75 Most Amazing Baby Names That Mean Hope And Faith

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Life is an arduous journey filled with uncertainties. Hope is the only way out when life gets tough. If you want to instill faith in your little one to keep them positive, you may pick baby names that mean hope from our list. They are your hope, and you want them to become successful and happy in life. And an optimistic name that means hope will remind your child that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even if your bundle of joy’s life has turned your life upside down, their name will give them a boost and keep them high-spirited to overcome the challenges. Read on as we bring you a list of names that mean faith.

Boy Names That Mean Hope And Faith:

1. Von:

Von is a single syllable baby boy name that mean‘hope. Earlier heard as a surname suffix, Von is now used as a standalone name. Whether you use it as a nickname or a given name, this mid century name is bound to sound cool. And it sounds way better than its counterparts Walt and Ray.

2. Amil:

Amil is a beautiful Arabic name, meaning ‘hope.’ Amil is also used for females in some regions. It is associated with Amil Whitehead, the female American rapper.

3. Titus:

Titus is the name of an early convert to Christianity and a companion of Paul, the apostle. Titus was a true peacemaker who was assigned the task of collecting charity for the poor. In a letter, Paul referred Titus to “my true son in the faith”.

4. Truman:

Truman is an English name, meaning ‘faithful one.’ This upstanding name radiates an aura of moral truth and integrity, values that any parent would want for their children. It’s also associated with famous writer Truman Capote. And it’s the name of a character played by Jim Carrey in the “Truman Show”.

5. Toivo:

Toivo is a cool Finnish name, meaning ‘hope.’ This name was on the U.S. Top 1000 baby names in the 20th century, especially because of the recent immigrants choosing native names. And it you are of Finnish ancestry, we would especially suggest reviving this name for its positive meaning.

6. Deene:

This simple French name would make a great pick for parents who do not like nicknames. Deene has a robust and easy sound and means ‘hope.’

7. Makas:

Makas is a Hebrew name with a great nickname Mak. We think it would make a great choice for mothers like the name Marcus or Mark, but are looking for something unique and less commonplace.

8. Raza:

Who needs Rada when you can go with the African name Raza? This short and spunky name, meaning ‘hope’ is in no way sinking beneath the wave, not until the next few years, of course.

9. Kibou:

For parents looking for a creative, yet a meaningful name for their child could opt for Kibou. This cute Japanese name means ‘hope.’ Other than its meaning, Kibou has a unique sound, which is easy to pronounce too!

10. Matthan:

Mateas and Matthew are outdated now. The time is ripe for Matthan, an Israeli name, meaning ‘hope. Don’t you think it’s a cross between Matthew and Nathan? It sounds like it, though!

11. Day:

Day is an American name, meaning ‘light and hope.’ This name is short, spunky and even unisex, But we think it would sound more appropriate for a baby boy. It would even make an optimistic and bright middle name.

12. Chislon:

Here’s another Hebrew name, meaning ‘hope.’ This cool name would fit in with most of the popular baby boy names of the day.

13. Kit:

This is the funkiest of the entire male names, meaning ‘hope.’ This crisp and accented name sounds as fresh as it did years ago. You can use it as a nickname for Christopher also.

14. Dillon:

Dylan is an Irish name, meaning ‘ray of hope.’ It’s an excellent and less common alternative to the Welsh name, Dylan. Dillon Kyle Gee, the American baseball player, and Dillon Shane Farrell, American NFL football player are its most famous bearers.

15. Moutaqad:

Moutaqad is an Arabic name, meaning ‘belief and faith.’ This slightly extended, but breezy name has a classy, yet the upbeat image that doesn’t betray its Arabic roots.

16. Emmanuel:

Emmanuel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘God is with us.’ This name affirms our faith in the Almighty. For the nickname, you can use Emuna, which is a standalone name, but means ‘faith.’

17. Rutendo:

The name means ‘faith’ in the Shona language. This grandpa name is fast taking over urban trendy names because of its beautiful meaning. It currently one of the top 100 names in Africa and we predict that it would soon come in the top 50 name list too!

18. Fidel:

Fidel is a Latin name, meaning ‘faithful.’ This name has always been in the top 100 baby boy names in Europe. Fidel Alejandro Castro, the 17th President of Cuba, is the most famous bearer of this name.

