.”

81. Dov

It is an uncommon name taken from Hebrew and means “bear.”

82. Espen

It is a Scandinavian name that means “God bear.”

83. Fyrsil

Adding a touch of the Welsh and Celtic styles to the bear-themed names, Fyrsil means “bear-man.”

84. Garcea

It is the masculine form of the Spanish and Portuguese name. Garcia means “bear.”

85. Gerben

Constructed from the German words ger and bern, Gerban means “spear bear.”

86. Hallbjorn

Bring the Ancient European feel into the life of your baby, as the name Hallbjorn of the Old Scandinavian origin and it means “rock-bear.”

87. Humbert

The name Humbert was popular during the idle ages and has started to gain attention recently. In German, Dutch, and French origins, it means “splendid bear.”

88. Kuruk

The unique Native American name honors nature and simply refers to a “bear.”

89. Math

In Celtic mythology, Math and means “bear.”

90. Nanuq

Also spelled as Nanook, Nanuq, in Old American origin, refers to the ice masters “polar bears.”

91. Oberon

Inspired by the famous Shakespeare’splay ”A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the name Oberon means “noble bear.”

92. Orsino

The Italian form of the name Orson, means “bear-like.”

93. Orson

This retro Latin origin name means “bear cub.”

94. Orsu

The name Orsu is used for “bear” in Corsican.

95. Osborn

The English name Osborn also spelled as Osbourne, means “divine bear” and has Old Norse origins.

96. Teddy

Teddy is the diminutive form of Theodore. Inspired by the famous US President Theodore Roosevelt, Teddy paved the path to the soft toy Teddy Bears.

97. Torben

The name Torben is yet to gain popularity in the West, as it makes an unusual choice for your little one. It is a name of Danish and German origin and means “thunder bear.”

98. Tuur

Being the diminutive form of the name Arthur, the name Tuur means “bear” in Dutch origin.

99. Urso

Inspired by both Latin and Italian, the name Urso is an alternative form of Orson.

100. Vernados

The provocative and empowering German and Greek origin name means “bears courage.”

Bears symbolize beauty and strength, making them an inspirational choice for naming a baby. Also, the best part of bear names is that you can also create a nickname from the shortened version of the name, making it less cumbersome to figure out a nickname for your baby.

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