150 Glorious Baby Names That Mean Sun For Boys And Girls

If you want a name for your child that denotes power, sustainability, life, or confidence, these sun names for babies can be a good choice. Sun is the universal symbol of power and brightness that affects every individual’s life on this planet. So, if your child is born in the summer months, these sun names will fill their lives with warmth and light. So go ahead and find a suitable sun name for your baby. We have included names from various languages and cultures to make them unique and interesting.

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Boys Names That Mean Sun

1. Aditya

In Hinduism, the name Aditya, meaning ‘Sun’, is a long-standing favorite. Aditya Chopra, the Indian film director, producer and writer is its most popular bearer. Adi is the most used nickname of Aditya.

2. Aarush

Aarush is a Sanskrit origin name, meaning ‘the first ray of the Sun’. After hanging around the latter half of the top 100 names for boys for 25 years, Aarush is beginning to fade. But this old time name may soon be following the footsteps of its cousin Anshul.

3. Aelius

Aelius is a Roman family name derived from the Greek word, meaning ‘Sun’. It was the family name of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Aelius has not been in the top 1000 since the 1970s, but we do think it is slated to rise again. It’s already hugely popular in Greek, followed by Scandinavia and Norway.

4. Aftab

The meaning of this lovely name is ‘the Sun’. Although Aftab originated in Africa, it is heard widely in other parts of the world like India, Pakistan and the Middle East. In fact, this name has risen continuously after entering the top 500 baby names in the year 1999.

5. Agim

Although the meaning of Agim is not literally Sun, the Albanian name means dawn. The word poetically refers to the time early in the morning when the Sun comes to us.

6. Aidan/Aiden/Ayden

With multiple spellings, this Celtic origin name is another word for fire, as in the fire emitted by the Sun.

7. Albert

This German name means ‘bright like the Sun.’ It also means ‘noble.’

8. Altan

A name of Turkish origin, Altan refers to dawn that is red. In medieval Turkic and Mongolian languages, the word also meant ‘golden,’ referring to the beauty of the sunrise.

9. Alfrothul

Alfrothul is an unusual name of Old Norse origin. The word means ‘belonging to the Sun.’

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According to Indian Astrology, the name Alfrothul belongs to Aries horoscope and the person of this name shall be creative and passionate towards his work.

10. Amun

With roots in ancient Egypt, Amun refers to the ‘hidden one.’ Amun was also an Egyptian God who became fused with The God, Ra. Together Amun-Ra began to be worshipped as the Sun God.

11. Anatole

The rising Sun is called Anatole in Greek. Anatole is a popular name in Greece and other parts of Europe.

12. Anatoly

A variant of the Greek name Anatole, Anatoly also denotes sunrise. The Russian name

became famous with Anatoly Karpov, who was a Russian chess grandmaster from 1975 to 1985.

13. Anshul

Anshul is a firm MomJunction favorite. It means ‘sunbeam’. The stylishness of this name has increased substantially over the years.

14. Antiman

This Mapuche name refers to the purity of the Sun. Antiman is often used by people in Argentina and Chile. The Latinized name can also be spelled as Anteemon.

15. Antú

Antú is a name of Spanish origin, referring to the Sun or a day. It makes for a wonderful name for a boy born in summer.

16. Anwar

This Arabic name Anwar refers to something luminous and bright. Anwar Khan is a famous Pakistani cricketer, while Anwar Sadat was the third President of Egypt.

17. Apollo

Apollo is the god of many things – music, light, poetry and of course, the Sun. With the rise of mythological names like Zeus and Hercules, why not consider Apollo? In fact, it’s also one of those ancient god names that have been deemed appropriate for mortals.Gavin Rosedale and Gwen Stefani chose the name for their third son. The NASA Apollo Program is another cool association of this name.

18. Arthit

Arthit is a derivation of Aditya, a popular ancient name in Indian culture. Arthit finds its origin in Thai literature and means ‘The Sun.’

19. Arun

This name of Hindi or Cambodian origin, means ‘Sun’. In Hinduism, Arun is the name of the charioteer of the solar deity. The name entered the top 100 list in the early 1920s and remained there for over 40 years. After an extended slump, we are seeing signs of rising along with other A starting Indian names.