19. Nakia:

Nakia is an Arabic name, meaning ‘faithful.’ The name lies outside the top 1000 names right now, but is rising very fast. In the Western culture, Nakia would probably be used for a girl.

20. Tumelo:

Tumelo is a South African name, meaning ‘faith’ in Tswana and Sotho language. Despite having a lovely sound, Tumelo seems to be waning. The moniker has lost its popularity is the recent years, with 2014 being its lowest point yet.

21. Amanaki:

Amanaki is a Polynesian baby boy name, meaning, ‘hope.’ Out of most of the Polynesian names, Amanaki has had more staying power. In fact, in the 80s, Amanaki was one of the top 50 baby names.

22. Barloc:

Barloc is an American name, meaning ‘a strong warrior, filled with hope.’ This name has a pleasing sound and is easy to spell and pronounce too! And neither is it over-used.

23. Daijon:

Here’s another beautiful American baby name, ‘meaning god’s gift of hope’. This name was favored greatly by the first generation of American families and does not have many takers now. So why don’t you take advantage of it and use it for your son?

24. Jahleel:

Jahleel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘hope in God.’ This name fell into obscurity after the turn of the century, but we think it’s time to give a fresh look at Jahleel.

25. Phelipe:

Phelipe is a Spanish name, meaning ‘hope origin.’ It’s one of the finest variations of Philip we have seen to date. Even though it has been used in Spain for ages, the popularity of this name has not gone down. For the nickname, you can go with Pip or Flip.

26. Tumaini:

The meaning of this Egyptian name is ‘hope’. This name is favored by parents who want a strong and classic name for their son.

27. Thembalwethu:

Thembalwethu is one of the most enduring classic names in Africa. It currently stands at #17, exactly where it was three years ago. This African name means, ‘our hope.’

28. Umed:

Umed is a royal Indian boy name, meaning ‘hope.’ It’s mostly used by the conservative than the contemporary, especially in Rajasthan. We think it would make a lively alternative to Umeed.

29. Umit:

The meaning of this Turkish name is ‘hope’. It is solid, strong, saintly, royal, yet friendly. Its famous bearers are Ümit Davala, the Turkish football coach, Ümit Korkmaz, the Austrian footballer of Turkish descent and Ümit Sonkol, the Turkish basketball player. With such sporty bearers, we can surmise that even your son will become a famous sportsman of his time.

30. Mahaz:

This spunky and unique Israeli name really pops. It has a great energy and is short and to the point. Mahaz is unisex, but if you are using for a baby boy, Mae could make a unique nickname.

31. Amin:

The Arabic name Amin is the variation of Ameen and means ‘faithful and trustworthy’.

32. Fedele:

Fedele is a Latin variation of the word name Fidel and means ‘faithful’.

Girl Names That Mean Hope And Faith:

33. Eiddwen:

This Welsh name, pronounced as ‘Aith-wen’, means ‘hope and desire.’ You might be a little surprised to know that there were over 1100 little Eiddwens born last year, which brought this name to #1343. Its spelling variation is Eadwine.

34. Ashia:

Ashia is an Arabic name, meaning ‘life and hope.’ Even though this ultra-feminine, three-syllable name was a hit in the 80s and 90s, it has proved to have more staying power than Asha.

35. Tikvah:

Tikva is a Hebrew baby name that mean ‘hope.’ This moniker is appreciated by the traditional and religious Jews for its connection to ‘Hatikva,’ the national anthem of Israel. Tiki would make an adorable nickname for Tikvah, and it is associated with Tiki Barber too, the American NFL football player.

36. Umnia:

Umnia, meaning ‘desire’ is a rhythmic name with Arabic roots. It was a part of the surge in names starting with ‘u’. And with such a lovely sound, it deserves every bit of it.

37. Faith:

Faith is an English word name that defines the trust or belief in the Supreme being, the God. But this name goes way beyond its religious connotations. It comes from the Old English word ‘fied’, is further derived from the Latin word ‘fides’ and means ‘trust and belief.’

38. Vera:

Vera is a Russian name, meaning ‘faith.’ This name was introduced to England in the 19th century and went on to become one the top 100 names in the 20th century. Even the Dutch and Danes like the name a lot. It’s one of the top 50 names in the Netherlands and Sweden. Vern Yip also named her younger daughter Yara.

