66 Wonderful Baby Names Meaning Peace For Boys And Girls

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Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping baby. He looks like the essence of serenity and tranquility. Even though he might not offer you many serene moments as an infant, you can ensure that peace becomes a part of his character as he grows up. You can do that by selecting a baby name that embraces this meaning. On that note, here is our compilation of baby names meaning peace.

Baby Names Meaning Peace For Boys:

1. Stellan:

Stellan is a Scandinavian name, meaning ‘calm’ ‘peace’ or ‘at rest’. The name has a starry beginning (Stella means star) and the favorite ‘n’ ending. Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connolly used this name for their son to honor the great Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard.

2. Frederick:

Frederick is an English name, meaning ‘peaceful ruler’. As a name, Frederick is a classic and has also started to lose its former starchiness, partly due to its nickname Freddie, which along ranks #38 in the United Kingdom. Or you can choose Fred as the nickname.

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3. Humphrey:

Humphrey Bogart may have given this name a tough guy aura, but Humphrey actually means ‘peaceful warrior’. This moniker has been rising in popularity, probably because of the lingering “Casablanca” charm. It was once a royal moniker in Britain, where it is still used frequently. But it has almost faded in America. So it would make an unusual choice for your son.

4. Tully:

Tully is a modernized version of the ancient Irish boy name, Tuathal. This moniker has several means, one of which is peaceful. Just like Sully, even Tully is used more as a nickname. But we would think it would sound great as a friendly nickname as well.

5. Pax:

Pax is one of the cutest unisex names that mean peace. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named one of their sons Pax, which means ‘peaceful.’ This variation of peace is hugely popular in Rome. Pax also represents the Roman goddess of peace, giving you a positive message to bestow upon a child.

6. Placido:

Placido, the Italian name, meaning ‘serene and peaceful’ is primarily associated with Placido Domingo, the opera legend, who gave this Latin moniker a green card. This name was once used only by early Christians to convey their faith and serenity. And it was used by several saints as well.

7. Solomon:

Solomon is derived from the Hebrew word Shalom, which means ‘peace’. Solomon, the King of Israel, was the son of David. He was renowned for his wisdom and even wrote the Book of Proverbs in the Old Testament. The name never really traveled in the Christian world and is considered quintessentially Jewish.

8. Paxton:

Paxton is an English name, meaning ‘peaceful town’. What sets this name apart from other surnames is its peaceful element and the dynamic ‘x’ in the middle. This moniker has risen from 420th to 260th spot in the past few years, making it one of the fastest rising surnames in the recent times. One of the most well-known bearers of this name is Paxton Whitehead.

9. Godfrey:

Godfrey comes from the Germanic name Godafrid, which means ‘peace of God’. The Normans brought this name to England, where it became widespread during the Middle Ages. The notable bearer of this name is Godfrey of Bouillon, the 11th-century leader and the first ruler of Jerusalem.

10. Casimir:

Casimir is the English form of the Polish name Kazimierz, which is derived from the Slavic element ‘kaziti with miru. Four kings of Poland have borne his name, including the famous Casimir III, the Great, who adopted various policies to strengthen the Polish state in the 14th century. This moniker was imported into Western Europe via Germany.

11. Amandeep:

Amandeep is a Hindu name, usually given to Punjabi girls. It means ‘lamp of peace’. It’s used not just as the first name, but also as a surname in the Punjabis. For the nickname, you can use Aman, which also means ‘peace’. So, you’d be raising a peaceful baby.

12. Zalman:

Zalman is a Yiddish name that means ‘peace’. In a world of violence and chaos, peace is something that everyone should strive for, even in the everyday situations. We love Zal as a nickname for Zalman.

13. Amenhotep:

This one’s quite an elaborate name for a little boy, but you can shorten it if you like. The name is derived from the Egyptian word Ymnhtp, which means ‘peace of Amon’. It’s basically a combination of the name of Egyptian god Amon, combined with htp, which means ‘peaceful satisfaction.’ It was also the name of the four Pharaohs of the New Kingdom.