20. Baskara

Baskara is an Indonesian name and means the ‘Sun.’ The name is ultimately derived from ‘bhaskar,’ one of the many Sanskrit names for the Sun.

21. Blaze

The term Blaze has a strong connection with the Sun. This fierce name connotes a fiery personality, just as how fiery the Sun is. If you want to make your kid stand out from the crowd, call him Blaise, a stylish variation of this name.

22. Castor

Castor comes from Greek and means ‘to shine.’ According to Greek mythology, Zeus has twins called Pollux and Castor, who represent the Sun-sign Gemini.

23. Cyrus

‘Sun’ is one of the many possible meanings of this Persian name. The name is very popular in the Iranian community. They choose the name to pay tribute to the mighty Cyrus, the Great, the founder of the Persian empire. The name feels much more modern and friendlier now, after being picked by Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes for their baby boy.

24. Cymbeline

Cymbeline is also the title of Shakespeare’s play based on the legend featuring the early Celtic King Cunobelinus. We must say that this name is musical and rhythmic enough to be considered for a girl. Now it’s totally up to you to whom you want to give this name.

25. Dismas

Dismas is a name with Greek roots and denotes the sunset.

26. Dashinima

A beautiful way to denote a lucky or happy Sun is the name Dashinima. This Buryat name has its origin in the Tibetan words ‘tashi’ and ‘nima’ that mean ‘good fortune’ and ‘sun,’ respectively.

27. Diell

This Albanian name is another word for the Sun. It makes for a short and unique name for your son.

28. Dimas

Pronounced as DEE-mah, this Spanish name represents the setting Sun. Dimas Beck is a famous Indonesian actor and singer.

29. Divakar

The name has its origin in Sanskrit and has been around for centuries. Divakar is one of the many Sanskrit names for the Sun.

30. Elio

Elio is a popular baby name in France

Image: Shutterstock

This Spanish name is one of the several alternatives of the Sun god Helios who drives across the sky every day in a horse-drawn chariot. Currently, Elio is very popular in France and ranks in the top 250. Elio Di Rupo, the 50th prime minister of Belgium, is one of its most famous bearers.

31. Eliana

Eliana is a musical and lilting choice, which has begun to catch on along with the other El-starting names. The meaning of Eliana is ‘daughter of the Sun’. The name has made its place in the top 100 and is rising consistently, primarily because it is a multi-cultural name. It is heard in Spain, Russia, Portugal, Italy and Israel. Christian Slater chose the name for his daughter. You can consider Ellen as the short name, which also happens to mean ‘sunshine light’. Ellen Taetzsch, Global Health Corps fellow, talks about this short variation, meaning ‘sun,’ and the impact the name has had on her. She says, “The one I was given at birth, Ellen, means light or sun. I was named after my aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother. This is the name that I first came to know myself by. It is my first and primary identity.

“It is the way my parents helped me enter into the world and guided me into becoming the person that I am now. I aspire to be light to people. I want to bring joy, happiness and ah-ha moments to people. I hope to bring sunshine and warmth to people (i).”

32. Eleodoro

If you are looking for an unusual Sun inspired name, go with Eleodoro. Eleodoro is an exotic Spanish name, meaning ‘gift from the Sun’. It is one of those names that were important to Spain during the 18th century.

33. Ergün

This Turkish name refers to a soldier of the Sun. Since the name connects with both the army and the Sun, Ergün could be an interesting name for your child.

34. Eguzki

A unique name, Eguzki finds its roots in Basque. The name means the ‘Sun.’

35. Finlo

Finlo is a Manx name that means ‘fair Lugh.’ The Sun God is called Lugh in Manx.

36. Freyr

Freyr is one of the most important gods in Norse mythology. He is the God of peace, fertility and sunlight. He was said to bestow peace and prosperity on the mortals. The name has a trendy Norse feel combined with the noble and upstanding image of this Norse God. In fact, so many people were inspired by this god that 1976 witnessed the most number of Freyrs born in North Germany.

37. Gisli

Rooted in Scandinavia, the name Gisli refers to the rays of the Sun or sunshine. Gisli Surssonn was the protagonist in the Gísla saga, which is part of the ‘Sagas of Icelanders.’