39. Minette:

Minette is a French name that is not much used in France and even more rarely used in the United States. There were no baby girls named Minette in the year 2014. So it will make a unique name for your daughter. The meaning of Minette is ‘faithful defender’.

40. Nadine:

The moniker Nadine, meaning ‘hope’ has been part of the trend of French-sounding names from the years the 1920s to 1930s. Unfortunately, this name has been replaced by the current favorites Natasha and Nadia. Nadine Gordimer, the South African writer and Nadine Conner, the American opera singer are its famous bearer.

41. Natsuki:

If exotic is what you want your baby’s name to be, name her Natsuki, the Japanese variation of the name ‘Nadia’. We think it has a lovely and of course, a wonderful meaning.

42. Wilona:

We love this name, not just for its similarity with Wilhelmina, but also because of its uniqueness. And neither is it long nor is it difficult to spell or pronounce. There was a time when this moniker was heard widely in England. It even went on to become one of the top 200 baby names.

43. Charity:

Charity, the English word name, meaning ‘kindness and self-sacrificing love’ could also be considered. The name denotes a willingness to provide handouts to the downtrodden. Charity Hope Valentine, a character in “Sweet Charity” is a showbiz reference for this name.

44. Amaani:

Soft and gentle Amaani, meaning ‘hope’ is definitely a recommended choice. This Arabic favorite could make a place in Europe and America as well, primarily because of its similarity to the name Amari.

45. Hiwa:

Hiwa is a Kurdish girl name, meaning ‘hope.’ Kurdish names are rarely heard outside their territory, so we think it would make a different pick for your daughter.

46. Munia:

Munia is an Arabic name, meaning ‘hope and wish.’ It was a huge hit in the 60s, sitting comfortably in the top 100 baby name list for several years. Parents were attracted to its chicness and sophistication. For heaven’s sake, do not shorten it to Munni. Its alternate spelling is Muniah.

47. Omeedeh:

Omeedeh is a Persian moniker, meaning ‘hope.’ It’s probably inspired by the Urdu word ‘ummeed’, which means hope. The moniker Omeedah has been strengthened and rejuvenated by the virtue of its simplicity.

48. Rajwa:

Rajwa is an Arabic baby girl name meaning ‘hope.’ It is the latest classic name to join the likes of Ayesha, Khadija, and Rizwana. This regal name with a lovely sound is out of favor now, but could make a comeback anytime. So before anyone else takes, have your daughter flaunt it.

49. Tamanna:

Tamanna is an Indian and Arabic name, meaning ‘hope.’ Simple and melodic, the name Tamanna is highly popular in India for its wonderful meaning. For the nickname, we’d suggest you go with Tanu. It’s short, sweet and incredibly endearing.

50. Amnati:

Amnati is an Arabic baby name, meaning ‘my hope.’ It’s a simplified variant of the name Omniati. This name jumped on the popularity list in the year 1997 and is now within the top 1000 baby names. This charming name could be as a middle name also.

51. Umniya:

Umniya is an Arabic name, meaning ‘hope’. As a variant of Umnia, Umniya certainly livens up the original, all because of the ‘y’ in it. Umnia is one of the fastest rising names on the list and is being considered by Pakistanis living in America as well.

52. Nadia:

Nadia is the English spelling of the French name, Nadya, which is basically the pet form of the Russian name, Nadezhda, which means hope. This moniker has developed independently in its own right since the 20th century. Nadia Comănecim the Romanian gymnast is the most famous bearer of this name.

53. Asha:

Asha is an Indian name with multiple meanings. It means ‘hope’ in Sanskrit, ‘alive’ in Swahili and ‘happy’ in Hebrew. You can also connect this name to the ash tree, a tree of high, spiritual importance to the Norse and Celtic people.

54. Zuri:

Zuri is an African-American name, meaning ‘beautiful home’. This unusual, yet exotic name hasn’t got much time to demonstrate its power. But we believe that it will catch up soon. It is also reminiscent of Suri, a name that’s a lot in the news now because of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

55. Imani:

Imani is a Swahili name, meaning ‘faith’. It’s a variation of the name Iman, which was born by Somalia’s supermodel. This name appeared for the first time in the Social Security List in the year 1990 and gained 600 positions in just five years.