14. Manfred:

Manfred is derived from the German elements magan, which means ‘strength’ and frid, which means ‘peace.’ Manfred was the name of the main character is Byron’s play of the same name. This moniker was also borne by Manfred von Richthofen, the German pilot of the First World War, who was also known by the name Red Baron.

15. Kazuki:

Kazuki is a Japanese name, meaning ‘harmony or peace’. The name is derived from the elements Kazu, which means ‘one’ and ki, which means ‘brightness’. You can even form this name with other kanji combinations. Even Kazuko could be considered.

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16. Miroslav:

The Czech name Miroslav is derived from the Slavic elements miru, which means ‘world peace’, and ‘slava’, which means ‘glory.’ It was borne by the 10h century king of Croatia, who also presided over the civil war. Miro would make a cute nickname for Miroslav.

17. Bohumir:

Bohumir is a Czech name and means ‘peaceful world’. The name is derived from the Slavic element bogu, which means ‘god’ and miru, which means ‘peace or the world’. You can use Mir as the nickname for Bohumir.

18. Irenaeus:

Irenaeus is the Latinized form of the Greek name Eirenaios, which means ‘peaceful.’ Saint Irenaeus was the bishop of the Lyons after whom the Greek island of Santorini is named.

19. Galen:

Galen is a unisex name, meaning ‘peaceful, calm and healer’. The name reached as high as 331 in the 1940s. Even Dennis Hopper used this moniker for his daughter. Ensure that you spell the name correctly, or you would end up with Gollum, the hobbit that mutters ‘my precious’ in the Lord of the Rings.

20. Absalom:

Absalom is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘my father is peace’.’ In the Old Testament, Absalom was King David’s son who leads a revolt against his father. While fleeing back, his head got caught in a tree, which gave Joab an opportunity to kill him.

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21. Shlomo:

Shlomo is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘peace.’ In the Old Testament, King Solomon, who was better known as Shlomo, built the first temple in Jerusalem? Walking on the path of peace is one of the best lessons we can teach our children and instilling this from the early years in never a bad idea.

22. Wilfred:

Wilfred is an English name, meaning ‘friend of peace.’ It comes from the Old English elements ‘wine’, which means ‘friend’ and frid, which means ‘peace.’ This birth name of the 8th-century missionary Saint Boniface became rare after the Norman conquest. But it revived in the 19th century and is going strong.

23. Aaru:

Aaru is an Egyptian place name, meaning ‘peaceful.’ We loved the intriguing sound of this name. And it has the trendy ‘u’ ending as well. In the Egyptian mythology, the fields of Aaru were the heavenly paradise where Osiris ruled.

24. Axel:

Axel is a German name, meaning ‘father of peace.’ This name has acquired a rock star feel, thanks to the Guns N’ Roses band member Axl Rose. Coming to the moniker, Axel is a Scandinavian form of the Biblical name Absalom.

25. Colm:

Colm is the Irish variation of the Latin name Columba and means ‘dove,’ which is a symbol of peace. It’s quite a popular name in Ireland, but it has high possibilities of immigration, especially with its peaceful meaning. The famous namesake is Colm Toibin, a contemporary Irish novelist, and critic.

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26. Peace:

If Hebrews can have Shalom, Spaniards can use Pax; Greeks can use Irene, and then why can we use Peace as the baby name? It may sound a bit dated, but your baby with this name would bring some welcome Zen to your family’s everyday life.

27. Geoffrey:

Geoffrey is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word and means ‘pledge’. The only downside of this name is that was very popular in the middle ages. So you wee one might have difficulty handling an old-fashioned name.

28. Jonah:

This Old Testament name, meaning ‘dove,’ was the name of the Old Testament prophet who was swallowed by the whale, yet emerged fit and fine three days later. As a name, Joshua is less common than Joshua and Jonah, but not obscure.

29. Kynaston:

Kynaston is a dignified, yet gentle English surname heard mainly in West Indies and England. It means ‘royal peace settlement’.

30. Columba:

If you want to go the traditional way, name your child Columba. It is also a Latin name, meaning ‘dove’. And if you want something contemporary on the similar lines, chose Callum. You can even use this rhythmic name for your baby girl.

