Four Lovely Baby Poems To Express Your Joy About The New Arrival

Baby poems are a beautiful way of celebrating the birth of your child. Every parent welcomes the baby in their own style. You can also use poetry to express your emotions for the newest member of your family. Baby poems convey a mixed feeling of parenthood and the exceptional bond you share with your baby through its rhyming verses. Although the feeling may be ineffable, poetry makes it easier to convey your innermost joy. Scroll through for some beautiful poems for your baby that can also be printed as messages on clothes and gifts to announce the big news.

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Baby Girl Poems

Baby girls are no less than princesses. As you see your girl growing day by day, you can pamper her and make her feel special. We have some wonderful poems for baby girls here.

1. Her Impact On Me

Her eyes like diamonds, Baby poems

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Her eyes like diamonds,
Reflecting and refracting the light of her heart,
Filling my world with the luminescence of a love I have never seen before.

I have felt darkness so thick it chokes.
The darkness hasn’t a chance when she enters my world.

I have seen horrid sights that cloud a once clear mind.
My memories fade with her smile.

The silence, once so quite my eardrums ached,
Has been soothed with her laughter and childlike words.

I see the miracle of a growing, learning child,
In the landscape of my life I once thought of a baron.

Do I do what’s right for her?
Do I love her as much as she deserves?

I did not know how to truly love before she became a part of my being.
I do and will forever love her with the deepest, truest love this tattered heart can muster.

I am now part of the lucky.
I am now part of the blessed.

— Paul Gould Jr.

Baby Boy Poems

Blessed with a baby boy? Now you can see how quickly your time passes playing with your little man. He would love it when you play and sing poems, and his cute little eyes would shine with happiness.

2. Beautiful Bundle Of Joy, My Baby Boy

Your little toes wiggled

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It all started the moment you opened your eyes,
I was in shock, a boy, what a surprise,
Your little toes wiggled,
I pictured in my mind your perfect little giggle,
You were something so new to me,
But I was so proud to have a piece of me,
That I could hold forever,
You would always be mine,
I thought to myself..
I hope you will grow up to be caring and kind,
I dressed you in the cutest clothes I could find,
You stared at the light so much…
I’m surprised you’re not blind,
Through all the spit up and mess,
We always did our best,
With all the moments we shared,
We make an amazing pair,
You’re getting so big,
I can hardly believe it,
Well I can,
I’m just shocked to see it,
You’re learning so much,
And talking a bunch,
Bouncing all over the place,
With the world’s biggest smile on your face,
And in my heart you will always have a place,
Your mom is what I will always be,
We are linked in the most amazing family tree,
We will always have a bond like no one could know,
and who would have thought,
That it would all start with your wiggling toes.

— Amber Bolduan

3. The Gift Of Life

Life is beautiful.

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As you come into the world pink or blue,
Family is there to see a new baby.
brown, black, or blue are your eyes
blonde, brown, or red is your hair.
chubby or slim is your body type
whatever you are, your parent’s are proud
years may come and years will go
Parents are there for you to know.
They will teach and you will learn
They will say and you will do.
There is one thing that I know
Life is beautiful.
No matter your hair color, eye color, chubby or slim
your parent’s will love you deep within.

— Christina L. Joseph

4. Daddy’s Little Water Bug

Looking up at daddy, Baby poems

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A violet bathing suit
Stretched over a baby’s round body
Rolls of fat spilling over the baby’s tiny arms.
Cheeks as pump as little butterballs
An infant giggle:
Yet to be corrupted by the world,
Yet to experience loss or heartbreak.
Only concerned with one thing:
The crisp, cool water
in a plastic blue swimming pool
Just deep enough to cover her ankles.
Looking up at Daddy
whose strong , sculpted arms hold her steady
Whose handsome eyes
remain constant over the years
Given as a gift, later to become her eyes,
But not quite yet.
For now, all that matters
Is the hot breeze.
And the tiny open palm that splashes water.
Hearing the sound of Daddy’s deep voice
A low grumble of words only distinguishable to baby,
The smell of humidity and stuffy afternoon,
Spending time with Daddy.

— Whitney D. Bair

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of poems?

Young children and babies are attracted to the playful sounds of poems, even when they don’t understand the meaning of words. Poems emphasize sounds and rhythm and help children identify sounds in words. They help understand and learn new words quickly. Young children may learn to differentiate similar sounding words that have different meanings. They are also helpful in breath coordination and tongue and mouth movements. Poems positively affect children’s language, physical, and cognitive development (1).

2. Why is poetry important at the early childhood and primary level?

Poetry is an excellent aid for learning a language, drama, and even music. Poetry is a shorter and easier mode of expression compared to prose. The rhythm of poetry may seem attractive to even reluctant readers. Children can use their imagination and creativity while reading or reciting poetry, which helps them develop an awareness of language and phonic patterns (2).

Babies bring joy and new challenges to life. As you play with and care for your baby, the days seem to fly by. So, preserve these memories by writing some baby poems to give to your little one when they grow older. You may express your love, care, and affection for your baby through these poems and tell them how they changed your life, your feelings for them, or who they remind you of. Your child will surely cherish this token when they grow older.

Infographic: Popular Baby Songs You Can Sing

Now that you have welcomed your newborn to this world, every day will be full of excitement. You must also look for ways to keep your baby engaged and happy. The baby songs in this infographic will help you cheer up your baby, and as your baby grows into a toddler, they may start humming them as well.

8 famous songs for your bundle of love (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version


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