38. Günay

A gender-neutral name, Günay is a name of Turkish origin. It refers to the Sun and the moon in a slightly complicated but interesting way. Günay particularly denotes a moon that you see in the daytime, namely the Sun.

39. Horus

Horus is the name of the Egyptian Sun God. He is depicted as a falcon whose right eye represents the Sun while the left eye denotes the moon. He is known to be the creator of the sky.

40. Haul

This Welsh name is a modern rendition of the word Sun. It is pronounced as Hah-Yul though Americans may call it Haw-all.

41. Haru

Haru has multiple meanings, such as ‘springtime’ or ‘sunny.’ This Japanese name also means ‘sunlight’ or ‘Sun.’

42. Heliodoro

With Portuguese and Spanish roots, Heliodoro means a gift of the Sun. Heliodoro of Emesa was a Greek writer who got this name because his family consisted of priests of the Sun.

43. Helios

According to Greek mythology, Helios was the Sun God, who rode on his four-horse chariot every day, making his journey across the sky. Goddess Selene was his sister and the moon God.

44. Hito

This Japanese name denotes the phrase ‘to the Sun.’ It makes for a short, sweet, and unique name for your son.

45. Ishaan

A Hindu name of Sanskrit origin, the name Ishaan means ‘the Sun.’ Ishaan is among the popular boys’ names in India.

46. Inti

Inti is a name belonging to the Incan tribe that worshipped the Sun. Inti typically refers to the Incan Sun God.

47. Kem

A name of Romani origin, Kem denotes the Sun. The famous American songwriter and producer Kim Owens has adopted the name Kem for himself.

48. Kiran

A beautiful Hindu name, Kiran means the ray of the Sun or a beam of sunlight. It is a name commonly found amongst both boys and girls in India.

49. Langa

This Xhosa name, Langa, means Sun. Xhosa is part of the Bantu language of South Africa and is popular either as a first language or second.

50. Levant

Levant would make a modern and striking name for your little one. It refers to the direction of the rising Sun. The name Levant is hugely popular in Turkey and is one of our favorites as well. It would make a great name for kids born in April or May.

51. Mithra

With roots in the Sanskrit language of India, the male name Mithra is another name of the Sun God.

52. Misae

Misae comes from the Osage language of Native Americans. It refers to the ‘white and hot Sun.’

53. Naolin

The Aztec God of Sun is known as Naolin as per Spanish cultural beliefs. The Aztecs were a popular Mexican tribe from the 1300s to the 1500s.

54. Ochieng

An interesting name of African origin, Ochieng refers to someone who is born when the Sun is shining in the sky. It can be a given name for a baby born during the day or when it’s sunny or even summertime.

55. Phoebus

Phoebus is an alternative name for Apollo. The name would appeal to parents because of its ‘s’ ending. It is also related to Phoebe from the TV series Friends. Besides, this name is also borne by a character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.

56. Ra

Ra, baby names that mean sun

Image: Shutterstock

Ra is the name of the Egyptian Sun god. He became an important god in the Egyptian dynasty in the 25th and 24th century BC. In the later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra merged with the god Horus and ruled all the parts of the world. Ra would sound great as a middle name, or in combination with a longer name.

57. Ravi

If you want a traditional, Sun-inspired moniker for your son, go with Ravi. Ravi is a title of the Hindu Sun god. It’s a solid name with lots of personality and history. This moniker was made cross-culturally famous by Ravi Shankar, the famous sitar player.

58. Ravindra

Ravindra is a combination of two words, Ravi and Indra. Ravi means Sun, and Indra is the Lord of Gods. Therefore, Ravindra refers to the Lord of the Sun.

59. Robin

This unisex name is quite popular. Though Robin is the name of a small red bird, the name is of English origin and represents someone bright, famed, and shining.

60. Roshan

Not many must be knowing that Roshan is a Persian name. But this name is more used in India than any other parts of the world. This name was popular in the medieval times, right after India’s independence in 1947.

61. Samson

The Biblical name Samson with Hebrew roots means ‘Sun’. Samson was an Old Testament hero who had extraordinary strength. But his mistress cut off his hair, stripping him of his power. The name is currently at its highest rank ever #628. It is usually adopted by parents who like the nickname Sam, but do not want the super common Samuel. Its spelling variant Sampson can also be considered.