31. Milo:

Milo is one of the favorite names of the authors. It’s used in the medieval Europe as a variation of Miles. The moniker combines the strength of the Greek Olympic wrestler of the same name, the six-time Olympic Games winner.

32. Oliver:

Oliver is a baby boy name meaning ‘olive tree’. Currently at the second spot in England, this moniker entered the top 100-name list for the first time in 2009. And it sounds stylish and energetic too!

33. Salem:

Salem, the Hebrew name meaning ‘peace’ is inspired by a biblical place name in Canaan. There’s also a Massachusetts town with the same. Salem does not just have a peaceful meaning, but has an evocative sound as well.

34. Sheehan:

Sheehan is a beautiful sounding Irish name meaning ‘peaceful’. This moniker has a Roman Catholic feel to it, thanks to the bishop. Robert Sheehan, the Irish actor, is the famous namesake of Sheehan.

35. Siegfried:

Siegfried is a German name, meaning ‘victorious peace’. It’s one of the most user-friendly German baby boy names in our opinion. And if you don’t like it as a given name, use it as a middle name.

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36. Paciano:

Paciano is an appealing twist on the baby name Pax. It’s a Spanish name and means ‘peaceful’. This name is enjoying immense popularity in Spanish and Italy right now, primarily for its foreign flair.

37. Salamon:

Salamon is the Hungarian version of Solomon. As an old testament name, Salamon evokes peace and wisdom along with other classic Biblical names. The moniker originates from the Hebrew word shalom. It rose its highest in 1880, when it reached 198.

Girl Names That Mean Peace:

1. Irene:

Irene, the moniker of the Greek goddess of peace has experienced a long run of popularity. This name was in the top 20 list for over ten years and stayed in the top 100 for twenty more years. The name appeals to the parents for its mid-century appeal. Irene is pronounced with three syllables in Denmark, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece.

2. Frideswide:

Frideswide is a modern form of the Old English name Friðuswiþ. It is formed of the elements frip, which means ‘peace’ and swib, which means ‘strong’. Saint Frideswide was an 8th century English princess who later became a nun. She is also credited with establishing the Christ Church in Oxford.

3. Dove:

This soft sounding name, belonging to the beautiful cooing bird, has been a symbol of peace since ages. You’ll get some even more wonderful choices if you translate dove into other languages. For example, in Spanish language, Dove is called Paloma, in Hebrew, it’s called Jonah and Jemima, in Gaelic, it’s called Callum and in Latin, it’s called Columba.

4. Salome:

Salome is an Aramaic name related to the Hebrew word shalom, which means ‘peace’. This name has been in use since the Protestant Reformation, partly because of it being mentioned in the New Testament. It was the name of the women who witnessed Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and later discovered His empty tomb.

5. Paz:

Paz, the diminutive of Pazia is an attractive baby name, meaning ‘peace’. It originated as a title of the Virgin Mary. This name is currently represented by actresses Paz de la Huerts and Paz Vega. We would suggest you to use Pazia as the given name and Paz for the nickname. It’s sure to make your child stand out from the crowd.

6. Shiloh:

Used for both girls and boys, Shiloh is a place name that has been mentioned several times in the Old Testament. Meaning ‘tranquility and peace,’ Shiloh was also the site of a major civil war battle (oh the irony). This moniker earned the celebrity cred when Angelina and Brad Pit chose it for their daughter.

7. Serenity:

Serenity is a noun name that has been growing in popularity. It’s in the 53rd spot in the US and at the 10th spot in New Mexico. Its sister name Serena has been on the baby name list since the records are being it. It peaked in the year 1997 with the 241st spot and currently ranks #412.

8. Winifred:

Winifred is a Welsh name, meaning ‘blessed peacemaking’. This name is on the verge of rediscovery and is a mega hit in English-speaking countries. It has a cute nickname option in Winnie and a tomboyish option in Freddie. Even Jimmy Fallon used it for his daughter.

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9. Frida:

Frida is a name that would fit right on every baby. It is a Swedish name, which is originally a short form of Frederica. It’s also the Scandinavian equivalent to the old Norse cognate Fríða. The most famous bearer of this name is Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter.

