15 Unique And Creative Baby Shower Alternatives

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A baby shower is held to celebrate the anticipated arrival of your bundle of joy. But if you are among those who do not prefer big celebrations, some unique baby shower alternatives can help you plan something different. Typically, expecting mothers invite their friends and family to share the joy of the coming of their little one. But it can be taxing for some, and hence not all to-be-mothers prefer such a grand event. In this post, we bring some interesting alternatives for a baby shower to you help plan a memorable welcome for your baby.

15 Best Alternatives To Baby Shower

1. Baby sprinkle

A baby sprinkle is a low-key alternative to a traditional shower. All you need to do is keep the invites simple and casual. You can include light refreshments in the menu, instead of a complete meal. You don’t have to plan the games as it is just a sprinkle. It can be a perfect and cozy celebration with family and closest friends.

2. Book drive

It is an interesting and beautiful shower alternative for which you can ask each guest to bring their favorite book for the baby as a present. To add a special touch, they can include a note for the mom-to-be on the cover. The books and messages written on them can make a worthy treasure.

3. Virtual baby shower

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it is wise to plan a virtual baby shower. Send out online invites to all the guests and register for online gifts. Planning some online baby shower games can add some more fun to the celebration of pregnancy. You can also have your home decorated for the occasion.

4. Baby shower in open space

If you have a garden or open space, you can organize a baby shower in a natural spot with your girlfriends and close family. It is a good baby shower alternative when you have to keep a safe distance to prevent virus transmission. You can keep the menu limited to light refreshments and desserts.

5. Drive-through baby shower

If you are looking for a unique idea, organize a drive-through baby shower. You can follow the social distancing norms and still have a celebration. If you stay in the suburbs and your guests are mostly locals, a drive-by baby shower can be exciting. The parents-to-be can stand on the porch and wave to the guests as the music plays in the background.

6. A day of pampering

The journey of pregnancy has its challenges, and therefore, organizing a day of pampering for the mom-to-be can be one of the best baby shower ideas. A foot spa, facial, or manicure with female friends can make your feel charged up. You can organize the spa session at home or book a spa to make sure it is completely relaxing. However, do consult your doctor before hosting it.

7. A dinner party

To keep it sorted, you can go for dinner with your girl pals to a nice place. The idea neither demands too much of your time nor effort. Shortlist a fine-dining restaurant and make the reservation. If you wish to add a finishing touch to your celebrations, arrange some party favors for your guests.

8. Diaper shower

Diapers are never enough, and make a practical choice of gift for the mom-to-be. Plan a diaper shower where every guest would need to give a pack of diapers or baby products to the mom-to-be so that she is ready with enough stock before the little one arrives. Organizing a diaper raffle will add more fun to the celebrations.

9. Crafty baby shower

If you have a group of crafty and creative friends, organizing a crafty shower can be wonderful. You can gather together to create burp cloths, bows, ties, dye onesies, and many more useful items for the baby.

10. Help the underprivileged moms

A mom-to-be who doesn’t need any gifts for her baby or  herself can help underprivileged moms. You can ask your guests to donate the goodies to the pregnancy centers or local women’s shelters. If you and your friends like the idea, you can create clean birth kits for women who do not have access to resources.

11. Co-ed shower

Organizing a shower with female friends and their husbands is a good way to seek advice from parents who have been through the same phase. Guests can share their experiences and enlighten the parents-to-be with helpful tips to make their journey easier. They can even give some thoughtful presents that will be of great use for the new parents.

12. Donation to orphanages

If you wish to help someone in need, you can always host a shower where guests can come together to make donations to orphanages. Children in foster care homes need so many things. You can donate to bring a smile to the faces of children and make it a thoughtful baby shower.

13. Video wish tree

It can be an innovative shower alternative for those who are tech-savvy. Ask your family members and close friends to create a wish video for the baby and the parents-to-be. It is a beautiful way of sharing words of encouragement and warm wishes with the parents-to-be.

14. Photoshoot

To keep it intimate and exceptional, a photoshoot with family and a few close friends can be planned as a surprise for the mom-to-be. It would be fun to shoot her with a baby bump and create memories that will last forever.

15. Meal shower

An expectant mother needs to be pampered with all the love. If you are a foodie, you could host a meal shower and ask your guests to get the best meal from their kitchen. And all you get to do is, sit back and enjoy the delicacies.

A baby shower doesn’t always have to be a lavish affair. There are a variety of baby shower alternatives available nowadays to make the baby shower a happy and memorable experience for the mother-to-be while keeping it low-key. A virtual baby shower, drive-through baby shower, dinner party, or charity and donations for needy moms and orphan children are some ideas you can try. These suggestions will help you spend quality time with your loved ones and create an intimate and loving celebration without worrying about party planning.

Key Pointers

  • A baby shower does not always have to be a huge fete or traditional celebration.
  • You can have small and intimate celebrations with your close friends and family and share your joy and happiness with them.
  • Baby sprinkle, virtual shower, drive-through shower, and many more ideas as you scroll down.

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