62. Sansone

Sansone is a boy’s name with Italian roots. The name means ‘Sun’ and is related to the name Samson.

63. Sharik

Sharik is an Arabic name, meaning ‘one on whom the Sun shines’. You can opt for its alternative spelling Sharique as well.

64. Sol

Sol is Spanish for the Sun. Mexican parents, in particular, are drawn to this composed and quiet name. Sol Gareth Davis, the American first self-declared World Citizen, the peace activist and the founder of the World Government of World Citizen and World Citizen Foundation is its most popular namesake. Sol was also the name of the evil preacher in the book Warriors by Erin Hunter. This short and sweet name would make a good nickname for Solomon.

65. Solaris

The unisex name Solaris finds its roots in Latin culture. The name means belonging to the Sun or ‘of the Sun.’ The name is used both as a first name and last name.

66. Soniva

Soniva is a Biblical name from Hebrew and denoting the Sun. In Norwegian, the name means ‘gift of the Sun.’

67. Sulien

The name Sulien is found to have Welsh origins. The name refers to someone ‘born of the Sun.’ It could be a wonderful name for a boy born on a sunny day, at dawn, or in the summertime.

68. Surya

Surya, the name of the Hindu god of Sun, is mostly heard in its own culture. It is usually used for males, although American-French figure skating champion Surya Bonaly is female. Surya, the Sun salutation in yoga, may be a nice reference for this name to Westerners.

69. Sun

Lastly, Sun is the most obvious name for this baby name list. But Sun does only mean the big celestial object. In the Irish language, the meaning of Sun is ‘from the town by the river Boyn’. It also means ‘obedient’ in some languages. So this name is full of positive connotations.

70. Suvan

The name comes from Sanskrit and refers to fire. It is also used to refer to the Sun, making Suvan one of the many Sanskrit names for the Sun.

71. Taner

This Turkish name refers to a child born at dawn. Taner is a perfect Sun-name for a boy born in the early hours of the day.

72. Tyr

It is the name of a Norse god. The name means ‘to glow’ or ‘to shine.’ The word Tuesday also comes from the name Tyr as it was originally known as Tyr’s Day.

73. Willka

The name refers to the period of pre-dawn. It is an Aymara name, which is also the name of a river in the Sacred Valley in Peru. This river is believed to be the Milky Way’s reflection, whose course is covered by the Sun.

74. Yo-Han

This Korean name denotes sunlight or ‘to shine.’ Yo-Han also has a French variant Yohan, which comes from John, meaning ‘God is gracious.’

75. Zeus

Zeus means 'to shine'

Image: Shutterstock

Zeus is the supreme, preeminent God in Greek mythology. He lived and ruled from Mount Olympus and controlled the weather of the world. The name Zeus means ‘to shine.’

Girls Names That Means Sun

76. Aelia

Aelia is a sweet name for your baby girl. It is a Greek/Latin name that denotes sunshine or sunlight.

77. Aelian

This Latin name means ‘Sun.’ The name is believed to have been derived from the Greek name Helios, meaning Sun.

78. Akino

A name of Japanese origin, Akino refers to the rising Sun. The name will certainly make for a special and unique name for your daughter.

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Akino Kawamitsu mononymously known as AKINO is an American-born Japanese pop artist known for her music in several anime series.

79. Akosua

Akosua is a unique and rare name for a baby girl. The roots of this name can be traced back to Africa and Ghana. The name refers to someone ‘born on Sunday.’

80. Aine

Aine is the name of the Irish goddess associated with the Sun. This traditional Irish name belonged to the queen of the Munster fairies. It is also sprinkled throughout Irish folklore as the Celtic goddess of prosperity and summer. The only issue is that the pronunciation and spelling could be a bit confusing for some people.

81. Alba

Alba is one of the most successful two-syllable names starting and ending in vowels. The name has a glamorous association with Hollywood actress Jessica Alba. It was also the name of a character in The Time Traveler’s Wife. The meaning of Alba is ‘sunlight’.

82. Alfsol

Alfsol is an Icelandic name. The name means ‘eleven Sun.’ It is certainly one of the unique names that mean Sun.

83. Anpao

According to Lakota mythology, Anpao was a spirit, who had two faces. She represented early morning or dawn and danced with the spirit of darkness to prevent the Sun God from burning the Earth. Anpao means Sun.