56. Amala:

Amala is a variation of the name Amal and means ‘hope’. It’s a relatively rare as both middle and first name. Amal is also a Sanskrit name, meaning ‘pure’. This name came into popularity list in the year 2010, but retreated backwards soon after.

57. Taraji:

Taraji, the Swahili word for ‘hope’ would make a nice name for your daughter. This moniker first appeared on the baby name charts in the year 2009, after Taraji P. Henson, the famous actress came into the mainstream.

58. Hope:

Here’s another English word that is now used as a baby name. Hope is one of the three theological virtues of Christianity, along with Faith and Charity. The name hope signifies the Christian expectation of the perseverance and eternal life. This name has been on the U.S. baby name chart for centuries.

59. Esperanza:

Esperanza is a Spanish name, coming from the Latin word ‘sperare’, meaning ‘to hope’. This name is currently most popular in Chile, where it is ranked as one of the top 100 baby names. Outside South America, Esperanza is a rarely used nombre. Esperanza Spalding is the most famous bearer of this name.

60. Nassandra:

This African baby girl name that mean ‘hope’ sounds a lot like Cassandra, which makes it unique and recognizable at the same time.

61. Natia:

Natia is the Polish form of the Nadia and means ‘hope’. We think it’s an excellent option that is recognizable, but not very common. This name reached its all-time high 109 in the year 1990.

62. Espe:

If Esperanza is too elaborate for you, opt for Espe, its short form. It started as a short form for Esperanza, but now stands strong on its own. This classic name is finding its way to the national popularity list as well. What else do you want?

63. Brayleigh:

Brayleigh is an American name, meaning ‘ray of hope’. It’s an old-timey name but is all set to be revived in its full glory. For the nickname, you can use Bray, which is an Irish name, meaning ‘marsh’.

64. Nadyenka:

Nadyenka is an exotic, yet accessible Russian favorite. It had a strong run of popularity in the early 90s and 2000s, along with other ‘N’ Russian names. It currently sits at #345, its lowest in two decades. And you have its sister options with the same meaning as well like Nadine and Nadia.

65. Hachilah:

We must say Israel is home to a number of baby names meaning hope and Hachilah is one of them. It is the name of a hill on the one of the long ridge of el-Kolah. The meaning of Hacilah is ‘my hope in her’.

66. Laelynn:

Laelynn is a cute baby name, meaning ‘flower of hope’ in Canada. Even though this moniker fits in with the popular sounds of the day, it still sounds unique. And you can consider it as an alternative to Kaelyn as well.

67. Charise:

What could be better than giving your child a name that means ‘cheerful and hope’? We think nothing can be better than these definitions for your darling daughter. Charise is beautiful, classy and of course, meaningful.

68. Nozomi:

We absolutely adore this Japanese name. It not just has a lovely sound, but also comes with the nickname option of Zomi.

69. Saki:

Saki, meaning ‘blossom and hope’ in Japanese is a cute alternative to its cousin name Suki. It is one of the most familiar and usable Asian names for girls. You can even use it as a nickname for Sachiko.

70. Zita:

Zita, meaning ‘little hope’ in Spanish is a short name packing a lot of punch. It also belongs to the 13th century saint and the patron of homemakers. It’s also the namesake of the last empress of Austria.

71. Natsuki:

Natasha and Natalie are very common now. So why not opt for Natsuki, a similar name, meaning ‘hope. It sounds as one of those names that sounded very creative in the bygone era.

72. Nadezda:

Nadezda is the Czech Republic’s answer to Nadine, Nadyenka, and Nadia. Dezi would make a cute nickname for Nadezda.

73. Iris:

This Greek name may mean ‘rainbow’, but the flower symbolizes faith. This moniker is now at its highest point since the 30s.

74. Violet:

The gorgeous purple bloom also symbolizes ‘faith’ in the language of flowers. Recently, it was chosen by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for their baby girl.

75. Creda:

Creda is an English name, meaning ‘faith’. This moniker may keep moving in and out of fashion, but it’s worth considering.

So what’s your favorite name on this list? Tell us below.

Hope and faith are two beautiful words that give you the strength to go on with life. They act as powerful forces that encourage people to believe in themselves and live life to the fullest. Instill these valuable virtues in your child from a young age by giving them a unique baby name that means hope. The list above has various names suitable for baby boys or baby girls. You can select a name based on your little one’s gender that best suits their personality and reflects your love for them.

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