10. Yasu:

If you want an exotic or foreign name for your child, go with Yasu. Yasu is a Japanese unisex name, meaning ‘peaceful.’ We think this rhythmic and easy to pronounce name would work best as a nickname or middle name.

11. Shalom:

Shalom is an exclamation used by the Jews at departure or meeting. It means ‘peace’. Glamorous supermodel Shalom Harlow brought this name to the forefront, which was once limited only to Israel. And you can use Shelom or Shalvah for the nickname.

12. Frederica:

Frederica is a feminine variation of Frederic and means ‘peaceful ruler’. It’s perfect for those who like vintage and charming name. Farica is a lovely variation of the name Frederica and will make a nice pick for parents looking for something non-traditional for their daughter.

13. Jemima:

Jemima is the name of the beautiful and strong daughter of Job. This moniker has been one of the most favorite aristocratic British names. It means ‘dove,’ the global symbol of peace and holds the 176th spot in Wales and England.

14. Irini:

This Russian variation of Irene sounds as good as the original. This moniker was one of the top 100 names from 1925 to 1935 and is still used widely in Russia and its surrounding regions.

15. Olive:

The moniker Olive is associated with the olive branch as a symbol of peace. It may have been overshadowed by Olivia, but it has a subtle appeal of its own. It’s currently in the top 100 baby name list.

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16. Pacifica:

Pacifica is a Spanish name, meaning ‘tranquility and peace’. If you pronounce the name properly, you will feel its alluring sound and tranquil and harmonious meaning.

17. Paloma:

The name Paloma suggests peace as it is symbolized by the dove. We highly recommend this soft name for its striking feel. Salma Hayek used this moniker as a middle name for her daughter. And it’s associated with the jewelry designer Paloma Picasso as well.

18. Placida:

This moniker is very familiar in its male form Placido, but as Placida, it’s not much heard in the country. Meaning ‘serene and peaceful,’ Placida would make a nice alternative to Serena.

19. Salma/Salama:

Sama or Salama is an Arabic and African name, meaning ‘peace, security and safety’. The three ‘a’ in this moniker makes it sound rhythmic and calm. But it could also bring up salami jokes.

20. Salima:

Salima is a hugely popular Arabic name and means ‘peace’. Salima Ikram, the Pakistani archeologist, is the most famous bearer of this name.

21. Serene:

This moniker has been used since the Roman times, but got a fresh life by the Tennis star Serena Williams. Ranking at #456, Serena sounds as peaceful and calm as the meaning implies.

22. Shanta:

Shanta is an Indian name and means ‘peaceful’. It’s one of the fastest rising Indian names in America. In fact, it has been on the charts for girls since 2008.

23. Shulamit:

Shulamit is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘peace’. This moniker appeared in the Song of Songs in the Old Testament. Shulamit has a variety of nickname options as well, one being Shula. Toni Morrison used Sula, one of the variations of this name in her novel.

24. Concordia:

In the Roman mythology, Concordia is the name of the goddess of peace and harmony. She embodies agreement in marriage and society and is associated with Pax in representing the stable society.

25. Tullia:

Tullia is the feminine form of the Roman name Tullius. This intriguing moniker has been in use since the Roman times as an illustrious family name, as in Marcus Tullius Cicero, the philosopher. This moniker is for parents who like Tallulah, but want something even more unusual for their daughters.

26. Zuelia:

Zuelia is an Arabic name, meaning ‘peace’. This moniker hasn’t really traveled to American and European countries. So we think it would make a unique name for your daughter.

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27. Eir:

Eir is a light and airy name ‘meaning peacefulness or mercy’.

28. Chesney:

The Slovakian meaning of this name is ‘peaceful’. It shares its association with Kenny Chesney, the American singer and songwriter.

29. Zulema:

Here’s another Arabic name, meaning ‘peace’. This name has never really made out of the Arabic world, but has a winning charm to it.

So if you could draw an image of peace with any of these names, even for a moment, we would suggest you go for it. Do you know any peaceful name that is not on the list? Then let us know in the comment section below!

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