84. Apolline

Another name for Apollo, the God of light and Sun, Apolline is the female version of the name.

85. Apollonia

Apollonia, the feminine form of Apollo, the Greek Sun god, has an appealing and exotic feel in the modern world. St. Apollonia of Alexandria brought great popularity to her name in the middle ages. This name first came to attention through Prince’s love interest in the film Purple Rain. Apolonia, with one ‘l’ is the name of a character in John Steinbeck’s novel The Pearl.

86. Apricity

Although traces of this name are rooted in the Latin word ‘apricus,’ the female name Apricity is known to have English origins. The unusual name refers to the ‘warmth of the winter Sun.’

87. Arunika

Arunika is a beautiful Sanskrit name, meaning ‘early morning sunlight’.It’s one of those classic names that many people are returning to. It is a pretty uncommon baby name as it is listed outside the top 1000. So there are dim chances that your child will bump into another Arunika.

88. Arpina

Meaning ‘rising of the Sun’, Arpina has a fresh and early morning vibe. The sound of this name might not be very mellifluous, as it sounds like Derpina. This Armenian name is also spelled as Arpineh in some regions.

89. Aurora

Aurora is the name of the Roman Goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into dew. Besides, Aurora is also the scientific term for the Northern Lights. The name has been on the popularity list consistently since the 18th century and is currently at its highest point ever. This name is also connected to one of the Disney princesses. So your little one is sure to feel like a princess with this name.

90. Beltane

Beltane is a May festival celebrated in Ireland and Scotland. It marks the beginning of summer. The meaning of this Celtic name is ‘bright fire,’ referring to the Sun.

91. Bobby

This unisex name is ubiquitous around the world. Spelled also as Bobbie, the Germanic name means shining or bright.

92. Cyra

This Persian feminine name refers to the Sun. It also means ‘the Lord’ or ‘throne.’

93. Dawn

This Old English word refers to the time between darkness and sunrise. This name has been in use for centuries.

94. Dayton

This name is derived from an Old English word denoting a sunny town. The female name is apt for girls born in a bright and sunny place near the seaside.

95. Éadaoin

Pronounced as EH-deen, Éadaoin is the modern spelling of Étaín. According to Irish mythology, Étaín is believed to be the Sun goddess.

96. Easter

The name Easter has been used for hundreds of years as a part of the day naming tradition. Meaning ‘where the Sun rises’, the name Easter is derived from the German goddess named Eostre, whose feast was celebrated at the vernal equinox. They later adopted the name for the Christian festival of the resurrection. This rarely heard holiday name would make an excellent choice for a summer or springtime baby. It also appeared on the top 1000 list for a few decades of the 20th century.

97. Elanor

The Lord of the Rings is a fantasy novel by J.R R. Tolkien where Elanor is a character named after a flower. This fictional name also refers to the star Sun.

98. Èlia

This Catalan name refers to the Sun. Èlia is a popular name even in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

99. Éliane

Evolved from Èlia, Éliane is a popular French name that means ‘the Sun.’ The name was most prevalent during the mid-20th century.

100. Elidi

The name Elidi, meaning ‘gift of the Sun’, has Greek roots. After being out of favor for decades, we see signs of comeback for Elidi.

101. Grian

This Irish name means Sun. Grian is believed to be the sister of Áine in Irish mythology, making these names a lovely choice for twin baby girls.

102. Gry

The name of Scandinavian origin means dawn. Gry is a relatively modern name, and traces of it were first found in Norway as late as the 19th century.

103. Halo

Halo is an English word that means a disc of light or the circle of the Sun. It is derived from the Latin word halos with the same meaning.

104. Haruki

A name of Japanese origin, Haruki denotes a child born in spring. Spring emotes the sunny days and the end of cold, dark winters.

105. Hathor

Hathor, baby names that mean sun

Image: Shutterstock

This Ancient Egyptian name refers to the contents of the house of Horus. According to Egyptian mythology, Hathor was the Sun goddess who was popularly called the Golden One.

106. Helie

In Greek mythology, Helie is one of the Heliades or the seven daughters of Helios. This Ancient Greek name depicts reflections of her father, the Sun God Helios.

