9 Customs And Traditions Observed By Royal Families For Their Babies

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the royal family? We often wish we could be part of the glamour and fame, attending soirees and parties all the time. It almost seems like if we had been of royal lineage, life would have been so much better. Though there is some truth in that, it’s still not all rainbows and roses. Being a family that the whole world holds in high regard, members of the royal family have to adhere to specific rules and regulations. They are expected to conduct themselves in a particular way and always fit into the royal lineage image (1). The media is at an arm’s reach away at finding the smallest of your flaws and mistakes and making a scene out of it.

Conducting oneself properly in public is something the royals take very seriously and these teachings start quite early. Even babies who are born into the royal family are bound by strict traditions and rules. Of course, this is mostly ensured by parents and caretakers. Let’s dive in to learn about some of these traditions and conducts expected from babies:

1. Royal Debuts Immediately After Birth

When you’ve given birth to a royal baby, there’s no excuse for you to take a break and relax— not even if you are recovering from labor. Royals are expected to face the public and announce the birth of their child. And being a Royal, you really can’t step out in your PJs or hospital gowns either. Soon after the birth of her child, Kate Middleton had to put on makeup and get dressed impeccably to address the press. Heels, a pretty dress, and makeup right after delivering a baby? That takes some strength, for sure!

2. Midwives Are An Integral Part Of The Delivery

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Back in the day, only women were allowed to be in the delivery room with the mother. Therefore, a team of experienced midwives would assist with childbirth. The tradition continues to this day but with a slight difference. Since the stigma of having male doctors in the delivery room does not exist anymore, there’s usually a combination of doctors, midwives, and specialized medical experts who help with labor.

3. There’s No Such Thing As A Baby Shower

Theres No Such Thing As A Baby Shower

Pregnant women look forward to their baby shower, and rightly so! It’s one day in those nine months of change where you get to put on something pretty and celebrate your upcoming role as a mother (and your baby, of course). But in the royal family’s dictionary, a baby shower does not exist. One of the reasons could be that a baby shower is traditionally an American invention. The British royalty strictly adheres to traditional customs and rules that have been part of the royal way for centuries. However, there’s no shortage of an outpouring of gifts. Apparently, Princess Charlotte received over 60 gifts from different countries for her first birthday.

4. Firing Of Cannons As Announcement

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Another tradition that has been continued for centuries, is the firing of cannons to announce the birth of a royal member.Every time a new prince or princess is born, cannon shots are fired to commemorate and celebrate their birth. When Princess Charlotte was born, 41 cannon shots were fired in Hyde Park. It’s a traditional gun salute custom to welcome the newborns in the royal family.

5. No Gender Reveals (Party Or Not)

According to the royal family rules, the gender of the baby is kept a secret. They also don’t reveal the exact due date to the public. However, the news of the overall well-being and health of the mother is shared with the media. As an exception, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would have a girl child in an interview.

6. Be Public Figures

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Several rules bind the royal family, and every family member has to abide by them. Children are no exception. They are groomed from a young age to adhere to their family’s rules and protocols. The children of the royal family have to attend functions, events, royal weddings, and other ceremonies, without exception. From the age of 5, kids have to know how to curtsy to the queen.

7. Limited Creativity With Names

If you have a fancy name that you want to name your baby, we’re sorry that you cannot when you are a part of the royal family. It is customary for members of the family to choose a moniker from their family tree. Out-of-the-box creativity is not an option. Royal family members also address each other by their formal names in public.

8. Many Godparents, But No One From The Immediate Family

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The royal family members are not allowed to have godparents from the immediate family. But they believe the more, the merrier. For example, Prince George has seven, Princess Charlotte has five, and Prince Louis has six. Most people have two godparents, but because of the complexities that arise from being a part of such a high-profile family, the royal family children need more guidance and, hence, have many godparents.

9. Special Blankets For Special Babies

Did you know that the royal family babies get special blankets? It’s all in the details, and baby blankets are essential too. During the royal debut, they are wrapped in blankets designed and made especially for the royal babies. It’s common to see these blankets having exquisite embroidery work befitting the royal image. After all, royals don’t want to project themselves as ordinary even when it comes to their babies and their garments!

Everyone believes that being a part of the royal family is one of the best things to happen, but no one knows the sacrifices and compromises that they have to make to remain in that high-profile light — even as a newborn. The royals have to lead a very disciplined life and adhere to many rules and regulations in conducting themselves. It’s not easy, and it can be overwhelming. Do you know any other rules that members of the royal family have to follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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