107. Helen

Helen is one of the strong, classic girl names that mean Sun ray or shining light . The name has connoted beauty since ancient times. It’s the name of the mythological goddess over whom the Trojan War was fought. Helen has constantly been in and out of favor over centuries. It was one of the top five names for decades, before falling out in the 1930s.

108. Hemera

According to Greek mythology, Hemera is the daughter of Nyx and Erebos, who depicted darkness and night, respectively. She represents days or when the Sun is in the sky.

109. Heulwen

Heulwen is a name of Welsh origin. It means sunshine. In North Wales, the name is pronounced as HAYL-wen, while in South Wales, it is called HIEL-wen.

110. Idalia

Scandinavia is home to some of the most beautiful Sun-inspired names. The Greek name Idalia comes from Idalion, a Greek city, meaning ‘I see the Sun’. As a name, Idalia is an interesting variation of the currently popular name Alia. Ida would make a quirky nickname for Idalia.

111. Kalinda

Kalinda is a rhythmic Hindi name, meaning ‘Sun’. The rhythmic name relates to the Kalinda Mountains, from which the sacred river flows. Americans would relate the name to the character Kalinda Sharma from the series The Good Wife. The role was played by British actress Archie Punjabi.

112. Kyra

Kyra comes from the male name Kyros, which means ‘like Ra, the Sun’. The name also sounds like the popular Kiera or Keira, but these names have entirely different meanings.

113. Lucian

It is an amalgamation of two names, Lucy and Ann. The name is of French origin and means ‘light.’  Since the natural source of light is the Sun, this passes as a reference to the Sun.

114. Lucy

The Italian name Lucy is the source of many derivatives. Lucy traces its origins to the Latin word ‘lux,’ meaning light.

115. Marici

According to Buddhism, Marici is a supreme being practicing Buddhism. The Sanskrit name means ‘ray of light.’

116. Marisol

Marisol is a perfect name for a summer baby. Combining the elements of sea and Sun, Marisol is the perfect candidate for best cross-culture names. This well-used name in Spain is quite common on American television as well. Both “Orange is the New Black” and “Devious Maids” have characters named Marisol.

117. Malina

The name Malina comes from the Inuit mythology. It is the name of the goddess of the Sun. Some people consider it to be a feminization of the Scottish name Malcolm. So we can say that Malina is a little bit of many things.

118. Mehr

The name Mehr is of Persian origin and means ‘Sun’ or ‘friendship.’ The seventh month in the Solar Hirji calendar, the name also refers to the first month of the autumn season.

119. Mirri

Mirri is an Australian Aboriginal name and means ‘the Sun.’ It is a popular name in many parts of the world.

120. Nada

The name Nada is of Arabic origin, referring to the dew formed at sunrise. A famous female bearer of this name is the Italian singer Nada. This is a unisex name.

121. Olwen

A Welsh name by origin, Olwen denotes ‘footprints in white.’ It is also the name of a Goddess who bore flowers welcoming the summer Sun.

122. Oriana

The name Oriana, just like the more common Arianam, is associated with sunrise because of its golden aspect. The name, featured in a number of medieval tales, was used as an epithet for Queen Elizabeth I. In the medieval tales, Oriana was the lover of the knight Amadis. The name has also appeared in three 17th century plays. Oriana Fallaci, the noted Italian journalist, is the most popular bearer of this name.

123. Ôstara

Ôstara means ‘to shine.’ The name originated from Old High German and was a derivative of a month of the Germanic calendar called Ostermonat. The month celebrates the spring equinox, and the name grew into Ostern or Easter.

124. Rashmi

This baby girl’s name finds roots in Sanskrit and means ‘sunrays.’ The name is popular in many parts of India.

125. Roxana

Roxana was the Princess of Bactria and the first love of Alexander the Great. The Ancient Greek name denotes dawn or brightness.

126. Salana

The Latin name Salana means Sun. It is also a derivative of the English name Salina. This feminine name has a beautiful rhythmic ring to it.

127. Sandhya

Sandhya is a Hindu name originating from Sanskrit. It is the name of an Indian goddess and also indicates dusk.

128. Saulė

A Lithuanian name, Saulė is the name of the Lithuanian Sun Goddess and a unique name for your daughter.

129. Savita

Savita is a Hindi name meaning ‘Sun’. It is one of those Indian names that could easily immigrate. Tweak the spelling a bit to make it Spanish and Italian Sarita. In fact, the name has already begun to be heard around the preschools and playgrounds. It has entered the top 2000 in the US but has a way to go before it catches up with its other Indian names.

130. Shams

Modern Yemen was called the Himyarite Kingdom in pre-Islamic Arabia. Shams was the name of the Sun Goddess, who was also a patron of the goddess of the area. Shams means ‘Sun’ and is pronounced as SHEH-miss.

131. Shemesh

This Semitic name symbolizes the Sun. In the pre-Iron Age, the Canaanites were a nomadic ethnic group of Eastern Mediterranean regions. Shemesh was a Sun goddess who this group worshiped.

132. Siria

This lovely name means ‘Sun bright, glowing’. There is a dispute regarding the origin of this name. Some believe that Siria is a Spanish name while some say that it’s Persian. But the problem is that many people would confuse it with the country Syria.

133. Solange

Solange is a soft and soothing French name meaning ‘angel of Sun’. The name became popular because of its relation with Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange Knowles. Solange is also the name of the martyred 9th-century saint, the shepherdess who had a tragic end while defending her honor. St. Solange is also a patron saint of rain.

134. Solana

Solana is a Spanish name that means ‘sunshine’. Just like its meaning, the name is also warm and bright. It would sound unusual to the Spanish ears, and that’s what makes it even better.

135. Solveig

This Scandinavian name meaning ‘daughter of the Sun’ has rarely crossed the shores of the country. It was the name of the lead actress in Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. Currently, Solveig is one of the top 100 names in Norway. Make sure you know the correct pronunciation of this name. Pronounce it with ‘g’ silent.

136. Solbritt

Solbritt is a name of Swedish origin and means ‘a Sun of the superior one.’ It is a combination of two Swedish words, ‘sol,’ meaning Sun, and ‘britt,’ meaning the ‘superior one.’

137. Sole

The Italian name Sole means ‘Sun.’ The name is popular in many parts of Europe.

138. Sóley

This Icelandic name is a variation of Sólja, a name used in the Faroe Islands. Sóley refers to the buttercup flower, but the name is derived from the root word ‘sol,’ meaning ‘Sun.’

139. Solfrid

Solfrid is a name of Norwegian origin. It is a combination of the words ‘sol,’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘fridr,’ meaning beautiful.

140. Solstice

Solstice is an English word referring to a time when the Sun does not move. The English calendar year has two solstices, Summer solstice and Winter solstice. The name has a lovely ring to it.

141. Solvita

A Latvian name, Solvita symbolizes a Sun that gives life. It is a combination of the Latin word ‘sol,’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘vita,’ meaning ‘life.’

142. Soleil

The French name Soleil for Sun may not be much heard of in Normandy, but it has a lot of appeal for the outsiders. The name is usually associated with Soleil Moon Frye, when she was a Punky Brewster. It has also started being used in the US.

143. Summer

The trend is rising for popular season inspired names, which began being used in the 1970s and had constantly been heard ever since. The name Summer brings to mind the bright sunshine and warm weather. This name has popped up over the big and small screens as well. Summer was the name of Zooey Deschanel’s character in 500 Days of Summer. It made appearances in Baywatch, The Mentalist and The O.C.

144. Sunday

Typically, the name of the first day of the week, Sunday, can be the name of someone born on a Sunday. The name shot to fame when actress Nicole Kidman her daughter Sunday. This can also be a unisex name.

145. Sunny

This English nickname is upbeat and has positive, happy vibes. The name also refers to someone cheerful.

146. Sunniva

Sunniva is a Norwegian name, meaning ‘Sun gift’. It is the name of the Irish-born patron saint that fled to Western Norway with her followers and eventually died. After the report of miracles, the cave was excavated, and Sunniva’s body was found intact. It would make a distinctive choice for someone of Scandinavian ancestry. The name is pronounced as ‘SOON-ee-va’. Sunni or Sunny would make upbeat nicknames.

147. Suria

Suria has its roots in Sanskrit

Image: IStock

A variation of the Indian name Surya, Suria refers to the Sun God. The word originates from Sanskrit.

148. Sunshine

Sunshine is a straightforward and sweet name referring to the majestic Sun. Once viewed as the quintessential hippie name, Sunshine has now started to come out from behind the clouds, especially after appearing on Glee. The name was at its peak in 1975, with a rank of 534. Sunny would make the best nickname.

149. Tesni

An enticing word for the warmth of the Sun, Tesni is a name of Welsh origin. It is pronounced as

TESS-nee and is also believed to denote summer. This is an ideal choice of name for a girl-child of Welsh ancestry.

150. Thea

The name Thea is an Anglicized spelling of Theia. In Greek mythology, Thea is the goddess of the Sun, dawn and the moon. She is also the mother of Helios, Eos and Selene and the consort of Hyperion. As a given name, Thea has a highly appealing sensitive, serene and artistic image. You can also use Thea as a short form of Althea, Dorothea, Theodora and Anthea.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of choosing a baby name that means sun?

Baby names with the meaning “sun” have incredibly strong and empowering meanings and attributes. You may choose them if you want your baby to imbibe those qualities.

2. How have the trends in baby names that mean sun changed over time?

The trends in baby names that mean sun have changed over time, with variations in popularity and style. However, the overall popularity of these names has remained consistent, as they continue to be popular choices for parents who want to give their babies strong and meaningful names.

3. Does choosing a name that means “sun” have any astrological or zodiacal significance?

In astrology, the sun is associated with the zodiac sign, Leo. Individuals born under the sign of Leo are believed to possess characteristics, such as confidence, charisma, leadership, and creativity. Naming a child after the sun may be seen as a way to connect them to positive attributes associated with the sign of Leo.

4. How might a name that means “sun” impact the child’s self-perception and identity?

A name associated with the sun might impact a child’s self-perception and identity. Names often carry symbolic meanings, and being named after the sun can evoke feelings of brightness, warmth, and positivity. This may influence a child’s sense of self and how they perceive themselves concerning others.

5. Is there a particular personality or character trait commonly associated with names that mean “sun”?

Names associated with the sun often carry connotations of optimism, vitality, energy, and warmth. These names may be seen as symbolizing a radiant and cheerful personality. However, it’s important to remember that many factors shape individual personalities, and a name alone does not determine a person’s character.

6. Do baby names meaning “sun” often carry a sense of brightness, warmth, or positivity?

Names that mean “sun” are often associated with positive qualities, including brightness, warmth, and happiness, because the sun represents light, life, and energy. Choosing a name that means “sun” can reflect a desire to imbue the child’s life with these positive qualities.

7. Are there any famous literary or fictional characters with names that mean “sun”?

There are several famous modern fictional characters with names meaning “sun.” The fighting video game series “Guilty Gear” has a character named Sol Badguy. Sol’s name is derived from the Latin word for sun. Another example is Sunny Baudelaire from the book series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” by Lemony Snicket. Sunny’s name brings to mind the imagery of the sun. Additionally, in Rick Riordan’s book series, including “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” and “The Trials of Apollo,” there is a character named Apollo.

8. How do different religious or spiritual beliefs influence the choice of baby names that mean the sun?

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god Ra held great importance, and names related to Ra were commonly used. Similarly, in Hinduism, Surya is the god of the sun, and names associated with Surya are prevalent. These religious and spiritual beliefs can inspire parents to choose names that honor or reflect their faith’s sun-related deities or concepts.

If you want a Sun-inspired name for your baby born in the summer months, or if you want your child’s name to reflect the brightness and happiness of the Sun, choose baby names that mean Sun from the list above. You can give your baby boy names such as Aditya, Aftab, Agim, Blaze, Cyrus, Haul, Helios, Samson, Sun, etc. And your baby girl can have names like Alfsol, Apolline, Aurora, Helie, Marisol, Savita, etc. So, choose a name for your baby that you think will suit them best.

Infographic: Sun-Inspired Baby Names Of Different Origins

When thinking of the Sun, we picture brightness, warmth, and happiness. This role is what a baby plays in a family’s life. So, if you’re considering a baby name that captures the satisfaction and light your little sunshine has brought into your life, look at the infographic below for some name ideas.

sun inspired baby names of different origins (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Discover the perfect name for your little girl! Our list of unique girl names that mean sun will help you find the perfect name for your 2021 baby.

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